How to Build Android Apps for Cars (Google I/O’19)

How to Build Android Apps for Cars (Google I/O’19)

5 thoughts on “How to Build Android Apps for Cars (Google I/O’19)

  1. boeeee still no navigation apps for android auto. please open up one of the main core usages of android auto for developers which is navigation.

  2. Nice video, very happy to see advances in this platform! I've run through to try to download and run the Polestar 2 system image from Android Studio 3.5, but unfortunately after adding the new source the only way to get something similar to what's displayed in the demo time is creating a new hardware profile. The problem is that the result is quite different than the one presented, so wondering if there is a place where I can find more documentation about how to set up automotive emulators.

  3. Since the Waze purchase… is there no way to integrate custom maps within your app to be displayed in the car?

  4. You're a professional installer, we also have install videos please check us out.

  5. i really don't want to have to login to google to drive my car thank you.

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