HOW TO BUILD A WARDROBE WITH BASICS | Affordable Men’s Clothes | Men’s Fashion

HOW TO BUILD A WARDROBE WITH BASICS | Affordable Men’s Clothes | Men’s Fashion

What’s going on everyone? Welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here My name is Alex Costa. Please make sure you get to subscribe below become a part of the Youtube family Now I know a lot of you guys you’re just starting to build out your wardrobe and I’m here to make sure that you do it right because when i did it I completely messed that up what i did is I bought a bunch of trendy pieces at the time and they were super cool but then like 6,7,8 months later i didn’t have anything to wear because trends come and go, they phase out and what you actually should be doing, is building your wardrobe from basic pieces, things that never go out of style. this will give you the base, the foundation you need to start your outfits and save money in the long run. so i put together a list of ten pieces that i own that i think you should as well because they will allow you to build multiple different outfits mixing and matching all of these clothing items.

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  1. zorada is cheap dogshit and looks tacky as fuck

  2. Would you happen to live in Los Angeles

  3. Alex please make a video on creases in sneakers, how to fix and prevent

  4. Curious to hear if you have any recommendations on quality Henleys?

  5. What is the leader jacket?

  6. Very cool tips. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Just go to a craft store an whip up a nice bracelet for 10$.

  8. Please respond:sooooo could I wear a balenciaga headband with the Gucci white Kingsnake shirt with a polo v neck sweater ripped jeans a red china pack human races.i have these I just wanna make sure to wear these!!😤 oh year with a gold chain a round glasses! 🤔🤔🤔

  9. Super helpful, thanks for the tips. I'm starting a new office job Monday and when I went in for my interview I saw how clean everybody looked. I'm gonna grab some of the basics this weekend and build my wardrobe over time.

  10. Real men don't wear "Jewellery"

  11. I've been watching this type of content for women and it has been so helpful over the years, I'm really glad to have found someone I can recommend to my guy friends who have no clue about fashion and how to look presentable and spend money where it is needed.

  12. This dude's idea of affordable is so off…a shirt that lasts less than 8 months? No. I'm not replacing a damn shirt every 6 months. These are usually interesting vids to watch, but these people are so out of touch with reality.

  13. I like ur styl…..

  14. Are you from Sales?

  15. Sir please include outfits suitable for dark colured skin ✌

  16. Pq parou de fazer vídeos em português br? As séries que vc fazia a 3 anos atrás eram bem bacanas, oq houve ?

  17. I hate JACKETS!

  18. Step 0: Hit the gym

    Then 5$ T-Shirt is all you really need 🙂

  19. Great vid, I’m new to the fashion game and I’m learning as I go. How do you keep your clothes washed, cleaned and smelling good. Not sure if you’ve done a vid on this yet but can you maybe do one on that topic? That would help me out a lot.

  20. Hi alex, i loved your channel you give very good tips. I would like to ask your for a video of what to bring when you travel (easy outfits to pack) for something like comfortable outfits for tourism and smart casual outfits for night.

  21. DON'T prioritize your wardrobe with outfits or items of clothing that look like you'd find it in the clearance cheap sale isle even if it's trendy or flashy

    That is what goes out of trend the fastest and soon goes to the trash or in your non formal casual laid back drawer 👌👌👌

  22. Little does he know Zorrata is just a dropshipping business…

  23. lol. "very affordable" indeed

  24. Lol is that some garment sticking out his shirt on his right arm?

  25. I guess everyone is having a different definition of AFFORDABLE.

  26. sponsored items are so tacky, I wouldnt wear them for free

  27. drink everytime he say versatile… im already drunk… i was drinking 1% alcohol.. and im irish….

  28. You damn fine.

  29. You remind me of Jake Gyllenhaal

  30. Sending this to my husband. He needs to stop w/the jordans dude. I cant anymore. 😑 im sooooo over that look. He is 42. How old are you? If you dont mind me asking. Are these styles to young for him??

  31. Assuming we have a 6-pack…

  32. A great thankyouu to Alex Costa!! so glad to be grown up watching himmm🖖🏻💫

  33. ❤️ the tips

  34. I stopped listening as soon as you said you went to Coachella and ULTA.

  35. DO NOT BE FOOLED! Zorrato is reselling chinese products worth around £3.00 on AliExpress


  36. Go to wish get those accessories for cheap lol 😂

  37. I think a classic watch is more suitable than accessories. (I know you're promoting things but you could just tell the truth)

  38. The video editing and the background music is just perfect!!!!!!……… Goood one 👍👍👍

  39. I really don’t like this guys style 🤷🏼‍♂️

  40. Hold the phone, you're giving fashion advice on how to buid a wardrobe, and your first three things are jeans, t-shirts and bracelets? Who are you dressing? Homeless K-Pop wannabes?

    The basics start with a white shirt, black oxfords, blue suit. Build out from there.

  41. I swear affordable is overused in this video.

  42. Love this
    Gonna do a 10 week challenge to get all of this outfit….
    One per week
    Thanks Costa

  43. You are the Best Alex
    Your guidelines are like blessings for mens grooming
    Thnkz alot for your time n effects…..

  44. where does he get them white shirts tho 😫😫

  45. Cara, tu é brasileiro?! Que foda

  46. Bro nice Video, i really enjoyed but f.e. thouse jeans by Club Monaco are way to expensive for me as a Student. Do you have some alternatives that are more cheaper ?
    Maby Something different that h&m aso.

  47. The basic step: have money

  48. Which AllSaints jacket is this. Can you please respond.

  49. Wanker

  50. where do you guys recommend buying basic tees that are inexpensive and high quality at for a teen?

  51. 4:49 gwate??/?

  52. you alex are my favorite jojo, nailed all the poses.

  53. If we write Costa 100 then the order will be 100% free???

  54. 1. Black Jeans 1:01
    2. Solid t shirt 2:15
    3. Accessories 2:52
    4. Knit t shirts 4:14
    5. Solid sweaters 4:49
    6. White sneakers 5:39
    7. Denim Jacket 7:09
    8. Button down shirt 7:55
    9. Leather jacket 8:43
    10. Blazer 9:35

  55. "Guys who are just staring their wardrobe"
    35yr old me: yeaaa

  56. I have the navy blue blazer but I matched it with a blue denim pant and it sucked in my school farewell

  57. For the first time, i watched one of these videos and I recently acquired all the pieces already.

  58. Please do a video with vegan materials :D:D:D

  59. 6:15 you call that destroyed?? Alex bro you should see the Palladium boots I bought for my trip to mexico, I went to idk how many raves in that trip and they looked like hobo boots when I came back, hands down one of the best buys of my life, they stood up to everything, not to mention the style, I constantly got compliments on them and that's saying something, because people wear boots a lot in mexico, all styles, colors and brands.

    I also made the mistake of taking my beautiful Osiris sneakers to the trip and they were starting to look like shit just from walking on the streets :/

  60. tell about Indian style wearborad

  61. I am supposed to take fashion advice from some dude with loose threads hanging from his sleeve? No thanx.

  62. Hey Alex, you have knowledge about this subject, and that's great! I've been watching different channels about men's wardrobe and style.I am not insulting you,
    you should get in touch with these famous people such as Aaron Marino (AlphaM), RMRS…etc. So that, you could grow more and improve your career.
    Goodluck! Thanks for the tips.

  63. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  64. White sneakers are not cool.

  65. amazing u are

  66. No entendí nada de lo que digo
    Pero vi todo el vídeo jajaja

    Like por eso jaja

  67. Dudes expression constantly looks like he is taking a real long turd.. But he's got good taste!

  68. Hi Alex Costa !!! I'm from Vietnam and I have learned a lot from you. But i'm not good EL, so you can edit video, EL sub in below.
    EX: Should (V) and green text – dont should (X) red text.
    I hope you will read my comment, and improve video quality for everyone in the world to watch

  69. "For less than 20 bucks, you can buy a new one every 6-8 months."

    Guys, I gotta tell you, it's sexier for a guy to buy sustainable and ethical fashion. I would advise investing in better materials.

  70. I subscribed and liked this vid just bcuz theres no ads

  71. Who the fuck paying that much for the fucking bracelets. Bitch I can buy those for $1 on amazon

  72. Bracelets look like a WHOLE scam. And I thought RG&B were marked up to hell. Yes i know to look out for quality, but I cannot be convinced to pay more that $8 for a bracelet.

    … it’s a good thing this video is old.

  73. but some clothers just dont fit for some ppl. i put on my my size tshirt and it does not look good, same tshirts for my friend looks good, its not about size but how it looks on you, for example black jeens newer looks good on my…

  74. Another "style" video that is evident to me that false confidence cannot be camouflaged by threads.

  75. I have 14 T-shirts

  76. Men’s wear house clearance section
    Thank me later

  77. These are all great suggestions, but are any of these items versatile?

  78. This guy must be a model

  79. lol those bracelets are 3 dollars on aliexpress

  80. Click here and subscribe me

  81. what is the color of the suit at 5:24?

  82. Cool, but u really don't wanna spend most of your salary on clothing only with such pricey tags, especially the accessories.

  83. pause and go to 0:17

  84. Hi guys can you follow me in Instagram _____>>> hichem_officiel_16

  85. 70$ beeded bracelets doesnt seem affordable to me hmmmm

  86. 5:50 I was not asking that myself XD

  87. Get rid of sneakers. It makes you look childish. If you're dealing with heat, get a pair of loafers or espadrilles. Otherwise, a nice pair of loafers, chelsea boots are the way to go.

  88. I am not paying 100 for a bracelet! Get outta here!

  89. awesome !!

  90. El Guapo!

  91. Well If I am gonna buy thid basics what about the trends can someone plz answer me?

  92. The button down shirt is. . . not button down but a spread collar. White shoes are always a NO,for the reasons you mentioned. They get green grass stains. Finally, Jean jackets with jeans is wrong. Too much denim.

  93. Very Affordable, "ZARA" 😆

  94. I m ur huge fan .pls suggest me a perfect outfit to wear in my friend marriage .in India

  95. A video about wardrobe basics should not include bracelets and biker jackets with a bunch of metal details. This is fashion in a vacuum. Yes he looks good in the video, but imagine someone in real life, in your business office or at a grocery store with that combination on. They would look like a complete tool.

  96. Could you make a video talking about skincare?

  97. t-shirts with a blazer ew.. also track pants with leather dude what are you doing.. everything else is nice 😉

  98. I think that this video was well done. I want you to make a video where you actually pick out items non-sponsored. I wonder what kind of outfits you could make from a Goodwill or Salvation Army. Keep the black jeans. Keep the white beaters. Just a thought. you got a ton of subs, could get a lot of views.

  99. Take a shot everytime Alex says versatile.

  100. Affordable at 100$ it's a little too much. I can find that same style in aliexpress at 10$

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