How To Become a Billionaire

How To Become a Billionaire

Have you heard that popular song, “I want
to be a billionaire” right? It sounds like a really big number. At one point my life,
I couldn’t even fathom how big a billion was. In fact, I even had a hard time
wrapping my mind around a million which has since become a really small number
and first I even had to figure out how to like make a hundred thousand dollars
tangible and before that ten thousand dollars tangible. Today we’re going to talk
about the mindset of the wealthy, right. Whether you want to be a millionaire, a
billionaire, a trillionaire, we’re going to break it all down for you right now on
how to think to make that happen. Alright, so today, we’re talking about
how to become a billionaire. Now what’s so perfect about this is I got to tell
you up front, I am NOT a billionaire but I do believe that it’s an inevitability
for me to get there in time and I want to share with you what I’ve consciously
been doing since January 15th 2009 to move towards that so while I’m not a
billionaire yet, I can’t tell you that I have made extraordinary leaps and bounds
and processes and progress by doing four specific things so that’s what I’m going
to be sharing with you. So whether you want to be a millionaire, a
billionaire, a trillionaire, I believe that the process is going to be very
similar because while I’m not a billionaire, I’ve used this process to
become a millionaire and I’ve used it to become a multi multi-millionaire and I
believe it’s going to keep on growing for me so here are the four steps. Number one,
you got to make the decision first, this is probably one of the scariest steps, is
deciding to achieve something that is big, that’s out there, that you haven’t
really ever done before, right? And so I remember January 15 2009, standing in
front of an audience of 200 people and declaring and showing a business plan
for how I wanted to take my very first company and take it to a billion dollar
status and of the people in the room that day, I remembered there was a moment
where I was holding up the first dollar bill that my father had made when he
came to America, he had saved that on his wall and my father’s still alive today
but I requested that a few years ago that I wanted that, for me it was
precious because I could feel the energy of what it meant to my father and
I the people that were there, I inspired them I felt inspired and people
chose that day to start investing in our company so that it could grow and really
move forward into becoming something really great. So the first step is, you
got to make a decision, decide what you want. For example, I know people will say
well, I don’t want to be a millionaire or anything, well actually do you know how
small amount of money a million dollars is? You do want to be a millionaire. Why?
Because when a retirement comes, that’s a modest amount of money. 10% on a
million as $100,000 a year which I get it, that’s above, that’s double
than what the average person in America makes, the combined household income is
around $80,000 so you’re even outpacing that
but it means in retirement, you’re going to some increased health care costs, you
want to be able to travel, do something for them so you got to get to grips with
what you want. Now by the way, the decision can’t be, I want to have money,
the decision can’t be, I want to get wealthy or I want to have lots of money.
You need to get empirical, you got to get specific. What is the amount of money
that you like? I remember when I had never made six figures before, it’s like
I want to make six figures, that year I did not make it but a couple years in, I
did. So whatever you declare today, you don’t know exactly when you’re going to get
it, the first step those you need to decide that you want it and you’ve got
to settle on a number that is you no matter what number which means, don’t
back down, you’re going to stick with it no matter what.
Okay, here’s number two. You got to learn how to think wealthy thoughts, right. What
do you want to be a millionaire, a billionaire, a trillionaire, whatever that
looks like to you, thinking wealthy thoughts for me is a daily meditation
that I do every morning. I believe that when I allow myself to meditate and in
my mind actively project myself into the future
possessing everything that I desire as if it’s already happened, it becomes a
very emotional experience and I’m training my brain that this is the life
that I’ve created. I’m training my brain that this is good, that this is okay, that
this is what’s desired and wanted and I’m actually just time-warping. I’m
spending time actually in that space even though it technically hasn’t
happened yet. You’re capable of achieving and doing everything first in your mind
before you ever do in the real world and frankly, it’s not going to happen in the
real world till you do it enough here in your brain. So number two is think
wealthy thoughts. Now let me go just a little deeper on this for a second. I’m
inviting you to actually sit down and get into a quiet place where you’ll be
undisturbed, where you can have this active meditation. Close your eyes, take a
deep breath in through your nose and be excelling through your mouth
slowly as you allow all of your lungs to fill. After you’ve taken a few deep
breaths, you’ll notice that there’s a great calmness and peace that comes over
you. The blank slate is now empty because you’ve emptied your thoughts and it’s
time now to start thinking, what is it with me as a billionaire? What does that
look like? Who am I with? What am I doing? How does it feel? This needs to be an
emotional experience for you, this is not a logical process, this is an emotional
experience. Why? Because emotions is what actually activates the serotonin in the
brain which says, oh oh having new thoughts and ideas unconscious, can’t
tell the difference in the past, present, future and you’re literally programming
in your brain and your subconscious as if what you’re experiencing is real
because your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference. Think about any time
you’ve ever woken up from a scary dream that you thought was real and then you
woke up and realize that it wasn’t, your brain is powerful to believe all sorts
of things and this act of meditation that I’ve just described is how it works.
Now how you know that you’re doing it right? Did it produce a tear? Are you
smiling? Do you feel intense amounts of joy or peace? If you’re not feeling a
maximum level of positive emotion then you’re just not there yet.
So you stick with this and you do this every single day. Yes, I’m saying that how
you become more, how you achieve more, how you do more comes down to the time when
it looks like you’re doing nothing. Here’s a third step. Inspired action. Once
you’ve made the decision, daily action is going to be required to grow financially
in any capacity so even though 2009 January 15th I made the declaration of
building a billion dollar company and me and my mind and in my heart I’m a
billionaire, that thought has been with me now for the last several years and it
hasn’t gone away, it’s something I harken to and what I’ve been doing since then
is every day is an opportunity to take inspired action. Now inspired is staying
in that grounded space and allowing yourself to go to your intuition, not
always what makes the most logical sense and most important is you got to take
action, it’s not just sitting on your butt meditating, now you got to get up
and go do something about it and if you’re inspired to do something today,
don’t end the day until you finish doing it. Here’s the fourth and final part, you
need a mentor. We become the average of the five people we spend the most time
with. Who are you spending time with? Let me talk about me for a second. So I hang
out with a number of individuals, some of them are multi multi multi millionaires,
not all of them are because some of them have different value to create for me
that’s non monetary but I’m hanging around exceptional extraordinary
individuals, these are individuals at one point or another I sat and paid money to
be in their seminar, it’s other individuals that have made through
successful connections and there’s an individual right now in my life that
I’ve been spending a lot of time with, that he’s a good solid human being,
he’s done some extraordinary and exceptional feats and the more time I
spend with him, I like who I am, I like who I’m becoming and I like what I’m
learning. It’s a really beautiful experience. A mentor is more than just a
friend however, a mentor is an individual who has been where you want to be and
they know how to get there. I’ll admit right now, I don’t have any
active billionaires that are mentoring me but have multimillionaires that are.
In fact, I’m going to an event in two weeks in Florida to spend an entire week
with one of my top business mentors who’s done hundreds and hundreds and
hundreds of millions of dollars worth of business, he’s been one of my biggest and
brightest mentors and I’m going to be spending an entire week with him as
we’re actually talking through new business ideas and what we’re creating
and doing and these ideas already are slated at doing potentially over 10
million dollars this year, which could give a company valuation of 50 million.
Now is that a part of a billion? Yeah, it is a part of the billion. Is it progress?
It’s progress. Is it moving in that direction? It is so I want to share this
idea that if we’d become who we hang out with beyond just casual friendships
which you should evaluate, take inventory of who your mentors are, who you’re
learning with and make sure that you’ve put yourself with them in deep karmic
debt. What that means is you’re doing so much good, you’re paying so much forward
and you’ve probably paid this mentor and the more you pay them, the more that you
can expect back, right? People that are out there being cheap when it comes to
the mentoring are going only for the free mentoring. Let me just say, you will
get in life what you pay for and if you want to achieve a high level
of success then you’re going to have to sacrifice, you’re going to sacrifice time,
you’re going to have to sacrifice some of the other things that you might want to
do otherwise and you’re gonna have to sacrifice effort and you’re going to have
to sacrifice some money. That’s the bottom line. Now whether you’re starting
with nothing and you got these great aspirations, you’ve got
thing to sacrifice and for some of you $1,000 is going to hurt and for some of
you it’s got to be a million dollars and that’s what’s going to make it happen. I’m
working with the woman right now that I’ve been mentoring and as I’ve been
working with her, she paid $250,000 to mentor with me and her goal this year
was to make a hundred million dollars. 9 months into our 12-month
arrangement, she hit her hundred million dollars, she paid a lot more but guess
what? She got a lot more. So the math always works out a little bit different
but in general, you are absolutely going to get out what you put in. So here’s the
four steps, if you want to become a billionaire, listen, don’t take it for me
because I am one cause I’m not, take it from me because I’ve seen progress, I’m
on my journey and whatever your goal is, here are the four steps. Number one, make
the decision exactly what it is you’re creating and be committed to that
decision whether it takes a decade, a lifetime or six months. Number two, think
wealthy thoughts, do your morning meditation where you actually allow
yourself to get into an emotional space to yourself projected in the future in
today with everything that you desire. The next step is, you’ve got to be
willing to act on it every day, take inspired action and the bigger the goal,
the more action you need to take, right? And then the last step, mentors. Be with
men and women who are at a level that you deeply respect, they’re beyond where
you’re at, they’re in the direction where you want to go and they can show you how
to get there. Friends these are the four videos I want to share on what you can
do to become a millionaire. So I’m not a billionaire but I can tell you that we
can put our heads together and we can help each other get more out of life. If
you want to partner with me, work with me, have my team serve you and help you
build your portfolio, click the link up here and learn some of your options of
how we can play together and otherwise, make sure that you’re a subscriber so
that you can ring the bell and have me share more of these videos coming your
way tomorrow.

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