Hot Properties & Dr. Agent! Rosarito Beach Real Estate by Kanoa, Ron, Aury & Luis

Hot Properties & Dr. Agent! Rosarito Beach Real Estate by Kanoa, Ron, Aury  & Luis

– Hello everybody its Kanoa and Lui here
with in Rosarito Beach number one Real Estate Agency. Hi Lui!
– Good morning everybody. – Okay everybody, our topic today is Dr. Agent which we’ll be getting into in a little bit but I also wanna let you
know we’re gonna be talking about three properties here in Rosarito Beach.
– Yep, our first property is an oceanfront lot from Ron and Aury and the second
property is an oceanfront condo from Zinnia Quezada and the third property is
an ocean view lot in Puerto Salina from James Langley. – Okay, I just want everyone
to know what we’re gonna be talking about today but the reason our topic is
Dr. Agent is because there’s something that I really wanna stress
to all of our clients out there is that I really want you to pick your agent
like you would pick your doctor, we’re gonna put a link to one of our web pages
as tells you how to pick the right agent Rosarito Beach. I really wanted you to take
the time to find the right agent . just like you would when you’re finding your
doctor, not all the agents are created equal and I can promise you that if you
don’t take the time to find the right agent, you’re gonna end up with problems.
Some agents are better at different neighborhoods at different parts of our
real estate industry than others and some of them are new and are just really
are lacking and need a lot of help. So I really want you to take time and make
sure you pick a professional real estate agent and agency like and go
with agents that have been properly trained. Now licensing has just been introduced into our industry, so it’s really
important that you take a look and licensing doesn’t always mean that the
agent is great it just means that they got their license so still take your
time and interview the agent even if they have a license can make sure
they’re gonna be a right fit for you. All right Lui, let’s go in and start
talking about some of our properties. – The first property we have it’s a beautiful
oceanfront lot in Punta Piedra. One of the nicest communities.
– And I think we asked Ron to come in and tell us a little bit about it. So go ahead Ron!
– Thank you so much Kanoa, hi folks. today I just wanna talk to you about this
amazing price for this massive oceanfront lot over in Punta Piedra. If
you haven’t been to Punta Piedra, you have to come down and see this place for
yourself. The size and the quality of the homes built here give you the feeling as
if you were in Beverly Hills, Malibu somewhere because the streets are really
nice, they’re wide, you’ve got all underground utilities. you’ve got oceanfront pools, jacuzzis, sandy beach access and you really only 35 minutes to Rosarito. Valle de Guadalupe which is Baja’s
own wine country or Ensenada so you’re right dab in the middle of everywhere. As
for the lot itself, it’s just like everything else built in this development. It’s impressive in size and paramount in
the quality of its construction, there’s nothing in front of you better really
exquisite oceanfront walkway, these wraps around the whole development looks
really classy. The lot has over 8,100 sq ft. and 77 ft of that are
linear right along the ocean side. There’s other Lots currently on the
market for over half a million dollars now this was priced well below market
value for a quick sell, the oceanfront homes here that are listed that are
easily listed over 1.25 million dollars. The home next door itself it’s easily
worth over 2 million, plus when you factor in labor it’s just so inexpensive
here to build, as construction costs will run you somewhere between 50
to 65 dollars a square foot depending on your finishes. So I encourage you to do
the math, do your homework folks the numbers pencil out for tremendous
value to be gained here, feel free to reach out to myself, my wife Aury to set
up an appointment or to answer any of the questions you have or feel free to
contact your local Agent to get more info on this place right away.
– Alright, thank you very much Ron. I really appreciate it, if you guys want to set an appointment to see that property have more questions about it, make sure to
give us a call or have your agent give us a call. Now, what’s the second property
we’re talking about Lui? – This is a beautiful oceanfront condo listed by Zinnia Quezada at La Jolla Del Mar. One of our favorite places to talk about.
– Obviously we talk about la jolla developments all the time, this is one of
the best developments in our area if you’re looking for an oceanfront condo
community, this is a great unit. – It is! and you know what? there aren’t that many
listings for sale at La Jolla del Mar or La Jolla Real. – Well, we realized that
La Jolla Excellence, the towers have been selling out over at La Jolla Excellence
but the problem is that some people need to move in right away and we’re finding
right now that the units at La Jolla Real and del Mar are selling out really fast for those
people that don’t wanna take the time to to wait for the new development.
– Exactly and this is one of the desirable units in the development. The
reason being is they have full privacy you cannot see anybody from your balcony and that’s one of the features that’s more sought after. – It’s really important
when you’re sitting out on your balcony, you don’t wanna be facing all the time,
you don’t wanna have somebody facing you from another tower. This unit is
actually facing in a direction that you don’t have anybody looking in.
– Exactly, it is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, a little over 1,300 square feet
contemporary finish and it’s been offered fully furnished. The furniture is
really good taste and it’s just basically ready for you to move in.
– We’re not expecting this unit to last very long make sure to give us a call if you
have any questions because once again, we really are seeing these units in the
La Jolla del Mar and Real selling very quickly. – Yeah, and you know what? this place we’ve
been talking about this over and over but the amenities are to die for.
– Yeah, you really can’t go on we’ve never had an unhappy client that’s purchased we’ve
sold more units there than any other agency in La Jolla complexes here and we just are so excited anytime we have one of their unites to promote. – Yep, we’ve got even some repeat clients that are moving from La Jolla del Mar to La Jolla Real and now purchasing at La Jolla Excellence. So having a unit of a low
percents a good opportunity for someone like you said, that wants to move in now.
– Another thing that’s really nice is La Jolla is a great starter place for
people that haven’t lived in another country and that are coming to Mexico
for the first time. It’s really one of those places that is like all inclusive
they make sure that you have a really good experience, they’ve got 24 hour
security they have all the amenities, the pools, the jacuzzis, the clubhouse, the
beach access and then they just make sure that everything’s really simple so
it’s not a complicated experience for people that maybe are coming down for
the first time to Mexico. I always encourage them to come and take a look
at La Jolla. – And as always, it’s all about the location, location, location, you’re
within walking distance to restaurants your very short drive from downtown
Rosarito, still far away from the noise but you know, close to all of the
amenities that Rosarito downtown has to offer. – Which we are seeing that a lot of
people find that very important during our some months the downtown area gets
very crowded and a lot of people are coming down to have a lot of fun and
it’s nice not to be right downtown but just be close enough that you can get to
downtown if you need to but farther enough out that you’re not involved with
all that activity that’s going on for the downtown area. – Exactly, if you need to schedule an appointment, get in touch with Zinnia or get in touch with your Realtor to make an appointment. – Okay and our last property we’re talking about today the last property we’re gonna be talking about today it’s an ocean
view lot at Puerto Salina La Marina. – And this is one of the only developments
that actually you can come and park your boat at right? – Exactly, the master plan
community includes the Marina. – Yeah, obviously it’s in the name this is a
place for a marina so if you have a boat and are looking for a place that you can
come and have your home close to the marina, this is the place for you it’s a
absolutely beautiful community and I believe that this community is just at
the beginning phase of where it could go. There’s a lot of potential for this
community as the home start to getting to build out we’re seeing some really
beautiful homes in this area being built right now. – This particular lot is on
hillside but it’s a top of the hill where you can 360 degree views which is
amazing. They do have building codes which allows you to fully use your views
to your advantage, it is in a corner and the lot site is a little over 2500
square feet, so it gives you a lot of options for building. – And if we didn’t mention
this already, this is James Langley’s listing. Once again, we love it when James
list because his photos are absolutely beautiful. So we want to make sure if you
do have any questions or if you wanna know anything more about this
listing you give James a call and he can schedule time to take you down there or
if you have an agent already they can meet with your agent and answer any
questions for you. Anything else you want to say about this listing Lui?
– Well one of the most important things in this area is titled and this property features a full
Fideicomiso so you can transfer that Fideicomiso to a foreigner.
– Excellent! well thank you very much so I want everyone to remember
professional real estate agents and agencies can help you save time and
money and keep you out of legal issues. Now there’s really no other agency like
our agency in Rosarito Beach, we’re a team brokerage and we don’t just have
our agents up there as individuals going out and taking care of you. We’ve got a
whole team of people inside that are going to backup our agents to make sure
you get the best service as possible, so if you’re looking for top quality agents
that can take care of you and help you find that dream home or that property
you’re looking for, make sure to give a call and set up an
appointment with one of our agents. Thank you very much everybody, have a great day.

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