How to be a SUCCESSFUL Real Estate Agent in 7 Steps | Ryan Serhant Vlog # 79

How to be a SUCCESSFUL Real Estate Agent in 7 Steps | Ryan Serhant Vlog # 79

(upbeat music) – A lot of people ask me how I became the number one
real estate agent in the world. They wanna know, how do I sell almost 100 million dollars worth of homes every month? (upbeat music) Sorry, I intermittent fast
and I’m hungry, whatever. So, I decided to create a video,
the video you’re watching, to show you how to become
a real estate agent. I’m gonna give you the
seven steps you need to take to become a million-dollar broker like me. – Hey, can you approve these listings? – Those listings? They look great. I’m gonna show you how I
went from being a broke, lonely real estate agent to being a big one with this huge team and five assistants who
help me every single day. – Please sign this cheque. – Sure, what’s it for? – Don’t worry about it. – Okay. So, step one, you need to find the
best real estate agent in your neighborhood and you need to work for them for free. Yes, you need to be their intern. And you’re gonna do a lot of things that you don’t like. Like getting coffee, shredding paper, getting their dry cleaning. (elated music) But when you do this, it’s gonna give you the opportunity to realize if real estate
brokerage is really for you, with really low risk, and if you do right by
that real estate agents, they’re going to hire you on their team. – Hey Brian, you have a phone call. – Thanks intern. Hello. (client speaks on phone) You wanna know where to get
your real estate license? (client speaks on phone) I’m glad you asked. Next step, is getting
your real estate license. All kidding aside, getting your real estate license
is really, really serious and the way you do it
depends on where you live. So go to Google or ask your mentor, who you just interned for, where they got their real estate license. It’s easy, see. I can type it in. How to get your real
estate license in Texas? Pretty simple, scroll down. Bla bla bla. Okay, step one, must be at least 18. Register for and complete 100
hours of required education. Either the team leader
who you’re interning for, or the internet will tell you where and how to get your real estate license. And what’s great, is most
times you can do it from home. You can also do it in person, which is the way I did it or you can do it at work or at school. And what could be really cool, is if you’re doing it at work because you already have another job and you’re getting your
real estate license online, sometimes the person next to you wants to do real estate too and you can ask them maybe
to join up on your team and you can going right away. Like Bliss, right here. Dude, I’m getting my real estate license. You wanna get yours too? – Nope. (elated music) – Okay, so now you got your license. Now what? Before you can go out onto the street and hold up your hand and say, hi, I’m a real estate agent. Would you like to buy
or sell a home with me? You need to get your license
sponsored by a brokerage. And better yet, you wanna join a team. You don’t wanna do what I
did when I first started and work by yourself
and not know what to do because most real estate agents
who start work by themselves or don’t know what to do end up quitting and doing something else. So that’s not what you wanna do. And if you did step one, that mentor is your easiest
first way in to that team. And the team’s gonna have all
the resources, the knowledge, the know how, to basically
be your continuing education into the business after
you get your license. And honestly, the best part about a team, is it’s like family and everybody does everything together. And they all love each other. It’s super, super cool. What’s up team? (eletaed music) So you’re on a team. Now, step four, you build your sphere of influence. And you do that in two separate ways. One, you do your warm sphere. That’s your mom, your
dad, your foster mom, your baby daddy, everyone you knew in first grade, everyone from Facebook, from Instagram, you reach out to them and you say, hi, my name is Bill. I’m a real estate agent now. Would you like to buy or sell with me? I promise you, your first
clients are gonna come from that warm sphere of influence that you’re going to build. Your next sphere is your cold sphere. Those are people you meet on the street. People you meet, like I did, in Starbucks. Some of my first clients were
pregnant women in Starbucks because they needed more room. And it’s easy to do. Here, look, I’ll show you
how to do it right now. Hey man, my name is Ryan, I’m Real Estate. Would you like to buy or sell? Okay, it takes time. (soft music) Now you got the ball rolling. You’re licensed, you’re on a team, you’ve got support, people are starting to know
who you are even on the street. What’s next, step five. Set up your day for success. Also known as Finder, Keeper, Doer. If you read my book or you take my course, you’ll know that I set up my entire day and I calendar it so
that I can be successful and generate leads. Finder is putting on your CEO hat. Set time in your calendar
every day to go out and think about how you’re
gonna build your new business as an entrepreneur because that’s really what
real estate agents are. We are entrepreneurs who go out and try to find people
to buy and sell homes. Next, you’re gonna set a
little time for keeper. Keeper time is like the CFO. Keeper time is time you’re gonna
focus on advertising money. How am I going to go out there and spend money to make money ’cause scared money don’t make money. Maybe that’s taking $10
that I have in my pocket and going to Starbucks and getting a couple lattes for people that could be clients. Maybe that’s doing a mailer and putting stamps on postcards. Whatever it might be, you have something to spend to make money. And then lastly, is the doer time. Doer time is the operations. That’s you actually putting
the stamps on that postcard. That’s you actually running
up and down the street, showing the apartments, painting the walls of the little studio that you just got to
rent for $600 a month. Finder, Keeper, Doer, FKD. You structure your day
for success that way and you will grow your business as a successful sales entrepreneur, I guarantee it. (soft music) Okay, so your day is structured. You’re starting to build up
your sphere of influence. Your networking your ass off, you’re using the other
agents in your office, you’re helping them maybe
running their open houses and you’re building. Now you feel like a true sales person. Now what? Now it’s step six, probably my biggest action item. Maybe the most effective step. That’s the three F’s, Follow up, follow through, follow back. It’s how I really have
built my entire business. By structuring my day,
finder, keeper, doer, by working with other agents and networking my butt off and following up like it’s my job ’cause it is my job because I’m a real estate agent and that’s what real estate agents do. We follow up, we follow through and we follow back. So the first F is follow up. That’s making sure everybody
I meet on the street, everyone I talked to, I stay on top of them until they die. And their grandparents. I’m kind of joking, kind of not. That’s my job. I’m gonna follow up with everybody because when they think real estate, I want them to think, Ryan. Then you’ve got follow through. Following through is
the easiest thing to do. But the one that people
have the hardest time with. It’s just doing what you
say you’re going to do. If you meet someone, at an event, and they say, actually, I am looking for a home, cool. And you say, I’m gonna send you something, right now. But I said when I get home, I will send you a listing. Do it. It’s blows my mind how
many real estate agents out there say they’re
going to do something and then they don’t do it. And then probably the most
important F is following back. Anyone that you’ve ever met, anyone you’ve ever worked with, going back to them. Hey, happy birthday. Hey, congrats on your one
year closing anniversary. The house across the
street from you just sold for a record price. Aren’t you happy you got the deal you did? Follow up, follow through, follow back. Those are the three Fs, that is step six. You do that on top of everything else. You’re now well on your
way to crushing it. (elated music) And now a quick word from our sponsors. (upbeat music) This video is brought to
you by the good people over at Audible. Audible is one of the greatest
companies in the world. Actually, when I was writing my book, I thought to myself, man, who reads books anymore, literally? But I knew I wanted it to be on Audible. So if you go to, you can download Sound Like Serhant and you can listen to all of the chapters, the same way you would listen to podcast. You can listen to it on the go. It’s actually really cool. And I read it myself. But Audible is an amazing, amazing place. And it’s not just for audio books, you can get news, you can get comedy. They’ve got original content. It’s really, really, really, really cool. And if you go to the link that’s right here and the link in the description, which is and you use this code
somewhere here on the screen and you text it to 500-500. You’ll get a 30 day free trial. And you’ll get one audio
book download for free and two Audible originals. What? Crazy, crazy. You make your mind right, you make your body right, you make your heart right and you will be a better salesperson. Go to the link now, type in the code. Go get your free trial. (upbeat music) Step seven, and I can’t
stress this enough, become a people-finder. You are not a real estate agent. You’re not real estate, you’re not anything else. You are someone who goes out and finds people all day, every day. People who wanna rent, people who wanna buy,
people who wanna sell and you wanna find other
real estate agents. Build real estate agent
relationships next to you, both in your office, in other offices, go to other people’s open houses, go to broker open houses, go to networking events where other real estate
like-minded people are and become part of the conversation. Now there’s social media. You can meet new people
through hashtags on Instagram. You can meet new people
through DM on Twitter. You can meet people through
LinkedIn, through Forbes. There so many ways that
you can meet new people and you should be using
all of those platforms to build your personal brand and you shout it from the rooftops through social media because that’s what I use social for, both Instagram, Facebook,
Twitter, YouTube. I’m continuously reminding
people every single day, actively and passively, that I’m the greatest real estate agent in the history of the world and that when you think real estate, you should use me. And that’s what it’s for. So do that, as well as meeting people on the street and talking to your mom and your mom’s new boyfriend. Become that people-finder and they will bring you more business. (soft music) And a bonus step, step eight. I know the caption. The video said that they
were the seven steps to becoming a real estate agent and that’s true, but one little bonus step that I wanna give to you especially is, everybody else in the
professional workforce, trains, they study. Think about professional athletes, they make so much money. They spend 95% of their time practicing. And only 5% of their time, in their life, playing games that we watch. Sales people, for some reason, don’t think that way. They spend 95% of their time in games. Maybe they’re with clients, talking to people on the phone, not practicing, not studying
at all, thinking to themselves, oh, I’ll just get more
experience and I’ll learn more. And then they spend maybe 5% of their time maybe taking a course here and there. They don’t focus enough. And so I’m imploring to you
as my last little bonus step. I want you to focus, I want you to train, I want you to study. Being the best salesperson you can be, who’s gonna make the most money, whether you’re doing this
full time or part time, takes practice and it takes training and it takes learning from somebody who knows what they’re doing. So I created a course just for you. (energetic music) You’re ready? This is how you do it. Turn negatives into positives. It’s a really beautiful
building to look at. And it’s not like it’s
another residential building where everyone’s looking
into your apartments. Do you have a fireplace
in your current apartment? – I don’t. – Would you like one? – Why not? – Here it is. I’m literally going to walk you through how I’ve done everything. My entire career and how I do it today. And that’s what this course is about. I wanna show you exactly how I did that. It comes out tomorrow,
Thursday, August 15. I’ve been working on it my entire life. It’s everything I’ve ever
learned about real estate, ever. How I do everything. The course is right here. It’s through my website, You can sign up now or you
can go there after August 15. It’s super easy and I promise you it is
going to help you sell more, make more and live a
much better lifestyle. That’s how you become a real estate agent. That’s how you become a
million-dollar broker. I will see you on the
other side of success. Ready, set, go. (evergetic rock music) Thanks for watching the vlog. Now, go sign up for my real estate course. It is the only real
estate agent sales course you will ever need. And if you don’t do real estate, you just do sales or you
just are a human being, you should sign up for it too because it is going to make
you a better business person. Go to or click the link right
here in the description. It is going to change your life. I’m gonna help you sell more real estate, I’m gonna help you sell more stuff, I’m gonna help you make more money, I’m gonna make your life better, okay?,
go there right now. Why are you still watching this? Go there now. Open a new tab. Plus, hit the Plus sign. Do that, and go there. Link in bio. Why are you still watching me talk? I don’t understand. Time is money.

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