How to Be a More Effective Real Estate Agent with a Schedule and a Plan

How to Be a More Effective Real Estate Agent with a Schedule and a Plan

Top producing agents plan a plan, they work
a schedule and they know what’s happening ahead of time. Hi, this is Brian Icenhower and welcome to
our module on your monthly plan and this has to do with planning and scheduling in real
estate and to me, this is a huge, huge, huge, huge importance to real estate agents. Where they often fall down is they don’t have
a plan, they do not have a schedule. To me, it’s a very important aspect of time
management is looking at the big picture of your business thing, seeing where you spend
your time and you’re going to see that, especially for new agents or agents that don’t have a
lot of business right now, they really have no excuse for not devoting a tremendous amount
of their time in their calendar towards generating new business. Most people, their big goal in real estate
is I need more business. That’s at least a big part of their goals
is I want more income. I want to increase my income. Someone going to, you know, try to generate
business two hours a day. That’s five out, you know, five days a week. That’s only 10 hours of let’s say a 40 hour
work week. That’s only 25% of the time spent on business
generation. That still leaves you, you know, 30 hours
a week on customer service, 30 hours a week on customer service. My goodness, you should easily be able to
handle five to 10 pending transactions during that time. Very easy. Um, now if you have no pending transactions
and no business and your goal or you need more money or your goal is to increase your
income, I would consider devoting all of your time towards skilled development and business
generation. And that’s what I recommend of all new agents
in the first a few months on the job. We should really devoting the vast majority
of our time to offense, not defense. We really want to be trying to get visits
top producing agents, plan a plan, they work a schedule and they know what’s happening
ahead of time. So they are going to plan out the times, the
days that they are doing skill development, the time of the day that they are lead generating,
prospecting and working on moving their practice forward towards their predetermined goals. So to do that, we map it out for you. Now in your materials, it is very important. You fall closely along in your workbook on
these materials and go ahead and flip or flip through the intro pages on your materials
to you. Get to our week one calendars and you can
start to see in week one, um, how we expand week, week one in layers. We’re going to start expanding and adding
more often in there as we learned more tasks over time, you’re going to see in the day
we actually started out with something that might be a little corny too, a lot of you. And that’s some motivational resuscitation
where we’re actually doing some sort of affirmation first thing in the morning, whether that’s
meditation, whether it’s a motivational affirmations, whether it’s praying. Um, I recommend doing one of the above. I’m often times it doesn’t happen otherwise
because it’s very important that that, uh, this is, uh, this is a very difficult business. If you haven’t learned that already, it’s
very hard to make yourself consistently try to generate business. This is not collecting a paycheck and you’re
going to find the collecting a paycheck when you just get paid every two weeks. It’s okay to just go to work and zone out
or limp through the day or be on Facebook or just kind of wait til five o’clock happens. But you’re a business owner now that you’re
in real estate. So that with that comes pressure and it’s
very important that we don’t necessarily get paid every two weeks. So we’re going to have to do activities to
ensure that we do get paid. So if we move forward to week one in your,
in your workbook with this module, you can see we start off with that motivational resuscitation
to create balance in life, to create a clear mind and a positive mindset. Now look before we start, uh, trying to get
business and then we can see in that, in that week one in the practice, we actually start
off with an hour and a half, 1.5 hours of actually a practicing our scripts. Okay. And there’s lots of different scripts. We get practice here. It could be listing presentation scripts that
could be contacts that we’re going to make that day two of our sphere of influence about
a client event we’ve got coming up or we’re going to maybe call them to update our contact
information. Uh, could be to ask them if they know anybody
looking to buy or sell real estate. Um, could just be to let them know that you
just got your license and you’re trying to get everybody’s contact information. Would it be okay if they thought of you the
next time they were thinking about buying or selling real estate? Or would they mind referring you if they bumped
into somebody that they knew? I wanted to buy or sell real estate. So a, it could be practicing fisbos scripts,
expired listing, um, scripts, et Cetera, et Cetera, et cetera. Preview property, door knocking, scripts,
you name it, circle prospecting scripts, whatever our script of the day is. It’s important. Mastery is very important. We don’t want to try to practice only on the
fly when we’re actually doing lead generation because we’re going to waste a lot of contacts. We want business, we want business quickly. So let’s go ahead and practice and master
and refined, learned to recite and, and, and internalize these scripts so they become automatic
to us so we can be more effective at our conversion rates and we’re actually using them on prospective
clients. Right? So that’s, we’re going to start with that
right off the bat. Uh, and then we’re going to start to expand
as we start to put lead generation into it, uh, where we start adding at least an hour
of prospecting in the morning. And it can be any of those lead generations
choices we just talked about. And we’re going to start using contact forms
to track, uh, all the contacts we make, no matter what we’re doing for lead generation
in our first week, I really like activating our sphere of influence. So that’s why you’ll see in my week one I
have, you are really focusing on your sphere of influence because those are people we know,
they’re advocates, they trust us, we have a lot of rapport with them. We need to update our contact information
with them right away. So I really want us calling that Soi right
away who we know update the contact information and let them know. I guarantee as somebody you know, knows somebody
or is about to bump into somebody who’s thinking about buying or selling real estate and if
they receive a contact for you, we might get lucky and catch some low hanging fruit right
away and get a client to start working with so we can get our first commission check really,
really quickly. Um, so we’re going to really work on those
Soi contacts heavy right now cause we need to activate everybody we know in our Soi right
away. And then after that we’re going to do another
hour and a half of more script practice as well. So we really start refining our skills very,
very quickly. We also provide in your materials and soi
contact form that you can use to reach out track who we’ve contacted and obtain their
contact information moving forward. As we move forward with week one, we start
to add in layer a little bit more on top of that. Okay. So not only do we now do we do with that,
um, motivational resuscitation the morning, the scripts practice for an hour and a half
and the hour of making 10 soi contacts. Now you see another hour of 20 contacts of
prospecting for other sources as well too. We might be calling expired listings are doing
circle prospecting, et Cetera, et cetera. So that we’re actually reaching out and contacting
new people that we don’t know, so that we can at least build a rapport with those people. Eventually add them to our soi, and they might
be active leads that want to buy or sell right now as well too. So we start layering that on top, but then
we also can see, uh, three days a week we’re going to actually start doing some previewing
properties in the afternoons. So we’re out there previewing property. I’m knocking on doors knocking on active listings. We have another course in module on previewing
properties as well for you too. If you want to really delve into the scripts
and methods behind that and the alternate days. We’re going to do lead generation, follow
up with leads we generate, we stay in touch, we follow up. We keep trying to add value as well too and
we’re going to prospect again in the period in the preview for another hour, so look at
that day. During the week, we’re literally going to
be doing scripts practice an hour of prospecting with our soi and now over prospecting from
other sources. People we don’t know. We’re going to do another hour, hour and a
half of skips practice. We’re going to preview properties three days
a week for the next hour, do lead generation and follow up for on the other two days for
that same hour. Then we’re going to go into an hour of pm
prospecting in the late afternoon and then we’re going to do lead generation, follow
up from five to seven o’clock at night, three days a week. That is an aggressive schedule all bent on
lead generation, lead followup, and skill development. So again, let’s put these monthly plans to
use. Let’s start putting them in your Google calendars,
and I want you to honor thy calendars, stick to the plan, keep yourself and your business
focused on offense and generating business. Thanks again.

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