How To Be A Millionaire In 10 Years Starting From 0

How To Be A Millionaire In 10 Years Starting From 0

I love showing people their
million-dollar game plan. It’s so exciting. There’s something
really thrilling about stepping into your shoes and saying, “Alright. What’s
your financial situation? Like, you have a lot of money, you have no money? Are you
deeply in debt? You have bad credit? What is your circumstance? And if I were
you waking up today, how would I become a millionaire as quickly as possible?” And
you know what? The game plans get creative, they get fun. And I thought, “You
know what? For today’s video, what if I actually gave more of a generic game
plan saying, how would you make a million dollars in the next 10 years even if you
started with nothing?” And that’s what I’m gonna do on today’s video. So, if you want to be a millionaire in 10
years, it’s actually a really simple equation. I’m going to ask you to do
something that’s literally going to take you, I don’t know, maybe 20 hours a year.
We’re definitely not talking about a lot of time and we also are going to do a
plan here that doesn’t necessarily need any money. Check it out. We got 10 years
here. I want you to buy one property every year. So, in year one I want you to
buy a house. And frankly, I want you to buy a house every single year that
hashtag means, we’re just duplicating and doing the same thing again. With the
right training and with the right mentor, 20 hours in buying a house, here’s what
we’re really going for. When looking at buying a house that’s going to do a few
different things. One, with my lease option system, this house first and
foremost, he gives you an average $5,000 up front. And the second thing that it
does is it pays you $500 a month of cash flow. But the third thing that it does
when you actually go to sell this house… And we’re just going to assume for all
intents and purposes that it produces $50,000, okay? Those are the 3 core
benefits. So, you’re going to get paid something upfront. You’re going to get paid
something along the way and you’re going to get a really big something at the very
end. With those assumptions, if we buy these houses and I show you how to buy
them creatively. Which means you don’t need starter money. A good example
would be me finding a landlord that is just kind of burned out. I’d look in the
neighborhood and I’d look for houses for rent. I would literally just be calling
and just saying, “Hey, I’m thinking about renting your place but I’d like to rent
it long-term for like 5 years. Would you be okay with that?” And they’re like,
“Wait, I’m looking for tenants. Sure.” Then I’d say, “I’m actually looking for a house
that I can rent for the next 5 years then I’d also like to be able to buy.
Would you be willing to sell it to me eventually?” Now, a lot of people are going to
say no. But a lot of the landlords out there don’t want to be landlords anymore.
They eventually want to sell the home. And if they say, “That’s interesting.” Then
the next thing you have to do is look at the price. And if the price is reasonable,
you’re locking in that price 5 years early. So, you’re basically saying, “Hey,
what I’ll do is I’m going to give you a contract. I’ll be in charge of this house
and I’m just going to now cut you your monthly checks.” And if they say “Yes”,
there’s no down payment. Now, you’re just making the payment. And if you use the
marketing system that me and my team will teach you, you put some signs out
front that say, you know, “No bank qualifying. Rent-to-own.” Someone calls
says, “Here’s $5,000. I don’t want to qualify with the bank. Let me move in.”
They’re not making the payments but there’s leftover money. That’s that $500
that’s leftover. You could also buy the house traditionally with money from a
401k or IRA or savings. But let’s just assume for this example in this video
that you don’t have money. That you have maybe 1 or 2 thousand dollars max
you could put down into a property. If you could do that every year, we’ll show
you how to make $5,000 upfront,
$500 on average every month along the way and 50,000
when you sell. If you did that for 10 years, something is going to happen.
The goal here… These properties are typically producing for me on average a 25% ROI. And that means that in year one, this house that I
bought, if it’s earning 25% this year and 25 the
second and 25 the third and 25 the fourth, I would have doubled
my money in 4 years. Because 25% 25% plus 25%
plus 25% plus 25 percent of say four quarters, makes a dollar. Or 100% return on my money. And so, let’s say that I could get that $50,000 out
4 years from now. What could I do with that money? Well, in the fifth year, if I
sell it, I’m going to be buying my standard home anyway but I’m going to sell this home
and I’m going to use it to buy another home. So, I’m actually getting two homes in
that year. The home I buy in the second year that I sell, 5 years later, maybe
use it to buy another home. And if every year after, I keep doing that, by the time
I get to the 10th year and I’m selling off this guy, I actually have enough
profits to buy 2. Plus the one I would have gotten anyway. So, over 10 years now,
let’s just say we’ve got 1 home, 2 home, 3 home, 4 home. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17. 17 homes that are producing $500
a month. How much is that? That’s $8,500 a month. That is a six-figure residual
income. And if you’re making less than $8,500 a month, then at some point in
this journey, you can walk from your job and that residual income is there. But
more importantly, we’re talking about how to be a millionaire by 10 years. And if
we’re making 50,000 a home plus the cash flow plus the down payments and we’ve
got 17 homes already, those 17 homes that are producing with all of that ,you’re
looking at 65-70 thousand dollars, that’s going to put you right at that 1 million mark. Now,
this is slow. This is like… This is like a slow game plan. There’s so many things
that you could do to go faster on this. But if you wanted to know a million
dollars 10 years, basically the goal is simple. Buy a house every year. And if
you’re saying I don’t got money for that, then get with me and my team and we’ll
show you how we actually make that possible. It’s actually documented in the
book that I wrote called The Straight Path To Real Estate Wealth. and I teach a
course for my students is very inexpensive course. My students get
access to me teaching them, training and mentoring them in how to find these
deals just like this. So, if that’s interesting to you, then all you got to
do is check the link below and we’ll show you how to do that. Friends, that’s
that’s making a million dollars over the next 10 years.
Ultra-conservative style. And if you want to know how to go more aggressive than
that, you can certainly do that as well. If you also have money sitting in a
money market account a 401k IRA or a partner’s account and you’re like, “Kris,
could I use that to speed things up?” The answer is yes. You could certainly speed
things up in a huge way. if you want to learn how to do that, then click the link
talk to my team. And you know what? Every quarter I put on an event. And have
people from all over the world come and join me for 4 days as I teach them
how to make millions of dollars. I give them a custom million dollar game plan
and I give them the mindset of the millionaire. So now I want to check that
link out as well.

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