How to Become a Real Estate Entrepreneur | Armando Montelongo

How to Become a Real Estate Entrepreneur | Armando Montelongo

Armando : So I am with Victor and Mika and you guys going out there you guys want the live event, follow my system and you’ve had success. Mika and Victor: We have. Armando: Alright,first of all let me ask you this, do you guys have a job are you employed or are you not employed? we have all different types of students we have some students who come with us who have a lot of money. Some students have very little money some who have jobs,some who have their own business some are doctors lawyers were you guys up? Mika: We actually owned, when we went to the first live event, we owned our own business, a small business. We had 14 employees they made great money. They made more money than we did but we worked more hours than they did and it was tough.We we’re paycheck to paycheck and it was a tough time for us. Armando: Yeah you’re really an employee of your own. company Mika: Exactly, yeah. Armando: You’re self-employed, you’re not an entrepreneurs status yet. Mika: Exactly Armando: Okay and then after going to live events tell us what you’ve experienced Mika: Since attending the live event, we have , we took your system back to our area and we start looking for properties we found our property that the first one we got. We fixed it up we sold in under two weeks Armando: Wow Mika: and we made twenty three thousand dollars Armando: Twenty three thousand dollars in under two weeks. Your life be like by going out there registering for a live event , attending my real estate seminars.Learning the system working the system, what could you do with your life? who could you fire in your life?maybe your boss or maybe just get total control of your life. If you love your job you wanna continue with your job, then you go out there and you can do this part time and make a retirement account for
yourselves. They’re no longer self employed by their own company they’re now entrepreneurs and real estate investors. Mika: That’s right. If that’s what you want for your life, then call here the number right now, call the number on the bottom of the screen. Would you recommend for them to go? Mika: Absolutely, Its a life changing event and do it guys because you’ll have a life to live not just pass through your life. Armando:Call the header number at the bottom of the screen.

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  1. Hello, I enjoy your vids and found it to be really informative. I have subscribed to your vids. Looking forward to learning more from you.

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