HOW MUCH MONEY TO START Wholesaling Real Estate | ALL Marketing Costs BROKEN DOWN!

HOW MUCH MONEY TO START Wholesaling Real Estate | ALL Marketing Costs BROKEN DOWN!

– Hey guys, what’s happening? Steven Howell here with
productive wisdom dot com. I hope you’re doing awesome. And in today’s video
we’re gonna talk about how much money do you need to start a real estate wholesaling business? And we’re gonna break down
all the marketing costs. So if you’re ever wondering if
you wanna start real estate, if you wanna start becoming
a real estate investor and you wanna start a real
estate wholesaling business, how much money do you
need really to start that? And you may have heard on
social media or podcasts or an interview or even here on YouTube seen all of the different slogans or maybe in the past you’ve
attended a webinar, a local seminar or you’ve
gone to a MeetUp group and you know especially in the world of real estate wholesaling, when you’re trying to learn
how to wholesale real estate, you’ll hear this phrase all the time. You know, “get started
with no money whatsoever, “no cash, no credit,” you know all of these things. And if I’m honest, that kind of makes me cringe a little bit. Although there is some
truth to that, right? Real estate wholesaling
is a huge passion of mine, it is one of my main businesses. It’s something that I teach. It’s something that I
coach and I mentor students all around the country to
get their first deals done. It’s something I absolutely love. You know but sometimes when I hear those marketing messages, I
can see how it almost, you know it almost sounds
too good to be true, right? And people get a little
jaded and they’re thinking like really, like you can
get something for nothing, how is that possible? So I thought my friend, for you, I get a lot of questions on this. Like, “Steven, I’m really serious about “real estate investing, I’m really serious “about you know quitting my job soon “and becoming a real estate investor. “You know I’ve been trying
to do this thing forever, “how much money do I need
to really get started, “to get some traction?” So what I want to do is
I wanna just you know, I’ve opened up an Excel spreadsheet, I wanna talk with you, you know, line by line, step by step, and kind of break down
all the marketing costs. And the way that I wanna
do it is I wanna talk about some necessities, some things that you
will need to get going. And I don’t wanna sugar
coat it because I want you watching this video to
have the real scoop, to be able to make educated
decisions in your life, in your business, that’s
gonna be able to help you, help your family and get
results better and faster. So that’s the whole goal here. If you’re new to this channel, if you’re new to my videos here, welcome. We try to do these videos daily. So you’re gonna get a lot of great value out of the content, you know
that I have produced here. I have a ton of fun shooting these videos, so definitely welcome. If you like this video, if
you get a lot out of it, and if you want more videos like this, first off, I’d love to hear from you. I do actually read the comments, so let me hear from you in the comments. Like the video. Don’t forget to subscribe
to my YouTube channel and hit that wonderful
little notification bell so that way you can get
updated when I have new videos and new content out designed to help you. So without further ado, let’s get started. And if you don’t mind I’m gonna be sipping on my water here, I just got back into working out and cross fit. I took about a month or two off, my wife and I had our first child. We had a baby girl. And so obviously with the holidays and with things going
on, so just got my first cross fit workout in this afternoon. I’m blessed to have a business where I can work things like that. And so definitely gonna be sipping on the water here as we go. But anyways, so as far as necessities, when we get started in real estate, so one of the things
that you’re gonna need is stamps, okay? So the cost of stamps and this is for sending out mail pieces. Now, as you may have seen
in some of my prior videos, one of my best lead sources, and I don’t mind sharing
with you this golden nugget. One of my favorite lead sources is inherited houses as probates. And the reason why I love that is because it’s one of the best
bang for your buck leads. Rather than going out there and dropping thousands and thousands of
dollars on postcard mailers or yellow letters to these massive lists that have already been
mailed a bazillion times. And you’re spending
thousands of dollars a month to you know, to hopefully
get some deals coming in. I like doing things a
little bit different. I don’t wanna go on and on about
probate or inherited houses in this video, but above the video here I’ll link in one of the cards to one of my other videos where you can, you know, and you can check them
out on my channel as well. And over at productive wisdom on my blog, I have a free training that I
call the real truth training, where I dive into that. It’s one of my number one lead sources and I think you would
get a lot out of that. So anyways, using that as an example. Obviously if we’re
sending probate letters, if we’re sending letters out to estates, we’re gonna need some stamps. So let’s just talk about
the cost of stamps. The cost of stamps at the
time of this recording is 49 cents. We’re just into 2018. There is actually a
proposal as of yesterday that it’s gonna go up to 50 cents. So let’s just use that,
let’s just call it 50 cents for the cost of stamps. And let’s say that we’re
sending out 20 probate letters to executors and 20
letters to the attorneys. So we’re sending out 40 letters a week for a cost of roughly 50 cents, so it’s $20 per week, which is going to be $80 per month. So let’s do a monthly cost here. So basically we have a
cost there of $80 a month, computer paper, we’re going to need paper to send out these letters on. So obviously you can go
to Office Max, Staples, Home, you know, (laughs)
not Home Depot, Office Depot and get paper for between 3.99 and 5.99. You might be able to even
find it on Amazon cheaper. Let’s just say a $5 pack
of paper for the month. And I want to keep this very
simplistic and very basic. Now I’m all about building
your business lean. Now why is that? When I got started, I
wasted thousands of dollars on these high priced programs. I wasted thousands of
dollars on strategies that I thought were
gonna be the secret until I came under the wing of a mentor and I realized that they
built their business smart, they built their business
by doing things different than what everybody else was doing. And they built their
business by being lean. And I just simply modeled
what they were doing. And that’s what I wanna help you to understand watching this video. If you are just a beginner
getting into real estate, maybe you’ve been at it a little while, you have a few deals under your belt. And you’re looking to get better traction, I wanna help you to
build your business lean and give you some good strategies here that you can take with you. So anyways, envelopes,
envelopes you can get very cheap as well, Amazon,
Home, not Home Depot, I keep wanting to say Home Depot, Office Depot, Staples, that type of thing. So let’s just say $5 there
for envelopes as well. Okay so the next thing you’re
obviously gonna need ink. So ink you know, it depends
on what type of printer that you get or you have. Let’s just say an average of
around $40 a month on ink. And that’s honestly gonna be very high. You’re probably going to run out of ink like every other month. So we could even really bump this down, let’s just say $25 a month. I wanna be you know
really conservative here. So the next thing that
you’ll need is signs. Now this doesn’t mean you need to go out and put out signs everywhere, but when we’re speaking
of wholesaling houses and there’s dozens of ways to sell the contract that you have on the back end, but it’s always helpful
to put out a few signs. It’s not the only way,
it’s not a one trick pony like this is the only thing you do. No I actually teach 12 different, every time I get a deal under a contract there’s 12 different steps that I take as a system each and every time. But it is very helpful when you’re just getting going in your
wholesaling business, if you have anywhere
between 50 and 100 blank, white corrugated plastic
signs, 18 by 24 inches, there’s a lot of different
sign companies out there. You have Dirt Cheap Signs. You have a company that has a tool called the Sign Stapler, where you can put the signs higher up
on the telephone poles and they also provide blank
signs and stakes as well for a very competitive price. And there’s always new
companies popping up. But if you guys wanna get
into bandit sign training and some strategies behind that, I have quite a few students who do a lot of deals on bandit signs. And I have some nifty tips and tricks with bandit signs to get
the cost of them down. Where you don’t have to pay for shipping, which is gonna save you 50 to 70 dollars. And also some other
things as well as far as sign placement and things like that. If you want me to do a video on that or you want some further training on that, let me know in the comments and I can always do a video on that. But let’s just say as
far as getting signs, it’s always helpful that you have on hand some blank corrugated plastic signs for your business when you’re
just getting up and running. It’s going to make things easier. And it’s going to allow
you to take action faster when you do get that deal under contract. So for signs let’s use a dollar per sign. So if you wanna have 50 to 100 signs, that would be 50 to 100 dollars. Now, I recommend, I love the slogan, I love the saying “Do what you can “from where you are with what you’ve got.” And I want you to write
that down, my friend. And when I got started, I was not above going to Walmart, getting poster board for like 38 cents and cutting it in half and duct taping it to a sign. I mean in the beginning,
you do what you gotta do. So we’re gonna use a cost
for signs of $100 here, just being very conservative, but you could make it for $50. Again, if you would like for me to do a training on how to get the cost down, how to not pay these high prices from the major bandit sign companies
that you see out there. How you can go and here’s a little tip how you can go locally
and get them much cheaper and save on shipping and handling. I can always do you know maybe a future training on that for you. So just let me know if that’s
something you wanna hear. But anyways, so just know that this cost can definitely go down, okay? Another thing is phone. So phone, obviously
you can just simply use the cell phone that
you’re already paying for. So I put this on here just
so you can kind of really kind of take inventory of the different expenses in your business. So your phone, you know,
when you just start, you can use your cell phone. So whatever you’re currently paying for your cell phone
bill, you can, you know, that’s what you’ll be
using for this business. You will need a printer, right. If we’re doing letters, you know, and just in real estate
if you are in business and you are looking to get results, you’re looking to run a business, you wanna have a printer. So don’t let, you know if you right now are watching this video and you’re like man Steven I don’t even
have a printer right now, things are a little
tough, things are tight. What I would say to you my
friend is go on Craigslist. When I first got started,
I went to Craigslist. Money was low. I found actually a phenomenal printer and I still have it. Actually it’s some six years later, I have this and it might
even be older than that, but it’s an HP Officejet Pro 8600 Premium. Okay, HP Officejet Pro 8600 Premium. And it’s a printer, scanner, fax, you know it does all of that. It was a $650 printer and I got it on Craigslist for $140. And they included, the
person who was selling it, jumbo ink cartridges for
black ink and color ink, two sets of jumbo extra ink
cartridges for each color. Like it has the pink color, the yellow, the blue and the black. So I was set up with a
$650 printer at the time. Tons of extra ink for $140. Now I will give you, that’s
an absolute steal of a deal. But if you ask around,
if you go to Craigslist, if you go to Facebook marketplace, if you go to Ebay, any of those places, you will, and you look for a good printer, you can find a printer for under $100. So get resourceful, ask around. And just get a printer for your business, that’s going to be incredibly helpful. Now I have phone on here twice. And then you’re going to need internet to run your business. You wanna have internet,
high speed internet. It’s going to make your
life a million times easier. And so you know that’s something that the majority of you watching
this video already have. If you don’t, you know
that is something certainly to save, to save for,
to put money aside for, is to have internet. Okay, so what I did here
is I broke this down into a monthly and then a one time cost. So your monthly cost
at a very bare minimum, and this is just bare bones, right? This is paying for your stamps, your computer paper,
your envelope, your ink. We’re talking $115 a month. And I have certainly had
people do it for less. So for example, I had
one of my, actually most successful student’s whose gone on to do tons and tons of deals,
when he first started, money was a little tight for him. He was fresh out of college, did not have a big marketing budget. So using the example of inherited houses, instead of spending the money on stamps, envelopes and computer paper, he invested more of his time
into phone calls, right? So he was calling the attorneys, calling executors, calling
other type of leads as well and he’s focused more of his energy on networking and just
absolutely calling people. Because he had a cell phone, right? He had high speed internet, he had a cell phone, he had a printer, but he didn’t even
wanna spend $115 a month on sending out these letters, right? So he improvised. He was resourceful with
what he had and said you know what I’m committed,
I’m doing this thing. Let me start where I am
and then I can always add on pieces later. So that’s one of the biggest mistakes guys that I see a lot of people make. I know I made this myself, is in the beginning thinking that you have to have all of the fancy
bells and whistles, you have to have the most amazing website, you have to have a fancy
business structure, you have to have a CRM,
a tracking, you know, tracking for everything you’re doing, you have to be spending
thousands of dollars on mailers and honestly
that’s one of the negatives when I see people going
to like the national real estate seminars and
although they get you hyped up, and I can do another video
about this at some point. Especially if you guys
would like to hear about it, my thoughts on the national seminars, because there’s some benefits of course. But you know lot of times
there’s a lot of hype there and you know they get
you into these programs where you, you know you’re
setting up fancy LLCs and fancy websites and committing to do all these high end marketing things, before you even really
know what you’re doing. So what if, what if, you
learned some tangible skillsets first, you got
set up with the basics, you kept your marketing costs low and then as you developed your skills, as you gained confidence, as you figured out what the heck you’re doing as a real estate investor, then you started to add
on strategic pieces. Now doesn’t that sound a lot more wise? Absolutely my friend. And it took me learning the hard way so I just want to save
you a lot of time here. I hope you appreciate that. If you do, here’s a perfect time to go ahead and like this video, leave me a comment below
with any questions you have, any future videos you want me to record. And if you got value out of this, if you know somebody else who
would get value out of it, go ahead and share it. I would love for this
video to get some traction because this gets a lot
of people tripped up. I get questions on this all the time. So my answer to how much
Steven do you really need to build a real estate
investing wholesaling business? Run a route to build it
lean around $100 a month. 100 to 200 dollars a month will set you up prime time ready to go to be able to get some tangible results. Now can you do it for less? Absolutely. Just like my student who started you know, right out of college when he didn’t have a marketing budget, he
focused more on phone calls and networking and did that aspect of it. Still some strategy, obviously,
behind what he was doing but focused on those things. So you might think well
there’s free things that I hear about, all
these free strategies and you and I both know
like free strategies obviously take more of a time commitment. However, there’s still some very powerful free strategies that you can do and that example is one of them. Like we’re still doing
probate but he’s just focusing more on the phone calls until he gets that first deal done. His first deal was a $25,000 deal and then now he has marketing, more than enough of a marketing budget to scale and reinvest. Again you can get signs for around $100, around $1 per sign. And again if you wanna hear about more training on signs in your business, then definitely let me know and I can give you some golden nuggets and some tips there as far as how to get them locally for a lot cheaper. Again, I recommend going on Craigslist, Facebook marketplace or any
other site that you know of where you can get used items. Make a commitment, get a printer, you can probably find one for even $50, ask around, ask your network, ask your friends your family if anybody has a printer they’re not using and you might even be
able to get one for free. So again, marketing, you
can keep between around 100 and 200 dollars when
you first get going. Now, again this is
something that I can link to above and below in the description. I have another training, another video that I just did on do you
need a website Steven? Do I need a real estate investing website, a wholesaling website? And absolutely it does
provide credibility. And I will link to that video so you can check out that 15 minute
video where I dive deep into that topic. But I’ve had so many
students start with me where they do not have a website at all, because you know there’s
a lot of different routes you can go but a
very good viable option is around $47 a month for a company called InvestorCarrot who
does really really well with real estate investing websites, that make it very SEO
friendly, very customizable. You do not need a website. Let me stress that again. I’ve had many, many
students go on to do their very first handful of
deals without a website. But for sure it does provide you credibility and validity to your business. So if that’s something you
can swing in your budget, and you can add that $47 a month to $115, then it absolutely makes sense to go ahead and do a website. The next thing that I
forgot to put in here is business cards. Again that’s gonna be something that again adds a lot of
credibility to your business. And it makes, you can go to Vistaprint and there’s various other companies to get business cards
where you’re literally just paying for shipping. So let’s just be conservative and even say $10 for business cards. Start off with 250, include
those business cards in your letters that you’re sending out. In your networking when
you’re talking with people, when you’re letting people in your market, in your area know that you buy houses, you and your partners, it is important to have business cards. And it will bring value to your business so as far as bang for
your buck, absolutely. Go ahead, get business cards if you can. But again, it’s not necessary
and I’ve had people do very well even without them. So again, don’t let it be a hindrance, but it is something that certainly helps. CRM, so now there’s, and
this would be a very good subject I believe for a future video. Let me know if this is
something you want me to do, maybe a review. There are various tracking platforms where you can kind of organize your leads, your real estate investing leads, into a CRM system. A customer relationship management system. And that way you can
track your appointments, you can track your calls,
you can track all the data for each and every lead. And the prices on these
usually range between $100 and $200 a month and there’s a few really good ones out there
that I highly recommend. But again, this falls under the category of one of those bells and whistles that you really don’t
need in the beginning. A lot of people start out thinking that, hey I’m gonna do this,
I’m gonna be successful, you know I’m gonna make a ton
of money right out of the gate and I’m just gonna go
ahead and get this now. But you know when you
start to add up 100 to 200 dollars a month, it adds
up really really quickly. So I’m not, if you have
that marketing budget, if you have that little bit of experience, if you’re fully dialed in and committed to this business, it is
something that’s gonna help organize your business. It’s gonna be something
that organizes your leads and helps you and I’ve
used CRMs on and off from since I very first started. And I have good things to say about them. However, I’ve also used
just a good old legal pad and when I talk to a hot seller, a hot motivated seller lead, I’m writing down you know, all the details about the conversation, I’m you know writing down the
date that I talked to them, the you know, the offer
that I made to them, when I’m gonna followup with them. And then I just keep a hot pad of all the people I need to circle back with and I highlight, okay I made
an offer of this amount, I’m gonna followup on this
date, and then when I sit down at my desk to do those followup calls, I’m just flipping through
the hot pad of like, okay here’s the ones
that I made offers on, here’s the ones that I still
need to make offers on. And here’s the people I
need to followup with, and that works very well as well. Also Excel spreadsheet. So when I first started getting rolling and then money was tight, I tried a few CRM systems. I kind of just backed off, went to Excel, and went to a legal pad. And at the time, I was working under the wing of a mentor who was
doing multiple six figures, actually around $500,000 a year, for around 10 years. And he still, he still used the legal pad and Excel and did not use
a CRM tracking system. So I want you to know, my friend, that this is not something
you need, the CRM system. Okay so CRMs, just know that they’re gonna be around 100 to
200 dollars a month. There’s some very good ones. And again, let me know in the comments if this is something you
either want me to do a review where I can show you,
there’s around two to three that I really really
like and I could show you like the platform and kind of do a review of those programs and let you know like here’s some cool things about it, here’s some things that
I don’t necessarily like, and that type of thing. You know that would be I think some cool videos for you guys out there. But if you know as far as like CRMs, again I think it’s one of those things that is a great thing that
you can go ahead and add on once you get that first deal done. Like, until you have a ton
of marketing coming in, a ton of real estate leads coming in, a ton of motivated sellers, you can keep track of what you are doing in an Excel spreadsheet
and with a legal pad. When you get things scaled up, when you have so many leads coming in, a CRM is going to absolutely make sense. So there’s a time and place for it. So that’s what I’ll say about CRMs, okay? So the next thing is an LLC for your real estate investing business. Now a lot of people
think that they need to go ahead and just you know, right out of the gates, start out you know open
up a business account, open up an LLC, you know all of these things. And it’s not a bad idea certainly. There’s a psychological benefit of like oh my gosh, like I’m doing this thing, I’m in business, I’m gonna
have this LLC set up, however it can be a sticking
point for some people. And I’m also a believer in like let’s just get going, get moving, you have a lot of action to take, let’s get the leads coming in, let’s get make-in offers, let’s figure out what you’re doing. Making sure you love
this real estate thing and you’re gonna be in
it for the long term. And get your first deal done and then go set up an LLC. So if you decide to set up an LLC, this is gonna vary in you
know from state to state. I know here in Ohio, it was around $200 to get an LLC set up,
actually I think like 185. I’ve used LegalZoom, I
think it was like $185. I’ve used Rocket Lawyer
for one of my LLCs. And then I’ve also paid
an attorney to set up a really fancy LLC that was like $1200. And that’s another thing with some of the like the national real estate seminars and programs and stuff like that, you know they get you like hooked up with like an attorney and they set
up some fancy corporation, it costs like $1200 and then
they get a nice commission. And it’s like when you’re
just getting going, in my opinion, that’s not necessary. So again, an LLC, a lot
of times it makes sense to get rocking and rolling with one, either right up front,
especially if you are 100% committed to this business, you know you’re doing it. And you have the marketing funds, but again if you’re tight on the budget, get moving, get a deal done, and then get the LLC set up. So I hope that provides a
little clarity for you there. And then as far as growing
and scaling your business, and this is the great part, rather than wasting thousands of dollars right out of the gate, wouldn’t it be nice to learn those skills and take the profit that you make and take a small
percentage of that profit, around 10 to 15 percent, 20 percent, and reinvest that into your business. So a good amount to reinvest
for future marketing, or automation to get somebody to do some of the technical stuff or
some of the mundane tasks that you don’t necessarily
want to do in your business, you can hire a virtual assistant. You can pay a family
friend, a college kid, somebody local to do different tasks for your business, maybe
to stuff your letters, maybe to generate some of
your leads at the courthouse, maybe to do certain ads for you. There’s different things you can put people in place and
automate in your business. And you can use some of the
proceeds from your deals and reinvest a small percentage of that. So guys, I wanna keep this video concise so this was how much money to start wholesaling real estate. All the marketing costs broke down. Again, there’s a bunch of different type of marketing that you can do, but I wanted to use this example and I love this example because it’s all about keeping marketing costs
lean in your business, getting moving, getting results, because if you can get
results with the leanness, then when you start to scale and you start to add on
more complex marketing and more advanced strategies, you already kind of know what you’re doing and you have a much
better chance of success and you’re not wasting so much money that basically tanks so many businesses in the first couple of months. You’re avoiding that major pitfall and that’s why I really
really like this strategy. So my friends, Steven Howell here. I had a ton of fun recording this video. I hope you got a lot out of it. Feel free to go check out my blog, productive wisdom dot com. And I can’t wait to see
you in the next video. If you got a lot out of this, please subscribe to my YouTube channel as I’m coming out with daily videos. Let me know in the comments what you liked most about this video, if you found it valuable. And also what you would
like me to record videos on in the future, what topics
are you struggling with, what type of things do you want to learn. I would love to you know, to hear that and I do read the comments. And hit the notification
bell when you subscribe to the YouTube channel
so you can be notified when I come out with a new video and make sure you get
all the latest content. So again, guys, hope you
got a lot out of this and I’ll see you in tomorrow’s video. Take care. Hey guys, Steven Howell here. One thing I wanted to
splice into this video for you that I forgot to mention, so in editing I went ahead and
dropped this little clip in. I wanted to tell you
about the phone costs. So when I was talking about, okay, for the phone, you’re paying whatever your cell phone bill is, but
I wanna talk about a good business phone number, so when you’re marketing your real estate investing business, you do want a dedicated business number. It will be, it will make life easier, it will add an extra layer of, you know, just simplicity, protection, whatever you wanna call it when you’re doing marketing and advertising. You may not want people always blowing up your personal number. And that way you can kind
of keep track of things from a business perspective as well. So, two services you can use. You can go the free
route or the paid route. Free route is obviously Google Voice. That’s what I used for quite awhile when I was getting rolling in my business. I then switched everything
over to Grasshopper, which it’s more robust,
there’s more features and I really really like
the customer support and then you can have multiple numbers. If you wanna have like a
1-800 number for your website, and a local number for your letters and other advertising that you’re doing. You know as an example
or if you want multiple numbers for different
testing or just a good, reliable business number,
I’d highly recommend Grasshopper, it’s what I use, it’s what I have all my students use. And I love it for the simplicity sake of having excellent customer service. It’s what a ton of entrepreneurs use. For example, if you’re having
an issue with Google Voice, it’s kind of hard to hop on with Google, you’re in the chat, you know
the forums and stuff like that, searching for answers. Although Google Voice works just fine, Grasshopper’s gonna be a lot smoother, it’s gonna be a lot
better customer service and it’s gonna keep things
really simple as well. So that, you know, it makes sense to have a good phone number, so
12.95 for Grasshopper, if you want a dedicated business line, that’s what I use. So, I wanted to go ahead and
put that piece in this video.

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