How I Bought MY FIRST HOUSE For $7200

How I Bought MY FIRST HOUSE For $7200

is it possible to buy a house for cheap yes there’s many ways in this video I’m gonna share with you one strategy that I use to start investing and in a way where you can get properties for pennies on the dollar I’m gonna explain to two ways in this video for you number one I’m gonna give you the strategy that I learned in a class that I paid for right I’m gonna give you the outline of the process at the end and in the second part I’m going to basically shout out the guy that I learned from Mike Wolfe and again I’m not in an affiliate marketing with him I’m not getting any money for sending you to him I’m just sending you to the man who taught me who is from Canada originally great investor knows a lot and I learned this specific strategy from him among others that he has to so you’re watching this video and you’re wondering how I bought a home for seventy two hundred dollars as my first house especially if you live in California like me you’re like dude that’s not even like 1% on a down payment for a pretty big or decent house around here right now it sounds fishy it sounds almost out of reach however this is a strategy that I learned originally from Mike Wolfe who I shot it out on the beginning as the course that I took so I want to outline how you can do it right then I’ll talk a little bit about Mike and what we did now if we go back home on Instagram I posted all my handles here at the beginning of every video you’ll see that about two and a half three years ago I went on a tour with Mike Wolfe and you can find a couple pictures on Instagram and Facebook of me touring with a couple other people I had met him through my real estate coach when I met him he was a big-time investor I think he had a portfolio of over 250 properties and the guy knew what he was doing when it came to investing at that time I was starting to make some pretty good money in real estate I was still kind of new but I had already kind of broken through that barrier and I said okay I want to start investing my money however I don’t want to buy a home in California have a five thousand dollar mortgage and then I can only rent it out for three thousand that doesn’t make any sense I want to invest somewhere where I feel safe yet at the same time I can get better returns on my money and when I met him he said hey dude I have a tour three-day tour it’s seven thousand dollars you learn everything just three strategies that I’ve learn in Houston Kansas City and Atlanta and then once you do the tour you can learn everything you can come to any future tour free of charges to pay for your travel in hotel and I’ll make sure that you know you’re taken care of so that was that right now what I learned was this specifically in Houston where I started right they have something called a tax deduction a tax deduction I’ve talked about this in another video I just wanted to make a specific one just to give you guys a little bit more detail and what happens is once this individual or this person who owns the house this couple whoever it is when they become delinquent with their taxes for a certain period I don’t know I think it’s two or three years or something like that don’t quote me on that now the government will threaten them right to take their home to auction the reason you get the property for so cheap is let’s say they’re delinquent or they’re behind three or four thousand dollars on taxes let’s say it’s four thousand dollars right when the time comes to put it up for auction the opening bid for the house is four thousand they don’t care if the house is worth fifty thousand a hundred thousand or a gazillion dollars that’s what they want they want the delinquent tax money that’s it so in essence if you were to go that day right and the day that I went actually the first experience that I had I was because you know they set it up have a bunch of sheriffs they’re on basically the city steps right there and they have a bunch of different windows and depending on where your property is you have to go to that designated like window or area where they’re standing right they have like a little booth at the time again if you even go back on my youtube you can see a video I did I think I was in a green shirt and I kind of walk you through it and what we went through and the guy starts opening in hey this property blah blah blah and the opening bid was I think eighteen eighteen hundred dollars and some younger woman and in the little group said okay eighteen hundred and then nobody else bid sold eighteen hundred and I was just sitting there I was like this lady just bought a property for $1,800 I know people who in a month will spend more on that on going to the club going to Vegas and as I dude this person just bought a property now you know I found out later that property was only worth about thirty thirty-five thousand dollars but still it even if she bought it for eighteen how to put even $10,000 in it to fix it up she’s still positive 20 grand now one thing you have to keep in mind is before I even continue there is something called a Redemption period where the owner can come back pay off the delinquent tax and then they get to get the property back now the cool thing is let’s say you paid $10,000 just for the sake of this example I’ll keep it an even numbers right let’s say you pay $10,000 four months later the owner comes back pays the taxes now you get a check back not for 10,000 but for 12,500 you just made a 25% return on an investment in six months and that’s guaranteed so what I either get the property or I get 25% there’s no in-between now if you go and you get outbid of course you lose that’s the cool part about doing the program with Mike which I’ll get into later is I can do it from the comfort of my home tell him what properties to bid on and then they sent Brian the representative to the auction and he only charges you if they win pretty pretty cool right so again you show up you big bubble block now beforehand right they they have a website where they show it’s public it’s public information where they show all the properties that are gonna go up for auction now typically what we do is we only look a night or two before because leading up to that point everyone’s been notified who’s delinquent in taxes that obviously they’re gonna auction their house so a lot of them a couple days before or a week before they start paying it off and now they’re home because until the last moment they can pay so even the night before or the morning of we’ve had some auctions canceled because the owner came and paid a delinquent tax amount literally at the last moment okay so we always check you know a night or two before or no more than like four or five days and what we can do with Mike is you sent his representative you pay him I think it’s like 20 bucks of property he’ll take pictures and video of the property so you can see I’m telling you I’m in California this is in Texas right they also have a world class property management team so they manage your properties for only 75 bucks a month alright and if you’re getting eight nine hundred dollars in rent which is the average there for some of these homes that you’ll get you’re paying less than 10% property management fee right but you know it’s taken care of and they’re great right I already have four properties out there and it’s going great now I don’t want to turn this into a pitch of his product because it’s not but I’m literally making you aware of it the reason I would push you to go to mica so you’ll explain the process and who plug you in to his system where now you know physically yourself have to go there to look at the properties and do all that stuff and then going bid he asked somebody there for you from A to Z everything is covered right and again I’m not getting any money for pushing him to you you can ask him there’s no affiliate link or anything all right and I’m very careful about who I promote because only one I promote legit people or collaborate with legit people legit people you know that so basically you bid you get the property boom if the redemption period passes the property’s yours they send you the grand Eid and you’re good to go now you own a piece of property in Houston Texas or somewhere in that that range in the county that you’ve got and cool now you’re officially a homeowner so if you’ve bought a property so 7200 for the first one I think my second one was twelve thousand four hundred my third one was eleven thousand eight hundred and my last one that I bought was like 16 grand but that property the fair market value of it is over I think it’s like 110 or 120 grand so again I’m getting properties for pennies on the dollar okay the strategy is very simple you can do all your research now find it I’m just making you aware of it it’s the first Tuesday of every month they have these auctions you can do this in any County right I know LA has a – over here in California there’s a bunch of places that have it all right I’m just bringing it to your attention and if you can get a property for eighteen hundred or seven or ten or even 15,000 dollars and you own it outright and one thing you have to remember – ladies and gentlemen let’s say you want to fix and flip it well if you buy it and it’s still a teardown for let’s say five grand you wait – six months now you have a property that’s worth 50 grand and you sell it that’s a pretty hefty profit even after paying any taxes or anything like that alright so now you can fix and flip gate some capital then you can buy and hold which is what I do I don’t fix it flip I just buy them hold them and I rent them out that’s what buy-and-hold means it means you hold the property and you rent it out to a tenant I’m cash flowing about roughly about three thousand a month off those four properties – expenses and all that stuff which is pretty cool that’s just money deposited into my account every month so now you’re getting something that the moment you own it you’re already positive there’s really no negative to it now people will say what’s risky to you know invest an estate and all that well he has a world class property management to him Tony Mike is the guy I’ll link his uh his Facebook in the description so you guys can go message him you can tell him I sent you but again because I can give you any discounts this is no affiliate thing this is just for you guys to learn from him now if you don’t want to pain you want to do it on your own I just basically gave you the process right again everything is public information what they’re gonna option is public information the first Tuesday of every month you show up the only thing you have to do is your homework and make sure that the property that you’re buying because you’re not gonna be able to go into it the property that you’re buying you know is it destroyed is it gonna require a lot of money and something that actually makes sense that might be in a good neighborhood and all the other best practices you follow if you invest right which you can find on YouTube completely for freedom but that’s the story of how I did it I originally went to the auction not wanting a bid but when I saw that chick bid I kind of frantically said okay I’m coming to the next one and the next one is when I’ve been and I got my first property now remember you may get outbid I know people who have been going you still haven’t gotten a property I’ve had to outbid some other people too so it’s not a guarantee yeah there’s a lot of risk but just like anything else but the way I see it is this is a win-win right you get a property or you know if you don’t and they redeem it you get 25 percent on top of it so what is there to lose really now there’s a ton of strategies out there right Mike taught us more that’s just one in particular that I think is the best bang for your buck and if you’re somebody who’s new who doesn’t want to throw around too much money it’s a great investment opportunity for you okay like I said all that stuff is public information you can look it up right this is again this is in Houston so you can just look it up and I think I forget the city website right I have it in the little notebook that he gave me maybe I’ll post it later in the description once I have it but I’ll end up with this make sure that you guys comment below maybe some investing strategies that you’ve learned or what you’re doing if you own any investment properties and kind of what you think about this again I’ve been using the strategy I think it’s great I would prefer to invest out of state in here in California just because my money goes a lot longer and that’s just it seems to be something that I’m doing that I really enjoy you know my next step is probably gonna be to buy some multi-unit somewhere Midwest I’ve even been looking like Arkansas in that area because they’re pretty cheap like a good bang for my buck and it just makes sense all right cool again don’t forget to comment below make sure you like the video share subscribe and I’ll see you on the next one

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