How Law School Education Propels Real Estate Career – Ken Biberaj

How Law School Education Propels Real Estate Career – Ken Biberaj

Erik: How have you applied your law school
education in your real estate career? Ken: I went to law school basically because
of real estate. So when I came to New York in 2005, I did
not have a lot of experience in real estate, so what I decided to do was to go to law school
at night and focus on just real estate law, so it was an amazing opportunity for me because
I spent some time before law school started, taking night classes in just real estate,
so to learn architecture, development and so on. I like to kind of really dive in to things
and really understand them, I had made the commitment that I was now gonna be in real
estate, so I felt that the best way to kind of approach that was to understand the law
associated with real estate, so I went to New York law school and they have an amazing
real estate program there, I went at night. And law school was great for me because I
did not wanna go to a big firm, so my whole thing was I was gonna keep working exactly
where I was working while I went to law school. So I was able to kind of come to law school
with a different approach where I was just taking the classes I wanted, I got to learn
what I needed to learn, I got specialized in real estate, and when I graduated, took
the bar, passed the bar, you know, law is everywhere, and law is everywhere especially
in real estate, so now at our own firm, you know whether a lease is coming through or
a contract or, you know, a negotiation, having the law degree is just invaluable in that
process. And having just gone through law school, you
study all these cases of all these problems and situations and you know opportunities
that take place so you get a competitive advantage. So now when I sit at a table and you’re negotiating
something, having a law degree and being a lawyer is so valuable to just the process. You know and obviously you take a law degree
to you know everywhere else, working in government politics and so on, so I don’t think it ever
hurts to have a law degree, I use it every day and the purpose I went to law school was
really for real estate reasons, to learn it, to learn real estate even more.

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  1. If you spend as much time, money and effort in real estate as you do in getting a JD, you will probably already be making $100K after three years.

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