‘Home State Tattoos’ Sneak Peek ⚔️ Turf War (Season 13)

‘Home State Tattoos’ Sneak Peek ⚔️ Turf War (Season 13)

Speaker 1:
Welcome to New York City. Group:
Yeah. Speaker 1:
Since 1886, the Statue of Liberty
has welcomed immigrants to this country
from all across the world. She stands as a symbol of hope,
freedom and the American dream. Jimmy Snaz:
America baby. Speaker 1:
And all of you come here with one dream in mind,
and that’s to win $100,000, a feature in Inked Magazine,
and the title of Ink Master. Group:
Yeah. Woo. Jerrel Larkins:
Let’s go. Speaker 1:
However you will not be able to do this alone. Kelly Severtson:
What? Speaker 6:
What do you think that means? Speaker 1:
You will form four teams, based solely on what region
of the country you call home. Group:
What? Speaker 1:
West. Bob Jones:
Where my Westsiders at? Raul Ugarte:
West side. Angel Rose:
People from the West coast are hustlers. They have to be
just a survive out there. I know that they’re going
to have the drive it takes to get to the end.
Yeah. Speaker 1:
Midwest. Speaker 10:
Hell yeah. Jerrel Larkins:
Yeah, right. Kelly Severtson:
Yeah. Midwest. I love my Midwestern people. These friendly faces,
easy smiles, Midwest work ethic. It’s going to be a lot better
than I thought. Speaker 1:
South. Jason Elliott:
Whoo, go South. Speaker 12:
Yeah. Patrick Flynn:
Better watch out. Everyone thinks that
most people from the South are dumb hillbillies,
but it’s not true. I’m an artistic hillbilly. Speaker 1:
And East. Jessa Bigelow:
Whoo. Emac:
All right. Jimmy Snaz:
Home turf. Jessa Bigelow:
That’s right. All right well (beep) East Coast team
better be pretty strong because I know
we don’t take shit on this side of the country. Oliver Peck:
You are on a team. You will have to work together. Speaker 17:
I play the other side. Only one of you can win.
Who’s it going to be? Angel Rose:
All right. See what you guys
are made of. Oliver Peck:
There’s one returning artist on each team. Bob Jones:
Okay. Oliver Peck:
Take advantage of the knowledge they have just from being
in this competition before. Just getting used
to this environment is the biggest
learning curve that you need to tackle
right off the bat. Jimmy Snaz:
I got you guys. Speaker 1:
And the turf war starts right now,
because we are moving directly into your
first elimination tattoo. Raul Ugarte:
What? Speaker 18:
Shit. Speaker 1:
Today, you must each tattoo, whatever state it
is that you call home. Jerrel Larkins:
This is going to be rough. I hate state tattoos. Speaker 1:
Now your tattoos must include the shape of your state, but everything else
is completely up to you. Jimmy Snaz:
I hope no one has Maryland. Emac:
Maryland is a crazy shaped state. This competition
is killing me already. Speaker 1:
You’ll have six hours and you can tattoo
in any style. Jerrel Larkins:
Get ready. Speaker 1:
Your canvases are completely open
and have been randomly assigned. There is one more thing
you should know. Angel Rose:
Yeah, always something. Speaker 1:
No matter where you came from, your tattoos must speak
for themselves because these tattoos
will be judged blind. Group:
What? Jimmy Snaz:
It’s great that it’s blind critiqued. I mean there are
four returning artists, and this way it shows
the rest of the room that there’s
no playing favorites. Shows you how brutally honest
that this competition can be. Speaker 1:
Fail to impress us and you will be eliminated. Jessa Bigelow:
Not me. Speaker 1:
Good luck. Emac:
Let’s go. Jimmy Snaz:
East coast? Andrew Hicks:
Yeah, East Coast. Jimmy Snaz:
Where you from? Andrew Hicks:
New York. Jimmy Snaz:
Yeah, look at that right there. Andrew Hicks:
Yeah. Jimmy Snaz:
Should use that in your reference. Jordan Allred:
Yes, oh my God. Speaker 21:
Damn, this is dope. Jessa Bigelow:
East Coast. Jimmy Snaz:
Daddy’s home. Emac:
East, East, East side. Oliver Peck:
We’ve got 20 artists divvied up into four teams- Hiram Casas:
West Side. Oliver Peck:
… based on different regions of the country. Patrick Flynn:
Dirty South. Speaker 18:
I get to represent. Patrick Flynn:
Man that’s a [inaudible 00:03:41].
Oliver Peck: Grouping people according
to their region. Bob Jones:
West coast. Speaker 23:
Yeah, dude. Raul Ugarte:
Yeah. Hiram Casas:
Let’s win this guys. Oliver Peck:
They are going to have at least a common goal of, “We’re from this part
of the country. We want to show
the rest of the world that we know
what we’re doing.” Frank Ready:
Mid West baby, whoo. Jordan Allred:
I’m ready. Let’s kick their ass, and their ass, and their ass.
Mid West for life. Jerrel Larkins:
It works. Chris:
I’m your human canvas Chris. Jason Elliott:
How’s it going? Nice to meet you. Chris:
Nice to meet you man. Speaker 21:
It’s a Florida tat, for sure. Angel Rose:
It’s going to represent California. Emac:
Hey, I know you’re busy really quick. Jimmy Snaz:
This isn’t my first time in this competition. Jimmy Snaz:
What if you do the state inside the big crab shell? Jimmy Snaz:
So there’s a shit ton of pressure on me. The judges are going
to expect a lot from me. They know what
my work looks like. They know what I’m capable of. Last time I had to fight
to get on a team. This is not the time
for a repeat. Andrew Hicks:
I’m going to drop some background. Jimmy Snaz:
Dude, they hate backgrounds. Jimmy Snaz:
My team’s also relying on me too. Speaker 6:
Tell me what I should do different. Jimmy Snaz:
I’m being pulled in all sorts of directions. Jimmy Snaz:
Tilt it. Speaker 1:
All right, artists, you have six hours
to tattoo your state. And your time starts now. Patrick Flynn:
All right, let’s go. Speaker 26:
Let’s do this man. Frank Ready:
Let’s do it. Kelly Severtson:
Oh yeah. Raul Ugarte:
Let’s have some fun. Jessa Bigelow:
I used to always want the outline of New Jersey, on my hip when
I was a thin, teen girl. Jessa Bigelow:
There’s so much pressure from the outside world. You have to look like this.
You have to speak like this. Like no dude,
I’m unapologetically here. I’m a plus size woman and I’m
curvy as (beep) and I’m ready. Jessa Bigelow:
We’re going to knock this out the park. Jessa Bigelow:
You do not want to mess with this queen. Jimmy Snaz:
How you doing man? Andrew Hicks:
Chillin’. Jimmy Snaz:
That hand looks smooth. Andrew Hicks:
Appreciate it bro. Andrew Hicks:
I’m going to die with a tattoo machine
in my hand, you know. I was in a low point. Was constantly in
and out of trouble. Found a career, a passion
that’s going to last me the rest of my life.
Tattoo artists say it all time. “It saved my life.”
But it saved my life. Speaker 1:
All right guys, four hours remaining.
This is four hours. Angel Rose:
If you need any sandpaper to take it off,
I have some. Jimmy Snaz:
Why would I listen to you? Get back to work.
Check out your team. Angel Rose:
They’re doing good. Don’t worry. Speaker 27:
She’s not even on the East Coast, huh? Jimmy Snaz:
No, she’s West Coast. Speaker 27:
That’s (beep) up. Invading our space, man. Jimmy Snaz:
She’s always invading my space. Everywhere I go.
Turn around, there’s Angel. Angel Rose:
I could draw before I could write,
I was always drawing. Angel Rose:
Last time I was in this competition,
I had a lot to prove just to myself
that I was a good tattooer, and I could stand with giants. Angel Rose:
I went to film school for a couple of years and I had already
started tattooing, and I kind of realized
at that point that I was probably born
to do this. Angel Rose:
I think everybody else should watch out. Hiram Casas:
Originally from Cuba, since then
I’m tattooing full time. Hiram Casas:
When I came to this country six years ago,
I had zero English. And I still was asking
for a job, shop by shop, with some people
translating for me. Speaker 28:
What’s Cuba like? Hiram Casas:
Shops are not even legal. Hiram Casas:
I had to overcome the struggle, and I’m here now.
We’re going to take it all home. Speaker 29:
What made you get into tattooing? Raul Ugarte:
I didn’t want to be a dentist. Raul Ugarte:
My folks really pushed academics, so I decided
to pursue dentistry. Two years in and I was like,
“This shit is not for me.” I’m an artist to the core
and art was what I gravitated
towards for myself. That was what made me happy. Hiram Casas:
I’m feeling it. Raul Ugarte:
I feel like black and gray, I just get more done
in the day. Hiram Casas:
We’re going to be great as a team. Raul Ugarte:
I like that. Bob Jones:
I feel like I’m the only one over here doing color. I guess I’ve got my work
cut out for me. Bob Jones:
I want to do something creative with the state
instead of confining. Angel Rose:
I like the cuts and the wood, that’s really cool. Bob Jones:
Thanks. I think it’s sick. I mean I’m from Oregon, so. Bob Jones:
I kind of am like a tool monkey. I do it all.
I like to think outside the box. I like to think about what other
people aren’t going to think of because I know that’s
going to set me apart from everybody else here. Speaker 1:
Three more hours, three hours left. Frank Ready:
You think you know what you’re talking about,
and what you’re doing until you’re put to the test day
in and day out. It kind of made me
so much of a better tattooer. Either you put up
or you shut up, and I’m not that good
at shutting up. Frank Ready:
I play this game with integrity. I just choose
not to be a dick. As a daily life goal,
just don’t be a dick. The biggest thing is
just trusting in who you are, and what you know,
what you bring to the table. From there, you just get
in there and you fight, Jerrel Larkins:
I should be considered a threat in this competition because I know how
to get along with people. I can use that
to my advantage. Jerrel Larkins:
I have three step kids. Four of my own, seven total. Speaker 30:
Oh wow. Jerrel Larkins:
Don’t feel like just because I’m nice and I won’t
take you down if I have to, because I will.
This isn’t a (beep) game, it’s a competition
and I’m here to win. Jerrel Larkins:
Literally going to get somebody eliminated with the square.
That’s the goal here. Kelly Severtson:
I definitely bend toward the weird. Kelly Severtson:
The blanket term that I use for my style
is magic shit. It would be like if a wizard
had a discount store. Like the things
that you would find in it. Kelly Severtson:
I don’t know, I like weird things. Speaker 31:
The odd weird things. Kelly Severtson:
Yeah. Speaker 31:
Yes. Kelly Severtson:
Most people on the coast tend to think of the middle
country as boring or simple, but we are anything but. Jordan Allred:
So when somebody asks you, what’s the most random
tattoo you have, what are you going to say? Speaker 32:
I have a potato. Jordan Allred:
You have a potato? Jordan Allred:
I got into tattooing when I was 17.
My family they’re like, “What the (beep) is she doing?
Go to college?” But I’ve become the reliable one
because I’m very goal oriented. Like I know what I want
and I’m going to do it. Jordan Allred:
Well if this doesn’t make people smile then
I will boycott potatoes forever. Speaker 1:
This is it guys. Two more hours. Speaker 12:
That looks really good. Jason Elliott:
Thank you. They like to see
a lot of black. Jason Elliott:
This second time coming back is going to be
a lot better for me, because I understand
how to play the game. And that’s a huge part
of this competition. Frank Ready:
It’s a good thing I didn’t do oil derricks.
It’s awesome though. Jason Elliott:
Yeah, we’ve got these bitches everywhere. Frank Ready:
Well hope you lose, but it’s a great tattoo. Jason Elliott:
Thanks, man. Jason Elliott:
I’ve always been the sarcastic prick. So this competition
just makes sense for me. I know how to play mental games
and I enjoy doing them. Jason Elliott:
What state is that? Because I don’t know. Jason Elliott:
I have to find out what bugs
each individual artist, and I have to just keep
pushing their buttons. Jason Elliott:
That’s coming together pretty nice. Jordan Allred:
Yeah. I’m going to put a bunch of white highlight
up in here too. Jason Elliott:
No, don’t do it. Jordan Allred:
Why? Jason Elliott:
Because they hate white. I wouldn’t do it. Jordan Allred:
They hate white? Jason Elliott:
They hate white. I’m telling you. Jordan Allred:
Yeah. Last thing I’m going to do is listen to that guy.
Watch me put my white in here.

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