How Much Should You Spend on a Rental Property Rehab?

How Much Should You Spend on a Rental Property Rehab?

How much money should
you spend on the repairs for your rental property? That’s today’s video. Let’s dive in. Hey everybody I’m
Clayton Morris. I’m the founder
of Morris Invest. And I’ve rehabbed hundreds
of homes in my life. And today, we’re going to talk
about rehabbing, and how much you should spend on the
repairs and the rehab of your rental property. If you’re new to
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for subscribing. Today, we’re going to talk
about the rehab process. Now many of you guys are DIYers. You guys like to do it
yourself, and go out there, find properties, rehab
them, hire contractors, hanging drywall,
getting new roofs, buying furnaces, water heaters,
plumbing, all of those things. And then, finding tenants
for your properties. Right? Well this is for you. If you’re a DIYer and you want
to know how much you should spend on a rental
property, that’s what we’re going to
talk about today. By the way, I’ve got
a whole playlist here for DIYers who want to get
things done themselves. Today, I want to talk about
the money that we spend. Now on all the rental
properties that I like to buy, I like to be in right
around the $40,000, $50,000 range,
sometimes $60,000, is what I buy personally. All in, total cost of my rental
properties, is around $60,000. There are some
things to consider when you get your scopes of
work back from your contractors. And the scopes of work say,
it’s going to be about $30,000, $40,000. To me, that would be a red flag. I don’t want to be spending
more than– you ready for it, here we go. I don’t want to spend more
than about $20,000 to $25,000 for the repair of
a rental property. A couple of big reasons and
a couple of key takeaways on this. Number one, it’s
just too expensive. There are too many
fish in the sea for me to be spending that
much money on a rehab. Unless, for some reason, it’s
in some great little “niche-y” little street, that’s in a
little historic district, and I know that if I spent
a little bit more on this, that the equity is
going to be higher. Remember, I’m not really
investing for equity, and I’m not really
investing for appreciation. I want cash flow. So if I can add a
little bit more value, by adding a few extra
bells and whistles to a property that’s going
to then increase my equity long term, because like I
said, it’s in a historic area, or something like that, then
I might ahead and do it. But for the most
part, I’m not going to want to spend more than
that on the repair of one of my rental properties. So my cut off,
most of my repairs are going to be in that $20,000,
$25,000 range for repairs. However, that’s depending
on the purchase price. So let me give you some
round numbers to make it easier in your brain. Let’s say we buy, we acquire,
the house for $20,000. OK. And then we’re going to
repair it for $20,000. That’s OK. That’s a total of about $40,000. That’s kind of where most
of my properties hit. Maybe we acquire it for– but I want those numbers to
be kind of consistent, though. So maybe I acquire it,
though, for $12,000. And I’m going to– and it’s
going to cost me about $28,000 in repairs. That’s OK too. You see what I’m saying? That as long as I’m
not going above where I’m comfortable buying
my property prices. So I’m not going to
buy it for $40,000 and then spend another
$40,000 on the rehab. It just takes too
much cash to do what I could do for far less. Understand? Another big reason
I would stay away from more costly
renovations is the time. Remember, we’re in
this for the cash flow. We’re not in this to
flip the house in order to make money on a flip. We don’t talk about
flipping here on the show. I don’t care about flipping. To me that’s creating
another job for yourself. That’s not investing. Flipping houses
is not investing. That’s a paycheck. You buy a house, you add $50,000
to the house, you flip it, you hope you make $100,000. Takes six, seven months to
do it, eight months, or even a year to do that kind of work. That’s not something
I’m interested in doing. So the longer you have to
put work into this property– if you stretch into five
months on a rental property, that’s five months that
you’re not cash flowing. So usually, we can
hit that eight to 12 week mark for a
renovation, especially if it’s a heavy renovation. That’s a good number. And you know, you
have to consider a bunch of different things in
there too, like severe weather, maybe there’s snow
on the roof and we can’t switch the roof out. So $20,000. $20,000, $25,000. Let that be a
guide for you, even if you like purchasing more
expensive properties than I do. Like I said, I like to buy
the $40,000, $40,000, $50,000, home, $60,000 homes. Right in that sweet spot. But maybe you like to buy yours
that are $110,000, $120,000. That’s too much for me, but it
might not be too much for you. And therefore, if
you’re going to spend two to three months
doing a rehab on that property, and you’re going
to spend $30,000. Now you’re at a
$150,000 of cost. And it’s going to take
you that long to do it. To me, that’s just too costly. There are too many
great deals out there that you could find
that are almost, don’t need a lot of work. You could add $5000, $10,000
worth of rehab to, and kind of be up and running in
a less amount of time. It really depends
on your stomach for these types of projects. But I would warn you
against going too long, and spending too much
time on your rehabs for a rental property, not a
flip, for a rental property. I’m Clayton Morris. I hope you found
this video helpful. Again, I’ve rehabbed hundreds
of properties in that same price range, so I kind of know
what I’m talking about. And when you start adding all
these layers of complexity, things tend to go wrong. So stick with what you know. Stick with it being
cheap, and fast, and you’ll find
that cash flow will come much more quickly to you. Please, if you’re
not a subscriber, click the Subscribe
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of the other great playlists we have here on the channel. We’ve got all kinds of
playlists and videos to help you go out there,
take action, and become a real estate investor. We’ll see you next
time everyone. Bye!

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