How to Build Creative Labyrinth for Rat

How to Build Creative Labyrinth for Rat

[Sue]: Sam! Hey, Sam! Where are you? I want to show you something. Well, to be more exact – someone. Absolutely incredible! Come on, little guy. Oh, there you are! Watching Ninja Turtles again? [Sam]: Yeah… I can’t stop watching them… [Sue]: Well, try. There’s someone who wants to meet you. [Sam]: Who can it…? Oooooooh! [Sue]: Meet our possible new pet! We’ll see how the rat will fit in here. [Sam]: Oh, forgive my ignorant friend, Master Splinter. [Sue]: What? Master Splinter? No, Sam, its just a rat! [Sam]: Don’t pay attention to her, Master Splinter. She knows nothing about you. [Sue]: Oh, Sam, your imagination sometimes really amazes me. [Sam]: Hey! Wh- where are you going? Put Master Splinter back! [Sue]: Let’s give the rat some time to get used to the place. Don’t bother him, Sam, or you’ll scare him. [Sam]: Me?! Scare? Nooo… I don’t do such things. [Sue]: Yeah… well, I’ll leave for a few minutes. Behave yourself. [Sam]: Yeah, yeah… Master Splinter, Master Splinter! Your most faithful student is ready to learn! Have you come to teach me the art of the ninja? Yes, yes? Uh-huh? I reeeeeeeally want to learn… pleeeease! [Sue]: Sam, why are you bothering the rat? I asked you not to! [Sam]: Well, I want to learn the art of the ninja! [Sue]: Oh Sam, he’s just a rat. He doesn’t know any ninja art! But he’s very smart! Come, I’ll show you something! [Sam]: Fiiiiiiine… [Sam]: What have you got here? Are you making a craft? [Sue]: Yep, Sammy! A craft for our rat. [Sam]: Ooooh… a gift for Master Splinter? I approve. [Sue]: Well, not quite. And Sam, he’s not Master Splinter. [Sam]: Hmm! [Sue]: With the help of these cardboard pieces, we’ll build a small labyrinth for our rat! And you’ll be amazed to see how fast he’ll find the exit! [Sam]: A labyrinth? [Sue]: Yes! Rats are very smart. They can quickly analyze their surroundings and find a way out of the most complicated labyrinth. [Sam]: This… this is very curious. I’ve never seen anything like that before! [Sue]: Guys, do any of you have a pet rat? Write about him in the comments! [Sam]: What will this labyrinth have? [Sue]: Well, there will be a sort of revolving door, a tunnel, a bridge, a seesaw… Well, you’ll see if you’re going to help me! [Sam]: Of course I will! There’s no way I’m going to miss this! [Sue]: Great! Then let’s get started! I have some parts here. Uh, go fetch a spinner. Please? [Sam]: A spinner? Oh… no problem. We have loads of them! [Sue]: And meanwhile I’ll make a revolving door that will look like a piece of cheese! [Sam]: Sue, will the spinner soap do? [Sue]: Uh, no, Sam, we need an ordinary spinner. [Sam]: Well, alright… What about a chocolate spinner? [Sue]: No, Sam. A plastic spinner. The common kind! [Sam]: Like this? [Sue]: Yes, Sam, like that. [Sam]: Oh… for the rat I’m even ready to sacrifice my favorite spinner. [Sue]: Oh, what? Sam, you haven’t played with it for half a year! [Sam]: Meh… mere details… [Sue]: Oh, fine… Here, look! [Sam]: A triangle. Like a piece of cheese? [Sue]: Yes, we only need to paint it… [Sam]: Say no more! Chaaaaarge! Uh, yeah, ugh! Yes, yeah! Da da daaaa, cha cha chaaaa. Uh-huh. Uh-huh! Done! [Sue]: Oh! You’re quick! Well done! [Sam]: Heh heh heh ! All these painting drills come off quite useful! [Sue]: I’ll glue the spinner to the bottom part of the cheese. Like this… The first labyrinth detail is done! [Sam]: Ugh… it’s hard being an assistant! [Sue]: Oh, Sam, they’re just small sticks! [Sam]: Well… well. they’re heavy! And I’m tired. [Sue]: Well, go get some rest, then… And I’ll make a seesaw for our rat. [Sam]: Get some rest… and never know how a seesaw is made?! [Sue]: Alright, then watch! I’ll put five sticks together. Like this. I’ll glue this part made of a stick and some cardboard on. And another stick with holes will make the support. Let’s connect the parts with a skewer. There! [Sam]: Wheeeeee! Haaaaaaa! [Sue]: Sam, it’s for the labyrinth, not for you! [Sam]: Waaaaa… [Sue]: Stop whining, Sam, look here! [Sam]: Oh… er… is it a field? [Sue]: It’s the base for the labyrinth! Can you see the outlines for all the rooms? We’ll glue the piece of cheese here. And the seesaw – here! [Sam]: You also mentioned a bridge! [Sue]: That’s right. The bridge is made of two parts! The base, which looks like a roll. We’ll glue it here. And the bridge itself. We’ll glue it in three places. [Sam]: Hmm… but… it doesn’t look like a labyrinth so far. I can see everything really well! [Sue]: You’re getting ahead of yourself, Sam! First we’ll glue on all the parts, and then we’ll make the walls! [Sam]: What is this part? [Sue]: A tunnel! Let’s put these holders on the ends of the tube! Will you find the place for the tunnel? [Sam]: Uhh, let me think. Uhh, here? [Sue]: No. [Sam]: Maybe here? [Sue]: No, Sammy. The tunnel will be right here! [Sam]: Oooh… well, alright… how am I supposed to know your plans? Guys, if you want to see more videos with animals on our channel, subscribe and don’t forget to hit the bell button! [Sam]: Hm… it looks like a basketball field. [Sue]: Yep… that’s what it is! What if our rat likes sports? [Sam]: Well, he has lots to choose from! [Sue]: Right, I’ll mark the start… Aaaa and the finish… And now it’s time to put up the walls! We have walls with holes. And without them! And, of course, the entrance and the exit! And the last wall! [Sam]: Don’t forget the tunnel! [Sue]: Of course I won’t. There! We’ll have this little gate at the start. Or the rat will simply run back out! [Sam]: Uhhh, aren’t you forgetting something? [Sue]: Do you mean the roof? I remember. Come here. Let’s cover it carefully. [Sam]: Oh-oh-oh, will the rat have enough air? [Sue]: Of course, Sammy! There are lots of holes here that will let the air through. [Sam]: Phew… alright, then. [Sue]: Shall we call our guest? [Sam]: Aaand.. the rat enters the labyrinth! [Sue]: We’ll close the gates! [Sam]: Where will he go? [Sue]: The rat passes the revolving cheese door! [Sam]: Well done! [Sue]: And he comes to the basketball court! [Sam]: Do you think he’ll want to play? Will he go to the bridge? Nope, he’s figured out it’s a dead end and through the tube he goes! [Sue]: Riight… just a bit more… [Sam]: Wow, what a jump! [Sue]: Aand… exit! [Sam]: Yaaay! Wow! Sue, I hope you can see now that he’s too smart for an ordinary rat! It’s Master Splinter! [Sue]: I can see it, Sammy. I’m sure he’ll be happy to teach you the art of the ninja! Guys, give us a thumbs up if you liked this labyrinth for our rat. And share this video with your friends! Buh-bye!

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