House for sale 12 cent 1500 sqft 3 bed room #Housesforsale #Homesforsale

House for sale 12 cent 1500 sqft 3 bed room #Housesforsale #Homesforsale

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86 thoughts on “House for sale 12 cent 1500 sqft 3 bed room #Housesforsale #Homesforsale

  1. Koonamthanam to changanassery 9 km

  2. Hw much?

  3. Great

  4. How much?

  5. How much

  6. how much

  7. how much

  8. I like this house

  9. Im.frm Malaysia… its really nice house… i like it

  10. Wow supper

  11. Superb

  12. Is that the final price…..

  13. What is its rate

  14. Which place house is located

  15. how much

  16. I. Have. Made. My. Bigger. Than. This. In. Thirty

  17. Price too much…
    If it's 30 lakhs i can purchase

  18. Wow super i like it this house.

  19. Hyderabad lo untey chupichandi entha manchi houses

  20. Nice house but….Selling , why? Any problem like……Haunted…..Or…..

  21. fantastic house

  22. Supperb

  23. Please post houses in Chennai

  24. less price houses for sale in Hyderabad plz

  25. vijay pls … yenaku in tha vedu vaangi kudu …😘😘😘

  26. Is there any house fir sale in banglore

  27. How much

  28. where is this place

  29. how.much

  30. Where is it and cost pls reply

  31. Cost please

  32. Which state?

  33. Super house

  34. Nice home .specialy . Big kichen .I like it

  35. Abooo

  36. nice home

  37. Hi, is there any plots or house in Wayanad district

  38. looking for a small house in karakaad

  39. how much cost tell me

  40. where it location chepandi sir I want own house

  41. its really nice

  42. Hi very nice house

  43. How much and which place

  44. To much rate which place

  45. We have a house for sale Ernakulam, Thalacode P.o Mulanthuruthy 3 km from Chottanikkara temple , 3 BHK , environment friendly, Contact : 9526003232

  46. wav….very beautiful

  47. how expensive????

  48. how much price???

  49. super home

  50. do u deal in Assam also

  51. Is there is other site ?

  52. ఎక్కడ వుంది ఎంత తెలుపగలరు.

  53. Not nice..

  54. Hyderabad lo unte cheppandi houses

  55. Nice video i like your presentation…all details given in video but still many people asking for price, location and other doubts why don't they watch the video before asking questions.
    I wish i can own such house some day….

  56. Nice home

  57. looking for small house in kochi

  58. I need a Construted house in Bangalore for below 50 lakhs

  59. Witch location

  60. Very nice house

  61. nice house and good place to live….but y the owners leaved this luxury house something wrong in this..

  62. So beautiful house

  63. Itna pyara ghr h koi rhta q Nhi h. Kuch prblm h kya

  64. How much of cost ..

  65. ഇത് എവിടെയാണ് സ്ഥലം വില എന്താണ് ഞാൻ സ്ഥലവും വീടും നോക്കിക്കൊണ്ടിരിക്കുകയാണ്

  66. I like. .love it this house. .but my bed luck..i am from Gujarat. .i want in Gujarat this type house..beautiful. .

  67. Its very nice but which city

  68. very nice

  69. Ghar mein gadbad hai

  70. Wowww.. very beautiful house….!

  71. Itne saste ghar with attractive interior you Indians are very lucky!!! Just wowwww bs cupboards bht size me Kam hain

  72. Wow lovely house.

  73. Which price

  74. Very spacious and lovely house. Nice presentation video of this property.

  75. Akkada vundi e house

  76. Super sema house

  77. Hello sir ware is this ?who mach cast? Can u send me ur number

  78. I like this house and i want purchase plz contact 9816023049 me

  79. really awesome

  80. How to contact you? Three Bhk, House (mainly) or flat, should be in Calicut. Below 30 Lakhs.

  81. Do you have property in Angamly??

  82. What is the budget of the building

  83. Still have

  84. 45-48

  85. Where it is and cost

  86. Looking for one but not that much high cost …..

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