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Steven Howell here. I hope you’re doing incredible. I am coming to you from my home office. And today we are going to talk about how one of my real
estate investing students just made $5,000 for outsourcing one of his unwanted real estate leads. So, if you’re getting
involved into real estate investing, if you’re a real estate agent, or a real estate wholesaler. In any aspect of real estate. You’re going to get a
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video resonates with you. To leave a like and a comment below. I want these to be very engaging and for these to get some traction. So, no crazy, fancy graphics or editing, or anything like that. I like to just be real. Sit down, you know, talk with you here, and share some wisdom. So, anyways, and speaking of that, like I said I’m in my home office. I have the lighting in
the background on there. It’s a rainy day out. I live here in Ohio. And I want to make sure the
lighting is okay for you. So, hopefully that’s not too,
too terribly distracting. And then over here, I got the
webinar lighting coming in. So, the face is all lit up today. But anyways guys, I want
to share with you a story about how one of my
students just over Christmas made $5,000 for outsourcing a
lead that he wasn’t working. And there’s going to be
some very tangible ways. And I want to share with you some ways and some examples of how you can implement this in your business. Because the cool part, it really doesn’t take any extra effort, or any extra work. And there’s a lot of money that you could be leaving potentially on the table if you’re not doing this. The other awesome benefit of learning how to outsource your leads correctly. The unwanted leads, the leads
that are not our specialty. Is that, it takes the pressure off from being, trying to be
a master of everything. A jack-of-all-trades. So, something I want you
guys to like write down. This is my golden nugget,
tip of the day for you. It is so much better to be a
master of one or two things, instead of a jack-of-all-trades, right. If you’re going out there, in you’re real estate investing business. And you’re trying to be
the foreclosure expert. The SEO expert, the lease-options, the, you know, the short sale. The wholesaling expert, the, you know all these different types of, you know the Facebook expert, the
Google Ad Words expert. The bandit sign expert. If you’re trying to do all these things, and be the master of everything. What you’re going to
find, what I’ve found, is that it gets very, very overwhelming. And the tendency, at
least for myself I know, was to focus really hard
with all of my heart, with all my soul on, you know, one thing for a little while, and then after a couple of weeks of that. Maybe working a little
bit, or not, you know. Working to the extent
that I thought it would. Well then I’d listen to a podcast. Or listen to something different. And I’d hop to a new strategy. Maybe postcards or something else, right. And the vicious cycle just
continues and continues. So, before I go down too
big of a tangent here. I just want to say that
it’s so much better to be a master of just a couple of things. Rather than a jack-of-all-trades. And that fits very nicely into this. So, when you’re doing a lot of marketing, in your real estate investing business. Which my friend, you’d better
be doing a lot of marketing. If you want results, if
you want to be doing deals. It all comes down to marketing. People in your area, and your market need to know that you
and your business exist. And just very briefly they need to know how you can help them. You need to learn how to
paint that picture for them. Not in an intense, aggressive
way or anything like that. But just a couple of benefits
that’s going to help them. That’s going to educate them. That’s going to help them
solve their problems. So, when you’re doing that right. And when you’re doing a lot
of very simple marketing. And your blinders are on. And you’re just doing a couple of things right in your business. You’re gonna get a lot of leads coming in. Now in real estate investing, right. When we’re talking about
wholesaling real estate. Let’s just use that as an example. 80 to 90% of the leads that are coming in, are not going to be the
perfect deal for you, right. It’s not going to, there’s not
always going to be somebody who wants to sell their property
for 50% of market value. And in fact, that’s,
you know, from students, and subscribers, that’s a
question that I get a lot of. Is like, “Well, Steven, I’m starting to do “a lot of marketing
now, I’m getting leads. “But everyone wants full price. “And everyone wants retail.” Or, you know, maybe they
don’t have enough equity. And, you know, we can talk about some of those subjects in later videos. So, if those are areas. Things that you are
noticing in your business. And you keep getting calls with people who want retail pricing. You’re like, how does this
wholesaling thing work? I thought I was supposed to
get discounted properties. Where are those discounted properties? Definitely let me know in the comments. We can do some videos, and
do like a series on that. Or at least a few videos,
and clear that up for you. Anyways, suffice to say, when you’re doing a lot of marketing, the
leads are coming in. Not all the leads are going
to want to sell right now. Not all of them are going to want to be so motivated to sell
for a discounted price. And maybe some of them are
motivated a little bit later. A couple of months down the line. A couple of weeks down the line. And then maybe there’s some
type of properties as well that you don’t necessarily specialize in. So, what most newbie, or
intermediate investors will do, and I’m guilty of this mistake. I’m nobody special here, I made this mistake for a long time. And I want to help you,
watching this video, my friend not make the same mistake, okay. And that is, for some of the leads that you don’t necessarily, there’s two mistakes
actually, before I forget. That you could make. Number one is not utilizing all the leads that are coming into business. And number two is trying to
be the jack-of-all-trades. You’re the foreclosure specialist, you’re the mobile home specialist. You’re the apartment specialist. You’re the commercial
real estate investor. You are, you know, all
these different, you know type of leads that could be
coming into your business. You go out there, you’re
the lease-option person. You’re the subject-to person. You’re the short sale person. You’re the REO person. You’re the everything. But, you know, with all due respect you haven’t done your first deal. And the confusion and the overwhelm. And you’re buying courses on
all these different subjects. And going to seminars, and it
gets very overwhelming, right. And how do I know this? Because I’ve been there,
and I’ve worked with people everyday who have been there. So, what is the solution that
we can help with this, right? What’s the solution? So that we can monetize on it. And still serve people in a better way? Well, the solution is
to outsource the leads that are not our specialty. So, let me give you an example. To kind of help this make more sense. So, one of my students is out in Delaware. He’s crushing it, his name is Brandon. He’s been working with me
for a little while now. And we’ve done four deals together. And again, he focuses on
wholesaling real estate. Again, eventually he wants
to get into rehabbing. And owning rentals, and things like that. And the beautiful part,
through wholesaling he has developed some great connections with a partner now, who
funds some of his marketing. Who gives him like a $1,000
a month for marketing. He also has met somebody who does a ton of rental properties. And who also rehabs properties. And so, later this year in 2018 they’re gonna start going in on some rehabs, and
stuff like that together. But he has really kind of latched onto the training, and what I’m
talking about in these videos. And we go after large
spread deals in nicer areas. And he focuses on a couple
of things for marketing. Very simplistic, basic
marketing that, you know, if I told you his lead
source, you’d be like, “Oh my gosh, does that
still work, really?” And that’s how he’s gotten
all of his deals, right. So anyways, we’ve done two
$15,000 deals together, and two $10,000 deals together. And over Christmas of 2017. It’s January 11th, 2018
at the time of this video. And so, basically, my wife and I, to kinda set the scene here. We had our first child,
our baby girl, Sophia, who is just incredible, like the light of my world right now, she’s amazing. We had her at the end of November. And so, for the first
couple of weeks of December I had, you know, obviously
taken a couple of weeks off. And I worked from home. I have my own real estate
investing business. And I work with people. So, a lot of times I’ll
work out of my home office here, or out of the local coffee
shop for a few hours a day. And I even dialed that
back for a lot of December. And then, you know, as the
end of December approached, I started getting back to things. And, you know, obviously
making these videos. And investing still, and all of that. But anyways, so my student
Brandon he gets a lead. And this is actually, believe it or not, his girlfriend from High School. So, years, years aback, his
girlfriend from High School’s grandmother, knows that
he’s a real estate investor. Because Brandon is the master of like putting out things on Craigslist. He’s just a good people person. He networks, he tells people very simplistic what he’s doing. He’s looking for property. Do you know of anybody? You know, constantly talking with people. Not in some flamboyant, crazy way. But just planting little seeds
wherever he goes, you know. And so, the word had got around that he’s a real estate investor,
and so, his grandmother. His ex-girlfriend’s grandmother’s
house was a property that they needed to, for
some reason, get rid of. They were ready to move on with it. And, you know, so he reached out. And he’s like, “You know, Steven.” You know, we looked at
the numbers together. And long story short,
this property did not have the best to sold comparables. It was an older home, it
wasn’t in the best area. And for wholesaling purposes, again, one of the mistakes I made, is I tried to make everything a deal when in reality, one of the disciplines, and
this is another golden nugget. Is to be able to learn to filter
through your leads quickly. To plant seeds, to be respectful. But also to know, that most of them are not what we’re looking for. And, you know, in fact
there’s a large percentage of them, who are better suited to actually go list it on the MLS. Because they’re looking for full price. And then if something
is, you know, let’s say very rural, or different other categories. It might be not be the best
wholesaling lead, right. So, he knew after our
working relationship. And after we’ve analyzed lead, after lead, after lead together,
because that’s what I do with my mentoring students. He realized like, “Oh my goodness, Steven, “this is probably not what
we’re looking for, man. “It doesn’t have the best
comps, not the greatest home, “not in the greatest area, you know, “I don’t want to insult them,
because I know their family. “Like I just don’t want to low ball them. “I really don’t want to
get this under contract. “And just like hope that I can
find a buyer on the backend.” And my friend that’s another lesson, there’s so many people that teach wholesaling real estate out there. And there’s a right way to do things. And a wrong way. And you don’t just want to give suckering, you know, people under contract, and getting anything under contract. When you do it the way I teach you. You really want to get
things under contract that you know is gonna sell. Like you know you’re going to be able to bring a buyer in on the backend, okay. So, for this one he did
not have that confidence. So, therefore, he did the very wise thing. The thing with integrity, that says, I don’t want to get this under contract. Because I don’t know if I can sell it. So, what he did is he started reaching out to some of the buyers
that over the last year that he’s built relationships with. And so, there’s actually
a new buyer, named Josh. That, they had connected somehow. I think it was over Craigslist
or something like that. And so they went out and
sold a property together. And Josh had told him, well,
I’ll pay a certain price for this property, you know,
I’d pay something like this. And so, Brandon, you know,
negotiated with the family. For a price $5,000 cheaper. And what he could have done,
what in fact he probably should have done is still get the property under contract at that point. Since he did have a buyer. But what he did is, you know, Brandon’s kind of like myself. Just that, the handshake
type of guy, right. Sometimes there’s so many, you know, people that are so worried
about, being screwed over. So worried about people
taking advantage of them. So worried about the scare city mindset. And that’s something that I, you know, used to think and all that. But after years, and
years of doing business. You know, I do not think
that way anymore whatsoever. And, so Brandon was just like, “Hey man.” Like he developed a relationship
with this new buyer. And different things they
can do in the future. And was just like, “Man, I’ll
let you close on this deal, “but, you know, I’m telling you, “I introduced you to the family. “I took you out here, you want to buy it. “Cut me a check at closing, 5K.” And so, that just happened,
and Brandon just sent me a text saying, “Hey, you know, Steven, I just “got $5,000 for that lead “that I was not going
to do anything with.” And he was also super pumped up. Because I’ve been telling
him this for months, and months, and months. And he’s finally starting to
implement it in his business. So, for example, for
real estate wholesaling there’s a few, you know,
in his area, in Delaware. We’re focusing in on single family homes with a certain price range. So, mobile homes, town homes, apartments. Some other different categories. And, for example, for foreclosures, for short sales, for REOs. Rather than you going to figure out how to talk with the banks, and
become a short sale expert. Or, you know, to do REOs, or
something like that, right. Why not, and this is what
I was telling Brandon. Why not, find the best
person in your area, who does specialize in
those type of things. And refer them a lead, and
get paid $3,000, $5,000? And it’s all about structuring
it the right way of course. But again, you don’t have
to have fancy contracts. A lot of it is the way
you approach somebody. That likeability, that confidence. And it’s not overly difficult sometimes. You know, people will try to make you think it’s
more difficult than it is. But anyways, Brandon
reached back out to me. He’s like, “Steven, I’m so pumped man! “Now I have somebody, I’ve
been talking with people. “I have a guy that like, all
he does is buy town homes. “And then I have another a guy that all “he does is buy mobile homes.” So, now when Brandon is marketing his business in Delaware like crazy. Instead of just kind of
ditching those leads, of like, oh, we don’t do mobile homes. Oh, we don’t do town homes. Now he can talk with
these two other buyers that buy only those things. And let’s just say one guy’s name is Mike. And the other guy, his
name is Dave, right. So, he can approach him, and say, “Mike, so, I do a lot
of marketing in my area, “and, you know, I’m good
at what I’m good at, right. “But I realize that there’s a lot of leads “that maybe it’s not my specialty, “or that I can’t serve. “I understand that you, Mike. “Or you Dave, do mobile homes, “or town homes, or short sales, right. “So, what would be a smoking hot lead? “Basically I want to give
you a lot of business. “What’s a hot lead, what’s the best way “to get you this information? “I certainly don’t want to waste my time. “I’m very busy, I have a lot
of things going on as well. “But, what’s the best way for me “to send you over some of
that information, right? “I want to get a good working relationship “going on right here,
let’s go out to lunch. “Let’s make some things happen, “and help each other this year.” So, what if you approach
somebody like that, for example, the short sale leads that you got in your business? Or the REO leads. Or the mobile homes. Or the town homes. Or, you know, another specialty, maybe that’s not your specialty. And every single time that they buy those type of properties you’re
getting paid $3,000, $5,000. You know, most people
think, well I’d be happy with $200, no, if you’re serving them up a deal on a silver platter,
and you structure it properly. You know, that’s what I make. That’s what my students make
when they refer leads out. I have another student, in Charlotte who’s doing the same thing. He’s networked with some attorneys for different leads that we get. And, one of the attorneys was like, “Hey, “you don’t want that? “You don’t want that property, shame. “Well, dude, I’ll buy it. “I do short sales. “I’ll buy it and just
let me cut you a check “for $5,000 on the side.” So, my friend, like I hope
that is good news, right. If that just like, kinda
like blew your mind. And maybe this is something
that you’ve heard about before. Not a lot of people talk a lot about this. This is kinda like an under the radar kind of a ninja strategy. That, if you think about
it, it’s no extra work. Maybe just like a little
tiny bit of extra work. But like, seriously, if you’re
already doing things right. If you’re already marketing, if you’re already
generating a lot of leads. And you know, when you become a rockstar. Which I know you will be. Especially if you keep
watching these videos. And you’re already
generating a lot of leads. And these were leads
that you weren’t going to do anything with anyways. And then you just start asking around. You start googling your city, your market in short sales, or, you know, town homes. You go to the local investment, you know, the local investment, or the, like real estate MeetUp
group in your area. And you start asking
around, “Hey, who buys “really cheap houses in the ghetto?” Maybe there’s like really low end house, there’s a guy in your,
or a gal in your area who buys properties that
are really, really rough for $10,000, and a lot of investors don’t touch properties
in that part of town. But this guy like, that’s his area. And he specializes, or
somebody for town homes, or mobile homes, start asking around. So, when I say, like yeah, maybe it takes a little bit of work. It’s just asking around. But like, that’s nothing, right? And then when these leads
come across your desk. You took the time to ask Mike, or Dave, like how would they want the lead? What information is helpful to them? And if you think about it, like, now Mike, or Dave they love you, because you’re serving them
up deals on a silver platter. And they’re making money. So, you’re helping them
with their marketing. ‘Cause you’re serving
them a silver platter, you’re serving them a
lead on a silver platter. You’re developing more of a relationship. You’re giving, you’re giving
value instead of taking, right. It’s a powerful, powerful concept. Doesn’t take a lot of extra work. I just gave you an example
of how one of my students made $5,000 for really,
just outsourcing a lead that he was not doing anything with. And I wanna wrap this up. I don’t want to keep rambling on, and on. But if you liked this video. If you wanna learn more topics like this. If you want to learn anything
about entrepreneurship, or real estate investing, wholesaling. I am so excited to keep
making these videos. Make sure you subscribe, and
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these Monday through Friday. If not daily. Here soon I have a strong inclination that I’m just going to be
doing these videos daily. I want to hear from you. I want to know what topics
you want to learn about. And, that’s all for this video guys. Thank you so much. And I’ll see you in the next video.

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