How a Real Estate Agent Becomes an Investor // The Real Estate Blitz

How a Real Estate Agent Becomes an Investor // The Real Estate Blitz

Morning everybody, KSA Kris here, what’s going
on? Real Estate Blitz. Had a bunch of questions, a ton of questions,
even while I was at the Tom Ferry Summit all these people kept coming up and saying “I’m a real estate
agent and I want to learn how to invest my money, I want to become a real estate investor.” And you know, I don’t think there’s enough
information out there for real estate agents and how they become investors in this business,
so let’s talk a little bit about it. The stuff I’ve seen out there … It’s real
estate agents selling other real estate agents on the idea that after you make a certain
amount of cash, you know, you simply just start buying up some real estate and you’ll
just make money over time. And yeah, that’s one way of doing it, but
it’s still very uneducated, and in the process you’re not really maximizing because you don’t
know what you don’t know. Now, there’s some people that absolutely kill
it; I’ve got friends of mine, hung out with them and had some wine the other night, pull
up in their Maybach and I’m like “All right, they’re doing good.” They built an extremely successful business,
they close about six or seven hundred deals per year, and they have actually dived deep
in learning the business. But then I run into other people, I sat down
with an appointment this weekend with some investors on a different deal that we’re working
for eight townhomes, and when I started listening to how much they’re receiving in cash per
house that they own, buy and hold property, I’m like “You know you should be making like
three times more than you’re making right now?” And they kind of looked at me all confused,
“Well hold on, we’ve made millions.” I said “I know, but maybe you should have
made three times more than what you’re making.” So let’s talk about real estate agent education,
and how to actually learn how to become an investor. Just taking your money and putting it into
something, that’s not always the best way to do it: you need to get education first. “Oh Kris, crap, you’re gonna try to sell me
on something.” No, I’m not gonna sell you on nothing. If I’m gonna sell you on something, I’m gonna
sell you on how to educate yourself, and in the beginning it costs you no money. It’s free. Do you want to learn how to be an investor,
how to take your chunk money? Because think about it, a lot of y’all if
you’re out there and you’re actually building a very successful business, you’ve got money
… You’ve got some chunk money, you should be taking that money. If you’re doing one to two deals per month,
especially in our market, we’re in California, San Diego … You’re making a minimum, on
a low-end home you’re making $10,500 a deal. Now, you could live off of that $10,000 every
month and say “Pff, that’s my lifestyle,” or you could say “You know what, I’m gonna
sacrifice a little bit and I’m gonna put half of what I’m making, hell, 20-30% of what I’m
making into something so I can make more future income.” Now, let me talk about what I’ve heard, and
some of the stuff I agree. Grant Cardone says if you don’t have $100,000
to actually get into investing, then you don’t have an investment problem, you probably shouldn’t
be an investor. You should be focused on your income, you
should be focused on producing more income. I agree with that; however, leading up to
where you get to the point where you have $100,000 to invest, you should be getting
educated. So, number one, jump on Google. I might actually do a walkthrough video on
one of these. Jump on Google and type in “Investor club”
in your area: so “San Diego investment clubs,” investor clubs, and type in real estate. “San Diego real estate investor clubs, investment
groups,” anything along those lines, type it in. No matter where you live, there’s an investor/investment
club for real estate in your area or near you. That is the number one thing: for about 20
bucks, they have meetings every month, and out here there’s three south of us and there’s
four north of us. They cost you 20 bucks to sit down and just
shut your mouth and listen. Listen, listen, listen, listen. Start taking in some of the information they’re
gonna share with you. You’re gonna listen to the different topics
they’re talking about, and it should start making you aware. And what you should be doing while you’re
there: you should take a whole bunch of your cards, and you should humble yourself before
you go, and just walk up and start … “Hi, my name is Kris, I’m a real estate agent and
I want to become an investor.” Just say that, “Hi, my name is Kris,” with
a smile, “My name is Kris, I’m a real estate agent and I want to become an investor.” It will blow your mind, because the investor
world is completely different than real estate agents. Real estate agents are … They’re just, I
don’t know, I’m not a huge fan of most real estate agents for the simple fact that they’re
arrogant. Most real estate agents are trying to hide
something, they don’t want to tell you their secret sauce, and the investor world is completely
different. Investors make money with other investors;
somebody comes up on a deal they need capital, they could share capital, everybody makes
a profit together. “Hi, my name’s Kris, I’m a real estate agent. I want to become an investor, I want to learn
about investing.” It will blow your mind because most of these
people will actually turn around, shake your hand, and tell you what kind of investing
they’re doing; how they got started, how they did their first deal, what they’re into now,
how they make their money. They’re gonna get your card, they’re gonna
probably give you a card in return and ask you to stay in touch. That is power, that is some of the best education
for zero dollars that you can get. You can’t beat that, and I hear people “Oh,
well I’m gonna jump on this investor program, jump on that investor program, I’m gonna do
all this stuff.” Look, just get to the investor club meetings,
see some investor club meetings. Part two: jump online, start educating yourself
online. There’s a few different ways to do that, I’m
gonna tell you the first one. Jump on and check out podcasts; if you aren’t
listening to podcasts right now, you are behind, you are behind folks. The power of this little thing right here,
this cell phone, is amazing. I jump on here, I’m gonna pull it up for you,
it’s super easy. I don’t know if we can see this … There’s
this little purple thing right here, it says “Podcasts.” Click on that, and it pops up all the different,
these are a bunch of different podcasts I listen to … But I’ll show you some of my
podcasts. So the very first one: Keeping it Real, Real
Geeks, right? But there’s other stuff. Mobile Home Investing, Park Investing, Direct
Mail Marketing. You’ve got my Sun Tzu stuff which is pretty
good, Agent on Fire, Duct Tape Marketing … I’ve got Grant Cardone’s Real Estate Investing,
I’ve got Flip Talk with Don Costa, I’ve been on a couple of his podcasts myself talking
about what I do. You’ve got the Michael Quarles Real Estate
Show, that’s basically the wealth show, Michael Quarles is fantastic. You’ve got Bigger Pockets, you all gotta
get on Bigger Pockets if you want to learn to be an investor. Let’s see what other investment stuff I’ve
got on here, I’ve got quite a few … J Massey, Cashflow Diaries. Influenced by, yeah so there it is, J Massey. Real Estate Strategy Lab … You’ve got this
one, this is the Nostradamus right here, this guy right here, this is the Norris Group,
you’ve got to check out the Norris Group. It’s Real Estate News and Investing with the
Norris Group. And probably my favorite one is the Real Dealz
(with a Z at the end) podcast, that’s pretty fantastic. So, you need to be listening to this stuff,
it’s free. You jump on, it’ll start informing you about
all the different types of investments; you’ve got wholesaling, you’ve got wholetailing,
you’ve got buy-and-holds, you’ve got commercial, you’ve got land-flips, you’ve got … We were
just talking about a friend of ours who picked up a piece of land for 1.3 million, he’s turning
around and selling for 8 million and it just closed escrow. It’s just a wholetail, a hell of a wholetail
at that. You’ve got mobile homes, you’ve got mobile
home parks, I mean there’s just a ton of stuff. You’ve got bridge loans, you’ve got gap loans,
you’ve got hard-money lending, you’ve got private-money lending, you’ve got just a ton
of different things that are available to you out there. You should be listening to podcasts every
day on investing, every day. Three: first thing’s first, type in “” Type it in to the old Google device there, Bigger Pockets is probably, in my opinion,
one of the most comprehensive sites that you can get on that’s gonna point you in the right
directions. They’ve got blogs, they’ve got video content,
they have a network of other investors nationwide; so people that are selling homes, people that
are picking up homes, people that have questions … You can put up your questions and actually
start learning about investing, and it will also introduce you to other investors in your
area: they have local area networks where you can actually meet other investors and
start learning how to invest. Fourth: you’ve just got to be willing to stick
your hand out there and say “Hi, my name is Kris, I’m a real estate agent and I want to
learn how to be an investor,” and start trying to meet as many investors as you can. When you start meeting these people, put them
in your Facebook. Call them on the phone once a week, treat
it almost like a follow-up, it’s your money, treat it like it’s a listing. Give them a call: “Hey, what going on Christian? Just wanted to touch base, see how you’re
doing. What’s new with investing?” And start talking to them, schedule coffee
dates. I try to do one once a week still, and just
meet up with somebody and talk money. I sat down with a good buddy of mine the other
night, I sat down with him twice last week because there was so much I got from him. Just hanging out, had a couple glasses of
wine, and just talked business; talked about how to make money, talked about the unique
things he’s done or is doing, and vice versa. Equal exchange of energy, right? Bam, last one: jump on Facebook. There are so many freakin’ investor groups,
a ton of amazing investor groups, okay? You’re gonna have some in your local area
that you can find, I use the ones in my local area. So type in the same thing, “San Diego real
estate investing,” enter, and it’ll pop up with a bunch of stuff. The one that I would tell you that you’re
gonna get a lot of information from is “Wholesaling houses full-time.” Wholesaling is kind of the framework, and
maybe I’ll do an investor one-on-one like breakthrough video … But that’s a great
one; 30,000+ wholesalers nationwide, you can ask questions, you can reply to questions,
you can find deals, you can get rid of deals. If you’re a real estate agent, as you start
learning this stuff you’re gonna realize “Holy crap, I keep coming up on deals or I know
other real estate agents that have deals,” now you have the power to be able to offload
deals. That makes you very powerful in the real estate
agent world. All right, so those are my five that I would
highly recommend. If you have any questions, ask away. I tell people all the time, put them down
here in the little post thing, I’ll reply back to you … Or just give me a call, I
have people call me at least five or six times a week asking me questions about something
I already posted. Just give me a call, I don’t care. If I don’t answer, I’ll call you back, if
I do answer, great, you get to talk to me and I’ll do that until one day I just can’t
… And I don’t see that happening any time soon, so give me a call, ask me a question
straight up. I had a guy hit me up yesterday about a deal,
a real estate agent in Palm Springs had a deal come in, asked me what I thought on the
deal and I just did the math for him. I says “The math says you need to walk away
from that one, you can’t offload that as a cash deal. Just not enough money on the bone.” But I’ll help you, I don’t care. So do me a favor, like/share/comment [distant
hooray] … Somebody’s yelling in my office. Like/share/comment, keep listening to the
Blitz, keep checking it out, and of course I’m gonna be standing up the podcast here. I’m pulling the trigger this week, which means
I should probably start recording next week. That’s gonna be a whole different beast, I’m
actually gonna be interviewing a lot of people that I just told you about on these podcasts,
these are friends of mine. I’m gonna have them on my podcast, I’m gonna
ask them questions; and a lot of that when I bring investors on, it’s gonna be structured
as “I’m a real estate agent, I want you to teach me how to do what you do. How can I leverage the business I’ve already
got in order to make double or triple the money I’m already making as a real estate
agent?” I’m also gonna talk about real estate agent
stuff, I’m gonna be bringing in people that are successful in the business, that are doing
things that are unique in the market, and hopefully help you all out. So with that, thank you very much, appreciate
it. Hit me up, like/share/comment, and keep listening
to the Blitz. Have a good one.

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