How Much Does IMAGE Matter In Real Estate?!?

How Much Does IMAGE Matter In Real Estate?!?

what’s up guys it is BC welcome to another video I wanted to shoot this video in particular because one of the most frequently asked questions that I get is about image does it matter how you dress if you have tattoos if you have earrings if you’re black white asian if you’re tall if you’re short if you’re heavy if you’re skinny what car you drive what house you live in if your nails are dirty if your shoes are clean and I wanted to make a video to address this whole thing about image because I know that it is important and it’s not at the same time there needs to be a clear distinction and what your definition is of it and what you’re gonna do with it all right now when it comes to life of course image counts always so you don’t want to be the type of person that’s in congruent meaning the way you are at home if you’re a slob at home and then you clean up when you go out that’s incorrect a lot of people do that I would say the majority of people do that however I’m gonna challenge you and I’m gonna ask you this who are you when nobody’s looking who are you when nobody’s looking right if you portray the image on Facebook in social media when you’re out of this fancy guy with the suit and your pocket square and your jam in it and you’re in a Lambo and then when you’re at home you’re dirty you have a bunch of crusts on your mouth your toenails are dirty your fingernails are dirty and you smell that’s incongruent so I’m gonna challenge you first and foremost before we get into this video that you be congruent if your inner image of yourself is lower than what you portray you will always be ain’t congruent I went over this for moderate success lecture your inner image of you has to be greater alright that’s the first thing secondly I’m gonna give a quick plug because I have a new product coming out December 1st that is the sales technician volume 2 volume 1 did extraordinary well so keep a lookout for that that’s gonna be available on my website December 1st now let’s continue let’s answer the question about the car does it matter what car you drive well the answer again is yes and no because when I started real estate I had a 1998 or 1999 Nissan Sentra that thing got totaled literally accordion I got smacked into going 50 and when I was stopped at an intersection and blew me to the other side of the intersection I got a pretty small check from there I bought I think a 2011 Nissan Versa probably one of the ugliest cars I’ve ever seen here I’ll put a picture right here right here where I put it I hated it however got me from point A to point B and I remember being so embarrassed my first listing appointment even though it was a newer car right like it didn’t really look that bad I was just personally embarrassed of it I would park it a few houses away when I went to listing appointments however that is a flaw and I’m going to explain why if you drive a beater car don’t be ashamed of it you know why because we all start somewhere we all start somewhere any person that you admire that you watch on million dollar listing or all these guys if you listen to their story at one point they were flat broke didn’t have a suit they had stains in their suit tears in their suits and so on and so forth lived in a 300 square foot roach infested apartment I mean you’ve heard the stories it’s a rare that you find somebody who’s doing really really well they just came from a wealthy family I know there’s a few exceptions but I didn’t have that great of a car and I didn’t have a great of a beginning you remember my videos when I started I want so I was in a little 400 square foot apartment but did that let did I let that stop me no absolutely not understand that first that what you see where you’re at your current circumstances will only be a limitation if you believe them to be having the bad car or the bad house or whatever it is in your mind right no one else is gonna care the world will give be a mere reflection of your inner world meaning if you have the beater car or the bad place where you live but you still go out doing your duty every day and doing your job and not making it a big deal no one else will make it a big deal maybe one out of a hundred people will make it a big deal who cares who gives a you’re the one that’s creating this animal in your head and it’s the same thing with the objections like oh well people think I’m too young what people think I don’t have enough experience you create those same thing with the image if you have an insecurity about your image it will come to surface and people will call you out on it you need to get rid of the insecurity abolish it except number one first step is accept what you have and where you’re at from there you can progress progress and you can move forward with no negativity that’s what I did it took me a while because you have to put your ego to the side and your pride to the side and say hey when somebody asks you how you’re doing financially if you’re not doing well say hey I’m not doing well but I’m working on it every day don’t lie because when you do you suffer and you lower your power same thing comes to your image that’s why I’m making this example so it does not matter what car you drive that’s some stick that I made is I was ashamed of it my clients like they didn’t care I signed my first listing in a Del Taco over at Hacienda Heights right at Hacienda and Gayle if any of you know where that is right there on that corner I signed my first listing that I got from a cold call I met them at the house which is a couple blocks away we drove to the Del Taco I was in a suit my little cheap suit and we got it in the middle of the Del Taco sign you know why because I didn’t flinch I said let’s go to the Del Taco so closest place boom we went in signed it acted like we were in a mansion that was my visualization of it and I got it signed a lot of you would be like oh my god no way I would do that they trusted me that was my first deal I was about 27 years old shave showed up I looked like I was in my early 20s never got a question about my age or my experience because I had the confidence and I didn’t create that own insecurity or image in my mind so what I projected to them was certainty and confidence now they asked me after because they’re like you know what we thought you were young but you were so confident and fluid with your movements we don’t want to ask but how long you’ve been in the business I’m like well honestly you’re my first deal you never asked had you asked me I would have told you they’re like wow we would have never have thought you handled it so well so no your car does not matter I had a crappy suit on with a crappy tie it was horrible embarrassed to wear that suit but it was all I had it was like a hand-me-down for my dad and my brother and my brothers are way shorter than me so the ties literally did not go all the way down I had a button my suit and it would like barely go under I didn’t look good but I carried myself with confidence because I knew at the end of the day if I projected that they would call me out on it that’s the biggest thing now all of you are asking now how about earrings how about tattoos how about all that when I started I was getting ridiculed a lot for wearing the rainbow shoes and the crazy colored suits and all that I kept it within the realm but I sprinkled like the salt Bay I sprinkled my individuality into it that’s what you need to do that is your strength that is part of you uvp your unique value prop position is each person’s individuality being ejected what happens is they try to make you blend in with the group that society’s role to have you all bunched up together so there’s no individuality and that’s how you lose your power Express demonstrate your individuality four years ago when I started I was getting yelled at for wearing earrings and being coined as unprofessional now I’m doing panels and I open this door I was one of the people of the pioneers to open the store now I’m doing panels with guys who have the big ol like stretchy earrings I forget what they’re called the big hoop ones were your ear hangs I’m seeing sleeve tattoos being shown I’ve seen people show up not wearing suits so this thing has changed I know Society has something to do with it because it’s become a little bit a little cooler but I was one of the first people publicly on social media to wear earrings cuss and do all this stuff and now it’s becoming accepted because I was wanting to demonstrate the power and hold my ground which is gonna be the next step if you start wearing the earrings or if you start showing your tattoos or you start saying hey this is not a weakness you will be tested for sure you will be tested you’re gonna get that one client oh oh I see your tattoos in that moment what are you gonna do it you’re gonna get nervous and retract are you gonna say yeah I have tattoos I love them this is what this one means that it and you’re gonna be confident about it because that’s what that’s what’s gonna determine if they move forward with you or not if you vet and you show an insecurity they’re gonna be like oh he’s weak and they’re not gonna want to work with you now with all this said no matter what it’s now we’re gonna move into race ethnicity culture or whatever there’s always gonna be a segment of the market whether you have earrings tattoos you’re black you’re white or Asian or whatever that will not like you I’ve had people that work with me I’ve blatantly had people who were racist and I decided not to work with them too because I didn’t want to there’s always gonna be a percentage of the market that because of whatever you represent your beliefs your fossa fees your skin color that will not work with you however that’s only a small fraction the majority of people care more about your expertise your professionalism your confidence or communication and everything else they could give a about what you look like if you’re tall you’re short or whatever that is a objection that you create in your head and I see it all the time hey guys I want a door not gonna look to your neighborhood but I’m afraid that my skin color is gonna put people off why dude when I was out there door-knocking I literally got black from door knocking I had people asking me if I was from the Caribbean you think they cared no they said you know what young man I admire your hustle you’re out here banging doors in 100-degree weather good for you you want some water yeah I had one out of a hundred say get the hell off my doorstep why are you bugging me that that’s the exception to the rule you need to focus on the 99 or 98 percent of the market that doesn’t care what you are what you believe in what you represent or what you look like because that’s a people that are gonna do business with you however you’re taught to focus on that one loss or one negative thing and blow it up into something well that one guy rejected you who cares I had 99 people not reject me take that control of what you focus on because that’s what all this image thing boils down to is what you focus on are you gonna focus on the negativity or are you gonna focus on your individuality your power your personal expression and your abilities because that’s what it boils down to no one could care less what package you come in as far as what you look like your accent and all that they want to care or they want to know if you’re the best agent and this goes outside of real estate too if you’re the best agent you demonstrate the best thing they could care less about all the other things I know agents who have horrendous English accents and they’re killing it with American people and they’re of all ethnicities black Asian Hispanic everything in between it doesn’t matter the only thing stopping you is you but if you can’t correct this inner image your inner world creates your outer world the inner the inner world as a manifestation the outside is a manifestation of what’s going on on the inside remember that because these people don’t have that messed up internal image with insecurities they wear whoever they are in their individuality proud are you and when you do that’s when you get the results all right that’s it for this one guys make sure you share this one smash the like button make sure you subscribe and lastly my moderate success program as always it’s on a personal coaching program for 97 bucks a month your blueprint for success health and wealth at all care all categories of life right go to my website and sign up today I’ll see you in the next video

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