How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make | How To Make 100k In Your First Year In Real Estate

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make | How To Make 100k In Your First Year In Real Estate

Wondering how much you can expect to
earn in your real estate career? Watch this video to find out. You’re probably gonna be surprised by the answer. For the best real estate training advice be
sure that you subscribe to our channel down below. Ding that little bell That way you’re notified each and every week as we post new videos So, you’ve got your real estate license or you’re in the process of getting your real estate
license you’re wondering, How much my really gonna make? By the end of this video you should have a very, very, very, good idea of what your expectations will
be going into it and what it will take to accomplish your goals. How much money can I really make? That is a loaded and very tricky question There are certain things that you have to take into account Like, How much am I willing to
work? How many days a week am I gonna work? Am I going into this all in? Am I gonna be a full-time agent? Am I gonna be a part-time agent? What’s my work ethic?
What’s my hustle factor? How much am I willing to go all-in to make this a real
estate career and a successful venture? That at the end of that first year if
you look back and you say, Damn! I crushed my goals! Let’s talk about a couple different scenarios. First scenario is, You’re a brand new agent you’re just coming into the business What can you expect to make? What I typically see and I’ve
coached a lot of newer agents into the business Is what I call “Analysis by
Paralysis.” Coming into the real estate business The stark reality is there’s so
much to freakin do that most people they freeze. and they don’t have the success that
they ultimately should have They have to work on their contracts and they spend all of their time understanding the contract They go into the market and
they start looking at houses and they want to see what the inventories like
and they start studying the market and the numbers and the trends and they do
all of the activities That don’t lead ultimately to the results That lead to a paycheck in their pocket. So they do the 80% of activities that do not lead to results. When you flip that switch around You focus on the 20% activities It’s night and day the difference And that’s why the the reality is 87% of new agents are in and out of the business within five years They sell in reality
about 3 homes a year Three, four, five, maybe they’ll sell six homes in their
first full year in the business. I talk to a lot of people and what they
typically want is they say, “I want to make hundred thousand dollars” Let’s talk for a second about what that will take the median home sale price in the
United States is approximately $240,000 That means you’d have to sell (at an average commission of 3%) You would have to sell 14 homes in order to make that $100,000 And that’s gross so you also have to take into account, The expenses that you have, your
overhead and all of the different things that go into running your business The newer agent that’s coming to the
business is only selling 3, 4, 5 6 homes So what’s that? $40,000? $50,000? you add expenses into that. That’s probably not the income that
they were hoping for coming into the business And that’s the reality! Most agents sell very few homes their first year in the business Okay let’s flip that around now Now you take a look at an agent that is all in They’re getting the training that they need They’re doing the activities that
lead to the results They have a clear and specific plan They map out their future They have goal Let’s say their first year goal is to sell 14
homes in that first year. They say, “I want to gross $100,000.” How do we do that? You have a clear and you have a specific plan going into it But exactly how, You’re going to prospect You’re gonna lead generate in order to
close those 14 homes You know exactly where they’re going to be coming from as well And like I said you have a plan. Can you make $100,000 your first year in the business? Absolutely. 100% guaranteed. Do I see a lot of agents do it? No. And it is unfortunate because they probably have the skills and the
personality to sell those 14 homes. Unfortunately they cannot get out of
their own way and put together a plan and execute on that plan and have enough real estate related conversations to sell those 14 homes. It absolutely can be done. We’ve shown you the nitty gritty the reality is Most agents coming into the business sell maybe
$30-40-50,000 In their first
year in the business Is that how much you want to make? Or do you want to make a hundred thousand dollars plus and build a strong foundation to accomplish
all of your financial goals moving forward? If that’s you we are in the
process right now as we speak of putting together A training platform to eliminate
all of those barriers from those new agents That we believe can absolutely
100% have the success and make that $100,000 that they’re
hoping to make within that first year in the real estate business Just by eliminating all of those barriers giving them a clear and specific plan to go from point A to point B If that sounds like you we’re gonna include a link down
below to be subscribed to our mailing list The training platform should be out
within, I’d say 90 days So by the beginning of 2019 We’re gonna have a training platform that’s going to have a clear and specific path to help you
accomplish your financial goals Whether you’re a brand new agent just coming into the business Or you’re an agent who’s maybe even a little bit frustrated and just hasn’t made the income in this business that you think and know in your heart that you should be able to make. Take a look at that link down below give
us your email address We will communicate with you throughout this whole process We’ll probably ask you some questions about the platform and the
information that we’re already putting in there And I’m looking for 7 agents to help. We’re gonna take them through this new
platform and give them the tools Free of charge In order to make that first
$100,000 in the business So, if you want to be considered to be one of those 7 people Leave me a comment down below I’m gonna choose 7 people
pretty much it at random So if you want to be one of those 7 people that we’re gonna help make that $100,000 In their first year in the
business Or maybe after a certain period of time in the business and you’re not
accomplishing goals Comment down below! So, what makes us special and different
and why should you comment down below and be one of those 7 people? I’ve been in the business for almost 20 years now And I can just tell you from experience I have failed more than most people in this business And the difference between me and a lot of those agents that are already out of the business I’ve got thicker skin. I get knocked down,
I get back up I learn from my experiences and I move forward implementing and tweaking my business In order to create the
business that I ultimately envisioned and what does that look like? Our team sells over a 100 homes year in and year out Consistently Without me being a part
of it. You heard me right. I do not sell real estate. I’ve built a team from scratch, starting in 2011 And it runs like clockwork without me That may not be your goal and that’s totally fine! The first year in the business I sold 27
homes in 2011. The next year 45, then 75 and then 145 sales
after 4 years in the business. So Those are the type of results that we’re
looking to help people accomplish in their business If you’re motivated and you’re a hustler and you’re ready to take that next step and make the
income that you want Those are the type of people that we’re looking for so hit me up If you like this video make sure that you hit that like button down below. Subscribe to our channel Share this video with your friends and Leave us any comments down below on what you thought about our video!

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