How To Avoid Ruining Your Reputation When Recruiting Real Estate Agents To Your Team

How To Avoid Ruining Your Reputation When Recruiting Real Estate Agents To Your Team

How do you avoid
destroying your reputation when it comes to recruiting?
(explosion booms) (upbeat music) Hey guys, it’s Kyle with the
Whissel Realty Group and eXp Realty here in San Diego, and what I want to focus on today is making sure that you do not destroy your reputation when it comes to recruiting people to your team. One of the biggest mistakes
that I see people make is they just go off of gut feel when it comes to hiring somebody. (failure horn tooting) They have no system, no process in place for how they bring people
through their recruiting funnel. But think about this. If you have a lead that comes in, you’ve got a system and a process for what happens with that lead, you need to have a system and a process for when you have a potential recruit. So make sure that you have
a solid system in place, because if you’re going off gut feel, you might think, “Oh,
I’ll hire this person. “If it doesn’t work out, no big deal. “I just wasted a little bit of time.” But I’m going to break it to ya. You could hire the wrong person and they could absolutely destroy you and your entire reputation. Don’t just think about,
“Oh, I trained ’em, “I bought ’em a computer,
or a camera, or whatever.” If you hire the wrong person and they come out and
they’re pissed off at you, you fire them ’cause it doesn’t work, they can go and write negative reviews about you on every single website, they can record videos about you, they can do so many different things that can really, really
damage you and your brand. So, you really want to make sure that you take your time
when you’re hiring people and have a solid system in place. We recently landed a
contract here in San Diego that’s going to help us scale to well over 1,000 transactions
here in the next year, and so it’s important to
have a system in place, and I’m definitely going to
share that system with you guys if you hang in here ’til the end, but you need to make sure you
have that system in place. So, just like your lead generation, think of everything as a funnel. Well, how are you going to
bring people into that funnel? You want to have a solid system for that. So, some of the things that I recommend to bring people in the top of the funnel is start building the story of the person you’re looking to hire and tell everybody that you know. Put it out there on social media, let all of your Escrow
reps, your title reps, your lenders, all of the different vendors that are involved in a transaction, let all them know about this person that you’re looking to bring on. You can also run targeted ads on Facebook for agents in any specific area, and if you’re looking to recruit in scale, you can get a service
like MarketView Broker or Broker Metrics, which are a couple really good services to help
you target specific agents based on different
metrics in their business. So, maybe people that are two
to three years in the business that are doing five to
ten transaction a year. You can do that, there’s software for it. So, make sure you have a way
to bring these people in, and then you got to have the process. So, the system that we’re going to be integrating into our business to help us because we
have to scale so quickly. We’re looking to hire a dozen people on the administration side, and probably two dozen
people on the sales side. So, because of the time that’s
required to interview people, we needed a system that
can help us scale quickly, so we’re using something called
Spark Hire, S-P-R-K-H-I-R-E. We’ll put a link in here so that you guys can connect with them. And what this is is very
innovative technology, obviously we do a lot of videos stuff, so what this will do is
instead of a normal form where I type a question and then they fill out a form in
response, question, response, now I record a video
asking them a question. They in turn record a video
responding to that question. And you could have one
question, five questions, 10 questions, whatever that is. Why does this let you scale? Because it allows you to, or
I guess let’s start with them, it allows them to complete that interview whenever they want. They could complete that at 10 a.m., 10 p.m., it doesn’t matter. And it allows you to watch that
interview whenever you want, so instead of trying to match your schedule with their schedule, which takes a lot of time, and it might be very inconvenient, and you’re having to move stuff around, they’re having to move stuff around. This allows for them to be interviewed on a time that’s convenient for them, and you to watch that interview at a time that’s convenient for you. So, make sure you have a system in place. Take your time hiring people. Do not rush this, you can
destroy your reputation. There’s a little bit of info about how to go about recruiting people. Make sure you have a system
and a process in place so you don’t make the wrong hire. If you’re looking for more agent tips, make sure to hop on our
Facebook page, The Whissel Way, where we share tons of snippets from our office meeting and other tools like Spark Hire that we’re using, you can always go to Thanks so much for watching.

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