How Did I Find My First ATM Location

How Did I Find My First ATM Location

how would that I find my first ATM
location that’s where we’re gonna talk about this video
Peter my name is Carey Buck I’ve been an independent ATM business owner since
2009 and I’ve been an ATM business mentor since 2011 that’s why I teach
people just like you I started growing your own profitable ATM business by the
way folks come to me to learn the ATM business and also they they want to
start the ATM business for different reasons right some folks want to get out
of the mind of five job some folks want to supplement their retirement some
folks want to want that you can business to be the retirement basically all right
and some folks want more control over their investments
some folks are you know they’re like you know what I’ve been working so hard for
my money my whole life I want my money to start working hard for me so there’s
all different reasons why folks want to start an atm business and why they
want to learn for me right but if you would like to learn more about the e
campuses or if you’d like me to teach you how to start your own profit wait M
business you can go to ATM training video dot com again that’s ATM training
video dot com okay so someone asked me on a video that I
posted the other day they asked me hey how did you get your first location and
I thought that was a great question like what what a simple but pretty great
question right so that’s when they tell you I’m gonna tell you how I got my
first location so what I did was and you know what I’m gonna tell you how I got
my first location and then I’m gonna challenge you to do the same thing that
I did okay well in this video I’m gonna challenge you to do something take some
action right so what I did was at the time when we start her ATM since 2009 I
had a full time job of course I’m a family a wife two stepkids 2009 they
were what they were that’s like hold on we did it back there
were 17 and 9 ok so it’s 9 year old and a 17 year old my wife cats we had 4 cats
at that time um full time job family and I was doing real estate on the side okay
so 2009 we started to eat in business now all right so I didn’t I didn’t
like say okay I’m gonna go out everyday and talk to business owners or I did say
I’m gonna spend ten hours a week starting this business that’s not what I
did like I didn’t do that what I did was I just incorporated it into my life
where it fit let me explain so the way we got our first location was this we
went to a Chinese restaurant that we normally would go to for Chinese food so
we went to this Chinese restaurant one night to where Chinese food and we
noticed they didn’t have an ATM so I struck up the conversation and asked
them about if they’ve ever thought about having the ATM in here
turns out they had thought about it so we had the conversation and I got my
first yes that day I got my first yes that day and what I did was I was like
wow there’s this other place right around the corner like I had I was on
this high right cuz I just got my first yes I’m like yeah I can do anything I
can conquer the world now so what I did was the one around the corner cuz there
was this like it’s like a pastry shop I guess I guess that’s where it is it was
like a pastry shop I guess I don’t know but I asked them and they said yes so
the first day I had two yeses that is not normally how it happens just so you
know but that’s how I happened for me that’s how I got my first location it
was in a place that I already frequented right so it was a warmly
we already had a relationship I was already a customer there right so you
can do the same thing thinking about places you already go to restaurants
barbershops Hair Salons Nast lines anywhere you already go and frequent as
a customer do they have an ATM if no why can’t it be yours
do they have an ATM if yes is it always broken down as it always at a cache if
so why can’t it be your new anytime you put in there right so start with places
you already go make a list right now pause my video right now I can
physically write down a list of five locations that you can go to that you
can think of right now five locations that you go to every week or every month
they write them down there’s no you’re gonna be your first box that you think
about puttin examine or it may be have that conversation I recommend you learn
and have the conversation first right because it’s really easy to say hey have
you ever learned about have you ever thought about putting a 10-minute
location that’s easy to say the part where people get messed up on and the
part where you can lose credibility on and lose a deal is after the fact right
when they start asking questions and you’re just like right so I encourage
you you know to scope these spots out but I encourage you to get trained
hopefully by May um if you get trained by me like you’ll be awesome and then
you’ll be able to handle that you know conversation right but write down five
right now there’s no excuse for you not to stop this video write down five spots
right okay and know that those are your first five that you’re gonna try to try
to as secure as your first location you know and just so you know that that that
second 18 we place in the pastry shop it didn’t last long the pastry shop got
shut down and even we ended up moving the ATM but that very first ATM the very
first yes I got that Chinese restaurant that is the ATM that to this day has the
highest volume transactions every single month as a matter of fact you know I’m
gonna do it’s either gonna be right there right here I don’t I don’t know
where it shows up but it’s gonna be right here or right here and it’ll be
the video of that location in January and how much it made in January it’s
always the highest number of transactions it’s not always so it’s
always the highest volume but it’s not always a highest dollar amount cuz we do
events and we have search you know strip clubs I have a nine dollar surcharge
right but it’s always the highest volume of transactions um actually I think
about it it probably wouldn’t be during event season it’s probably not the
highest volume because the the mobile machines usually crush it you know but
of the permanent placement locations that the machines that are in businesses
it’s always a highest volume okay still to this day right still to this day I
mean it makes a good 900 over a thousand dollars every month
every month and we’ve had that location since 2009
now 2009 was probably doing 600 to 800 a month but now I mean it’s clear nine
nine hundred to over a thousand off easy easy
um yeah so that work that’s what could happen if you listen to me and you make
that list in those five spots and you now think to yourself okay these are
going to be you know one of my first locations let me get some training can
carry all over I’m doing by the way make sure you like this video like it give me
a thumbs up subscribe to this channel click that ATM right there subscribe to
this channel okay um but yeah if you would like me to help you be more than
happy to help you you know you have to have at least six thousand dollars to
start this business if you want to get into the mobile sign of stuff I
recommend you have at least $10,000 but if you want to start just say put them
in local businesses 6 grand or get you started
don’t post below how much is your training how much is an ATM how much
cash type I put in six thousand dollars would get you my entry level training
it’ll get you your first ATM it’ll get you you know some cash to put in your
first ATM okay six grand is it probably should be like sixty two hundred sixty
five hundred but six grand will do it okay and no you don’t give me the six
running right you know you buy your machine you put your own cash in it but
that’s the total amount you just get started right so if you have at least
six thousand dollars and you would like me to help you start your new ATM
business then you want to go to ATM training video dot com again that’s ATM
training video dot com enter your email and by the way on that page that’s gonna
show you that that um that a Chinese restaurant from the month of January to
that first page so enter your email but on the next page is where you want to
fill out your application okay because I’m an application process become a
student of mine so you’re gonna fill out that application and then after you
submit it you’re gonna be taken to a counter pick a time and you’re gonna
schedule a call so you can talk to someone from my team what they’re gonna
do is they’re gonna go your goals and together you’re gonna
figure out which one of my training programs is gonna be best for you all
right and then boom I’m gonna help you keep up with ATMs and that list of five
we’re gonna get you one of them we’re gonna get you one of them hopefully
hopefully that makes sense if you have any questions please post them below any
questions about this any other questions if you have any ideas about my next
video that you want me to make post that below write this video right here came
from so many posting something below on another video that I had right so I read
all the comments I’m the one I’m the one that answers all the comments all the
comments on the youtubes videos all the comments on the Facebook group write the
free Facebook group obviously all the comments on the student only Facebook
group all the comments on the ads right so the dipshit stats type type stupid
shit I’m the one that responds back to them
right and the people that you know type of questions in like you know logical
questions and ideas I’m the one that responds right I’m the
one that responds so if you have any questions or any ideas for the next
video post them below I’ll see them right all right so listen
ATM training video dot com if you’d like me to help you remember you have to have at
least six grand to start your business and have a great day I look forward to
helping you and may you live happily off of passive income you

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  1. I'm from Brazil and I'm a subscriber to your Youtube channel. Great video, I hope asap to start up a ATM business. Best Wishes.

  2. Carey, would you mind making a video comparing the ATM business to rental properties? Both residential and commercial. Thanks!

  3. Do you have a video of what to do when a location already has an atm ?

  4. hello, could you make a video about the places you have taken ATM's out of and why?

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