How to Avoid Probate(5 Of 7 In Lou’s Trust Series) – Street Smart Cash Flow Accelerator #47

How to Avoid Probate(5 Of 7 In Lou’s Trust Series) – Street Smart Cash Flow Accelerator #47

Hi, it’s Lou Brown with another
of my amazing 101 ways for real estate investors
like you to win, close more deals,
and accelerate your cash flow. Today’s tip number 47: Have your estate avoid
probate using trusts. Now, if you’ve ever had
an experience in your family where someone passed away
and somebody was left with the burden
and the responsibility of having to go
through probate, it’s the process
by which the court system, the local court system
and the county in which any kind
of property is located, the court system
has to determine who the rightful heirs are and who is supposed
to get those assets or the income
from those assets and who’s supposed
to pay the bills. Well, all of this is determined
in the court system. Now, that can cost money,
it can be a huge delay, and it can be
confounding, confusing, it can break up families
because it’s the process and all the family members
are not aware of what’s going on. My strong recommendation,
my suggestion to you is, do not hold property
in your own name. Hold property in this wonderful,
incredible entity that God created
called trusts. This came over
on the Mayflower. It’s been around
a lot longer than LLCs, corporations,
and limited partnerships. And one of the great things
is that because you have the trust, because the property
is already in trust, you’ve already determined
who the beneficiaries are, then there’s no reason
for probate. And, in fact, trusts is the only thing
that avoids probate. So doesn’t it make sense
to avoid the cost, the delay, the aggravation, and the need
for an attorney? It can all be eliminated simply
by planning your estate now, putting each asset
into its own trust, determining who
the beneficiaries are, doing all the paperwork
now instead of later. And with the process of probate,
many things can go wrong, and certainly, there can be
a huge expense that you could avoid. So my suggestion to you
is learn the magic of trusts. You can do that by simply
going to my website and on ‘Tools’
learn about it right there. And if you want
a live training on it, if you’d like to go
to a 4-day event, go to and there you’ll find
a lot of information. So, I hope that this
has been valuable to you. It certainly has been
valuable to me in my life and I’m so glad
I discovered this marvelous, incredible thing called trusts. I hope you will use this.
I hope you’ll profit by it. I love to share these profitable
free tips with you. I’m a teacher at heart. How can you get more? Well, depending on when
you’re seeing this and where you’re seeing this,
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and I hope to see you soon. Yeah, baby!

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