How Much Can I Rent My House For?

How Much Can I Rent My House For?

Alright guys, I’m going to uh shoot a quick
tutorial on, how to determine rents. The other day somebody asked me, well how much can I
rent my house for, if I buy this property over here. This is what we use when we are
not too familiar with uh an area, it’s rentometer dot com. Uh, its easy to use and its Free
to use, okay just plug in your address right here, the address of the subject property
that you are going to, you are thinking about buying or fixing it up to rent it out. Uh,
the rent and the bedrooms. Let me just grab an address off of zillow dot com. I am going
there because they got addresses that are public. I am not trying to pick on anybody’s
particular house. Uh, lets go to uh lets go to Houston. [pause] Alright, and we are going
to try and get a three bedroom, two bath, uh no apartments so lets filter this out here.
Home type, we just want a house. By the way guys, if you are on our website, uh at we
teach houses dot com, there’s a, there’s a module called Rental Properties, that will
help you maximize uh your cash flow and how to get the most out of your rental properties.
It will help you out a lot,when you get a chance, look at it, review it. I will leave
a link to it on this post, Uh, apply here. Alright guys, what we got here is three bedrooms,
houses only, 2 or more bathrooms, so lets just filter or sort them through price here.
And I’m just looking for around fifteen hundred square feet, three bedrooms, two baths, that’s
a little low. Uh, seventeen hundred twelve thirty five. I don’t know that may be uh,
lets go right here, Looks good [noise] Again we are just grabbing this, this address so
we can plug it in that rentometer. oh, come on guys. Zillow says its eleven twenty [pause]
for that property, It should rent for and they’re asking a thousand. Lets go look at
this. Okay, plug in your address, thousand dollars in rent, three bedroom, analyze my
deal. Pull up some information here and you should have a map. There’s the subject property
right in the dead center, the star in the in the box. All of these little dots around
here are rental properties and they show you how much they rent for. This one here, twenty
two hundred, wow that’s pretty good. Ten fifty and that’s pretty close. Eight hundred, nine
seventy five, nine fifty, twelve hundred [pause] That’s eleven hundred, and seventeen hundred.
Alright guys, this is based on forty six rental units. They are all 3 bedrooms, these are
all three bedrooms. Alright, you want to stay as close as you can to the property. Uh, you
want to compare apples to apples, so these guys are asking a thousand, they should be
able to get it fairly easy, uh depending on what they got to do to improve the property
or get it rent ready. Uh, personally we would probably get eleven, eleven fifty and we would
get that very easily. Again, you can get all that information on the module we over here
on our website, uh rental properties. So its in video format, its got a presentation in
uh power point. Uh, its got a lot of good information, so use it to help you out, if
you need it and I hope this little tutorial helped you out on the rents, alright, y’all
have a good day. [pause]

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