How this guy learned how to build robots without any formal training

How this guy learned how to build robots without any formal training

I was about 13, and during that summer, I started reading online and I stumbled
across some various websites. I’ve always like creating things, and I found some electronics I could actually create, and that just sparked it. I was mainly looking at,, all these various communities of people
building and talking about creating different things and sharing
everything they were making, which made it very useful for me to learn by
copying others and then add my own insights as I learned. I try to make technology, approachable and fun. I think getting the general public interested in some of this new technology is very important. The Connect Four robot is able to detect
your move, so it knows where you put it. So as you actually drop a chip inside the board, the robot thinks a little bit and it responds. So you can play against the robot,
but often times it wins. The Maze Solving Robot is a little robot.
Its got two wheels. Its got some sensors on the front that face downwards and its able to detect black and white color. So it goes through the maze, goes
through a lot of dead ends, but what it does at the end, is it calculates the shortest path to get through the maze. So you could put it back at the start and its going to drive straight to the end just based off these calculations. The useless machine, which is as the name implies very useless. Its got an on and off switch, and all it
does is that you turn it on and there’s a little arm that comes out
and it turns itself back off. Building robot has really taken to me to
my dream college MIT. I’ve gotten internships at robotics start ups, I’ll be at Space X building rockets, but no
matter what you’re building its a lot of fundamentals that you’re learning. You’re learning how to write code, you’re
learning how to use electronics, design circuits, and of course those techniques are used in everything. Something like the Maze Solving Robot is the basis of a lot of other technologies, like building a
robot vacuum cleaner, or a Google self-driving car. I really just hope a lot of people go out
and build more robots. That’s all I’ve ever wanted. I think more robots in the world is just going to make a more entertaining and interesting world.

34 thoughts on “How this guy learned how to build robots without any formal training

  1. The on and off robot make me laugh so hard.

  2. This so epic and so inspirational, but of couse this guy has skills and talent. Most of us can try roboyics or coding but if it doesnt click with you, you just never learn it. IDK, sometimes it really is hard to understand code, I havent found a teacher that has explained ut to me in a way that makes sense.

    I will keep trying new courses, because I really want to learn this stuff.

  3. I want to be like this guy but I have no idea how to start.

  4. Wtf is wrong with the quality of this video?!

  5. I wan't that Useless Machine!!! I can win against it. I MUST!!!!

  6. Remembering claude shannon.

  7. I'm 16 and in college but I still think I can start I have a basic understanding in some components such as a resister and thermositer I'm just fearful that I won't be able to understand or have energy to do it

  8. thankyou for the web name thankyou!!!!!!!!

  9. Anyone else notice the blockchain lecture on the blackboard?…

  10. I'm ten and I'm trying to learn about that stuf

  11. I’m 12 and I’m in advanced classes and school and still making almost all 100’s in school.I actually get to participate in the Duke TIP program.I get super bored in my classes because I finish my work fast so I am starting to learn robotics so I have something to challenge me

  12. This Man Inspires Me

  13. where can I start to learn how to build robots please help!!

  14. Please teach us upload videos and share ur knowledge with us please

  15. Awesome Video, I just made a Retro Robot myself, I only made 6000 go to Major1Robot on utube to watch it work.

  16. this is what i want to do, i wish i did this a long time a go, as i am now in my 60s. i am in to r c models now as well and planing to build my own models now, like submarines, plans, computers, and more. if this 16 year can do it i can. O' yes and tanks, and ships. colin uk.

  17. there was only one path, which you
    said is smallest….

  18. This guy is my All Might!

  19. I'm 12 years old and studying on how to make a robot…Thank you for inspiring me because I almost gave up!

  20. I am from Nepal, i dont know what the song is aboout but I really enjoyed the music and presentaion. Liked it.

  21. I'm not a millionaire so I can't learn

  22. Hi, from where you make this robot s.

  23. World is very diverse actually!!! Who are the people hitting the dislike button?

  24. Nice I'm also developing robots

  25. NERD

  26. 1:27 how did neither of u see there was 3 in a row?

  27. 2 days ago my friebd and I build our first robotic arduino car thank you for inspiribg us to continue

  28. What are tips for a fourteen year old wanting to learn how to build things? I have a parent who is very good at building things but, unfortunately, not robots. Any help is appreciated

  29. Please just do not forget where a lot of parts needed for robots comes from and that people die for just we privileged people can build our stupid robot things. I like to build robots myself btw. I find this just important because it is a real issue that should be solved.

  30. So he got into MIT robot team WITHOUT any education whatsoever?

  31. I'm going to the 12th grade therefore, I' going to enter mechanical engineering for inventing robots.

  32. Great interview. I completely understand his passion. Its great to see people so young pursuing their passion. He is right, creative robotics/electronics help make the world a more interesting place to live. I love teaching people how to program dollar microcontroller chips to make robots!

  33. I wish I could do robotics but never thought I wss smart enough

  34. Always wanted to make robots, but never made the time to seriously start the hobby. It's inspiring to see someone who just went for it.

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