How Dangerous Online Romance scam in India?:How to protect:Romance Scammer Stories in India(latest)

How Dangerous Online Romance scam in India?:How to protect:Romance Scammer Stories in India(latest)

one lady visited with a complaint that
she made friendship with one unknown persons and he told his profile and
he was one of the famous guy in Europe and she started in chatting with the man
and in a few month and all she fell in love with that guy and later on the guy
told and requested her to come to the whatsapp and they started chatting long night
in the WhatsApp and all this and they have exchanged of private pictures and all
these and later on what happened is that the man got some private pictures
and then he informed that victim lady that he would going to send some gifts
valuable gifts for him, gifts have already been at the Delhi Airport and she
required to pay some amount of money for exercise and custom clearances, in
the beginning she doesn’t understand what is the motive of that guy, by the
time she understand she already paid more than one two lakhs, nearly 2
lakh rupees and when she understand and tried to withdraw herself from this
friendship and all this the man started blackmailing her telling that
she got all that those pictures and she’s going to make those picture viral
and and this way started blackmailing the lady and asked for more money. These
type of things are happening in our society every day there are even those
scammers are there in different parts of India and may be out of it, out of
India and if the people or the victims are not been aware then
it will be very difficult for the investigating agencies of police
services to recover those amount so these online scammers who are making
victims by way of a emotional relationship by way of alluring them with gifts and
different valuable gifts and showing so. people, most of the time the victims are
that ladies, divorcee and all these people they are the prime victim on
online or on the cyber world so the biggest relief that you can get is that
we should be aware of. So I’m going to give my awareness tips in this video
and again add the last to discuss what victim persons are a victim lady would
do if they become victim or fell victim of the entire crime, so keep watching this
video I will going to discuss about a new
topic and that is Romance Scam an online romance scam is committed with
various romantic intentions through online route towards a victim winning
their attention or affection to create a soft corner and then using the
relationship emotionally forced them to send money or obtain important
information and even blackmail them with previously collected private
picture or the private part of the victim so this is somehow a definitions
of what is online romance scam and it is very frequently happening in today’s
society and the matter of playing with the emotion of the victim and then force
him, then force him or her to fulfill their demand and extorted
and pay the money and different ways the victim get blackmailed Recently as per a study conducted
by the British Psychological Society sensitive people are more vulnerable to
online dating scam, so there are people who might not fall prey into the trap of
this online romance scammer but there are people who are very sensitive and these
people are more vulnerable and very susceptible to be trapped at any point
of time. So this is not the new thing in in India alone, this type of crime
where the ladies especially the unmarried ladies are becoming victims
and making online friendship and it is not only for romance, in
different relationships they are, these people are trying to allure the ladies or
the victims to somehow extort money or blackmail them with the money. The traps
are actually starting from some of the online sources and three of
them are very important, one is these online dating sites so these are the
origin generated. and then there are application today we
have and through those chatting applications, day to day they start
chatting with the fraudsters and the fraudsters starting to allure them
with different good gestures, emotionally blackmailing ways, to be
emotionally blackmailing ways to inculcate the feelings that they love
the victims and a victim might be very insecure or might be very alone or this
solitariness are capitals for those fraudsters and they’re using this thing
and they are telling that that your eyes are beautiful your hairs are
beautiful and these ways they are trying to make them as victim and this victim
specially the ladies are actually fell victim of their trap and later on they
carried away by way of a different relationship and that is the most
dangerous thing in today’s world. So the ladies has to be very much aware when
they are making friendship on online and they have to be more cautious in dealing
with, making a friendship or any kind of emotional chat or anything with the
person whom they have never met in the real world
so in virtual world there are a lot of fake websites, there are lot of fake
identity, one of the biggest crime in the cyber world or all the biggest cyber
crime if you see is that the identity theft and there is fake identity he’s
actually easily been created and even the IP being spoofed and different
mechanisms being used so that this criminal may not be identified. So
friends here are some important tips which you can keep in your mind so that
you on none of your known persons fell victim. The first one is there are a
lot of fake profiles never trust one you have ever met, so if you never met, don’t trust that guy and think it in the
negative way, property of the online that there a huge amount of account which are
actually fake account, the persons are not those persons they posed to be, never
be carried away, the point number two, never be carried away by any fake
emotional bonding or romance whom you have never met, so you should never
entangle yourself with any kind of emotional bonding with the person whom
you have never met, never post personal information which can put you in trouble,
please try to be away from posting any kind of information which is going to
clearly identify yourself in the virtual world and the fourth point,fraudsters use
others profile to allure you. Don’t trust don’t trust, verify them
in Google or other search engine and fifth never pay money online whom
you don’t know, definitely, why you want to pay whatever be the emotional
blackmailing or a pressure or anything be, please report the same to the
competent authority, don’t pay a single pie to this Fraudsters. Fraudsters,
point number five, the fraudsters show their wealth and lifestyle to allure victim, fraudsters
allure the victim of sending valuable gifts and instead of sending anything,
grab the money of the victim on many pretexts as their valuable gives are in
airport, require money to clear them from customs of exercise etc. etc so they
will make their point clear that they are they they love the victim
very much and they, okay, I have sent you valuable articles which is crore in
value and values are in dollars, so you only have to pay, the victim only have to
pay poultry amount of one lakh or two lakh rupees only to clear out those
materials which are left in the airport or for clearance by the customs or
excise offices, so these are all fake things. if you can understand this entire
thing is not practically viable, so you not going to rely them. Now next point is it is very difficult for investigating Authority to recover money the money, the time the
money siphoned for your wallet or from the wallet or of your near and dear, the
returning of that money is a difficult task to handle. Fraudsters, and
the next is a foster sometimes collect private pictures of victim and
started to extort money or blackmail them and in the case which I have
already discussed if the lady or when the lady stopped sending money, the man
started showing his real character and started telling that he would going to upload all those private pictures which he previously acquired
from that victim and make them viral and and defend the lady so these are the
thing and this way try to pressurize to get more money, even after
obtaining more than lakhs of rupees. Our next point is, keep it in mind that
victims are very shy to report the incident
it is a normal phenomena we have seen that in many of the cases people doesn’t
want to come out and file a complaint they try to feel shy and they don’t try
to even discuss with their near and dear or the sue, but here money is involved,
the life is involved and all these things are involved so if you file a
complaint to the police station or administration, it might happen that these
people may be arrested and the entire racket will be busted because if the things
within India or maybe beyond India investigations is also gearing up it is getting to start. It might happen that those people will
be booked, sometimes these Fraudsters pose themselves as a doctor or military
persons or some famous influential persons who is they actually not,
they are doing this they are making this, they are masking themselves with
this profile the only reason is to allure make impressions and catch
attentions of the victim, be careful, this is for the
victims, be careful before going on webcam with any persons, the ladies are
especially, they are requested not to go on webcam with any persons whom you have not that much of trust and there are crimes reported on the same that when in the time of chatting in the webcam in the good times some guy
collected some private pictures and then started to blackmailing the lady, so
these type of cases have already been reported. Check the photo or profile of the unknown persons with Google or other search engine, will
get, as I have already told you going to get different samples of stock
profiles which can give you a correct picture of whether these people are real or
not and another very important thing which I must say that when you are doing
chat with these people, say these people are posing themselves European
or the famous persons from Britain or any part of the India or any part of
the world, try to read out their English the way they are pronouncing, the way
they are talking, you see they are not that category people they are posing of.
You see a lot of silly mistakes in their chat, you see their phonetics and all
these when they are pronouncing so that leaving you give you a clear and normal
understanding that these people are fraudulent people they are actually not
the people they are posing of, so keep safe, be aware, after all this type of
necessary precautions and if you still become victim on online romance
scam or anything whether the online scammers love or love not if you love me
or you love me not, so coming out of this thing if ultimately you become carried
away or become victim of all these traps, then, then and there you file it,
don’t be, in most of my cases I have seen that the people are very shy they are
not ready to discuss their problem with society with their fellow members with
their friends with their families and even go to the nearest police stations
or the companion Authority and agitate the same but I must say that you must
come and file a complaint because this is nothing but a pre-planned crime and
it’s a scam going around and don’t think that this is a scam only limited to
India, it’s a scam related to many part of the world even in the last 2018 in
UK as per the report by different news channel there are a number of this type
of Roman scam or this type of fake love affair a fake relationship and then
money been or the victim being blackmailed are very much in number, so
it’s not an Indian problem it’s a national international problem and I
request you please whenever you have any kind of, you become victim to any kind of
things and if you are aware of that somebody in your society becomes victim
please convince him or her to go and file a complaint because at least this
scammer if within the Indian purview or within the reach of the investigating
agency they will be arrested in some of the cases in Bengal we see that there is a well there are the associations or companies in the name of
BPO and others they actually they are sitting in different part of India and
they are actually running this type of business, their purpose is to go to the
different profile of the ladies and in the profile if they can find that the
lady is unmarried or divorcee or or they have a complicated relationship with
their husbands and all this they try to make, first try to send facebook
friendship and in the name of giving some profile of some famous persons of
the foreign or other part and they started making friendship telling
different good things, different emotional blackmailing materials
and all these and thereafter they requested the lady or the victims to
come to the whatsapp or these end to end encrypted instant messengers and there
they started to making chats till dead of night and and this way these victims
are carried away and share their important documents even their PAN
number, even their Adhar Card number even their Debit card number, even even their
debit card pin etc. and in most of the cases we see
that there, they told that some gives been sent to you they are very valuable
and the gift may cost more than crore and in place of that you have to
only pay rupees of one lakh or two lukhs very poultry amount and the
purpose of paying the money is that, that the gift has come to the airport and
they are you required to pay for customs and excise duties so these are the
things that they are repeatedly been doing and in order to get away with this
crime, one point is to have awareness and the next point if at all after all
things, you or your your known people are actually failed victim, please
share this with the law enforcement agencies filed a complaint, let the
investigations been started and let the real offender get punished if they
are within the ambit of Indian reach, they can easily be nabbed and they might
be every we’ll planned corporate structure they are
doing this thing, but that doesn’t matter ultimately the criminal will be caught
and it has already happened in many of their cases. A few days earlier
one of my friends reported to me that his own wife, he was not aware of, his
own wife make friendship on online and and got emotionally carried away and in
this way she paid more nearly 11 lakh of rupees and entire incident was beyond
the knowledge of my fellow friends and he has also come out and
file a complaint so I’ll tell you that first of all don’t fall prey to this
online trap because there is huge and every way… step, there are traps in the
virtual world, be aware, get away of the thing and please follow my awareness
tips and if there something happened you go to your local police station if you
have your cyber police station seen nearby and then obviously go to the
cyber police station and complain and file a complaint and if there is any
problem in getting FIR there should not be that the complaint be refused and and FIR not being registered because
after the Honourable Apex Court’s judgment in Lalita Kumari, as this is a
cognizable case and a registration of FIR is a mandatory step to
be taken by the investigating agencies and even if you do not get
the FIR been registered, you go and file a, after sending necessary the
communications to different policing authorities, you go and file a
applications under Section 156 (3) Cr.P.C., to start it a fire and then investigation we’ll definitely we hope
so that investigation will definitely result into the success for the law
enforcement agencies and you will going to get relief. So thank you my friends,
today I have discussed about very glaring issue and one of the most seen
crimes especially targeted to the woman and and these victims are most of the
time, screen off or the most of the time they feel shy to come out of and
file a complaint so thank you friends and before going to before closing my
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safe ……enjoy…

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