How To Build A List Of 200 to 400 Motivated Sellers In 3 Minutes – Real Estate Investing

How To Build A List Of 200 to 400 Motivated Sellers In 3 Minutes – Real Estate Investing

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe. The title of this little
video here is “Building A List Of 200 To 400 Motivated Sellers In About Three Minutes And
Contacting Them With An Automated Message That Between 8 And 15% Will Say Yes To”.
Joe: That’s what we’re doing with the Automarketer and that’s what we’re doing with the Push
Button Method. And when those people say yes, so what that means is that out of 200 to 400
people, you’re going to get 20 to 40 solid potential buyers (oh I’m sorry) — solid potential
sellers for property that you can get control over and then you can turn around and sell
to lease option buyers. If you can do that — if your conversion is good and if you’re
really good at this, you can convert between 30% and 70% of those people that come in out
of that 20 to 40. If you’re not very good, you can still convert 5 to 10% of the people
you talk to. Joe: So if you’re only converting on a 5%
of these types of leads, it means that you’re doing approximately 1 or 2 a week. If you’re
doing 1 a week and you do that over 52 weeks, and you make an average of $3,500 per deal,
that means you’re making $182,000 a year using this little technique, this very simple technique.
It’s not going to take you that many hours per deal to make it work.
Joe: Once you get it going and once you get experienced, if you have 3 to 5 hours into
a deal, that’s a lot of time that you have in one deal. So, if you’re working maybe 250
hours a year over a 52 week period, that’s a lot better than working 40 hours a week.
And you’re life will change dramatically when you get the system set up to do this kind
of thing. Joe: So the way we’re doing it and the way
we’re building a list like this is we’re using a Craigslist scraper. It’s in my new automarketing
system. The “Automarketer” has a scraper in it to where you put in your criteria you want.
You say, ‘In Indianapolis — I want to pull up all of the for sale by owners in Indianapolis
on Craigslist.’ And I click a button and it starts to scrape those off of Craigslist and
it’ll give me a list of all of those email addresses. Then we send out a message to those
folks saying something like, ‘Would you consider selling your home rent to buy rather than
just renting it?’ Joe: Then, we get a response back from 8 to
15% of those people. Some of them call us. Some of them send us back emails. When we
get back an email, the Automarketer automatically categorizes those people into one of three
categories: yes — and if its yes, it puts them into an autorespnder that says, ‘Go check
out my offer. Here’s the website. Go look at this offer and it’ll tell you exactly what
we’re doing.’ Joe: The website’s already set up by the way
— it’s part of the clone system in the Push Button Method. And they go look at that and
if they like it, they can fill out the form. If they don’t like it or they don’t want to
do it, then they don’t do anything and then a few days later, they get another email from
us saying, ‘Hey, we’re still interested in buying. Go check out the website.’ It follows
up with them forever until they either opt out (because they have a one click that they
can opt out with) or they buy from us or sell to us or they die, or they change their email
address. And if one of those things happen then they go off of our list. Otherwise, they
keep getting followed up on. Joe: The other category is people that say
no. But we don’t ignore those. We also send them — we put them in the autoresponder and
a week or two weeks later we send them another email saying, ‘Hey, we’re still interested.
If you haven’t sold your property yet, we’d like to buy it rent to buy. Would you consider
it now?’ and that continues to go out to them over every few weeks until they die or until
they sell their property as well. Joe: The last category is that they say yes
but they also give us a phone number. And I believe that you should call those people.
So, when that happens, you just have to look at the list, you pick the person, you can
filter them out by the people who have called and you can go into the contact management
and you can see the phone number and see the email that they sent. Then, you call them
and you put the deal together over the phone. And that’s how you put together a lot of leads
and a lot of deals like this. Joe: You can set it up so that it’s all automated
so that you don’t have to talk to anybody. Or you can set it up so that it’s most optimized
which is where you do talk to some of those folks. But you’re not spending a lot of time
with them. It takes 5 to 15 minutes at the most to put together a lease option memo if
you know what you’re doing. Knowing what you’re doing is just a matter of learning the process
and then doing some practice. Joe: There is a learning curve with this,
and the people that follow through with it and do as I teach succeed. The people who
don’t — they don’t make any money at all. So, if you follow through with this process
the way I’m teaching it, you’ll do very well. And if you use the automation, it’ll make
it more consistent; it’ll make the money coming in regular.
Joe: It’ll make leads coming in so that you don’t have to do anything to get those leads
coming in — they’re calling you. They’re contacting you. And when they contact you,
then you feel like this is another way to get over having your life getting the way
as well. If people are calling you, you feel obligated to call them back and do it. Don’t
get into the situation to where you don’t call people back when they’re interested in
selling their house and they want to work with you. That’s just a huge mistake. These
people are real people who can really do it and you can really make money making this
happen. Joe: Build a sellers list using these techniques
— you’re going to love it.

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