How Long Will It Take To Start Making Money? – Real Estate Investing

How Long Will It Take To Start Making Money? – Real Estate Investing

Joe: The next question I’ve got here is,
Question: “How much money can I make doing what you teach? How long will it take me to
start making money?” Joe: The “Millionaire Matrix”, the way I’ve
outlined it, and some of you have seen it in some of my other material and some of you
haven’t, but the way I outline it is I show you how, by doing one deal a month, you can
be a millionaire in two years; just by doing one deal a month, you can make a million dollars.
So, it’s not that difficult to make it happen. Joe: Now, realistically, as far as cash flow
goes, to be able to make $100,000 to $150,000 your fist year in the business — we’ve got
people who do it all the time. I’ve got students that make 4, 5, 6 or $700,000 a year cash
flow in this business. I’ve got other students that make 0 and they never do their first
deal. But the people that aren’t making money are people that aren’t doing the deals.
Joe: I also have people that are struggling because there are certain things that they
have to learn that they haven’t learned yet. They have to learn how to communicate properly
with people and they have to learn how to take action on the things that they learn.
Joe: If you learn those things, you can make an awful lot of money in this business. You
can make millions of dollars, plus, you’ll learn how to, if you’re like some of my students
— I have one student, Nina Lance, who right now owns 60 properties where she is keeping
them long term as well as having cash flow from them every month, and she’s doing deals
that they’re flipping every month so they’re making cash flow from that as well. So, there’s
a lot of different sources of income that you can make from the different things that
I’m teaching. Joe: You just need to start somewhere though;
you need to get your first deal done. You need to get over that hump, and that’s what
the Mentor Program is about — to get you over the hump, to help you to understand that,
“Yes, I can do this.’ Joe: For some of you that are more advanced
that are thinking about the program, what we can do for you is probably working on a
much higher level. The more you know, the more valuable this program will be to you,
because there are tweaks in here — just one small tweak can make a huge difference to
your business; it can double or triple your income in a very short period of time. And,
we can also help you build your business so that it turns into passive income after a
period of years. I hope that helps. Talk to you soon.

4 thoughts on “How Long Will It Take To Start Making Money? – Real Estate Investing

  1. Hello Joe,

    I would like to get going but I have no money and no credit. Also my state has a lot of cash investors who seem to get all the great deals. Can you help me

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  3. Dear Joe I would like help and information to start and be in this business.

  4. There is a ton of free info in my videos here on Youtube that can help you get started. You can also go to my blog – sorry, they won't let me put a link here – but type Joe Crump Blog into google and you'll find it. There are lots of articles there and there are links to my training programs as well. Good luck as you get going!

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