Hitfilm Express Tutorial 2017 🎥

Hitfilm Express Tutorial 2017 🎥

– Hey Social Media Examiner readers. This is a special video
to accompany our article over on Social Media Examiner today where we are going to show you how to edit your own videos using a free and awesome bit of software called HitFilm Express, – There are a tonne of
video editing software available out there. But why do we recommend HitFilm Express? Firstly, it works on both Mac and PC. – Yay!
– Whoo! – Also it has a tonne of cool features, which makes video editing
simple, effective, and quick. As well as many advanced features for if you want to do anything fancy. – Oh, you smarty-pantses. – And it’s 100% free. – But there must be a
watermark they put on. – No. – No watermark?
– No watermark. – At all?
– No. – What about a time limit,
there must be a time limit to get videos.
– No. You can create videos as long as you want?
– Mhmm. – What about the download
size, there must be a maximum download size. – No – So you can create free videos, as long as you want-
– Mhmmm – with no watermark? – Mhmmm
– And it’s free. – Mhmmm
– Don’t believe you. – It’s true. – What? – Okay guys, so to
download the free version, firstly go to Hitfilm.com,
and from the menu, select HitFilm Express. This is the completely free version so just click the Let’s Do
This button to download it. Then this big blue button here, and then you do just have
to share it on social to get it for free. Which is pretty fair deal, I think, for all of these tools. – [Pete] So once you have downloaded it, this is what it’ll look
like when you open it up. This is kind of the main home screen. What you’re gonna wanna do
is click on the New button. – [Andrew] The first thing
it’s going to ask you to do is just select some project setting. You can just leave the default in here, this will give you full HD video. But there are different
settings to choose from, if you wish. A really cool thing its got
as well, is Instagram video. So it will create square
videos for you too, which is really really nice. We’re just going to stick
with the default settings here and click Start Editing. So this is your main editing window. It might look a little
bit overwhelming at first, but honestly once you’ve
done this a few times, it’s really really easy to use. – [Pete] First thing
you need to do is import your media, your raw footage. So, you can click on the
little button here to do that, or you can just literally drag
and drop your raw footage in. All your files will then be in this little media box down here. – [Andrew] The next thing
you want to do is select which of your raw files
you want to edit first. You’ll notice if you select one, it shows up in this top left window here, which is your trimmer window. You look very serious in this video, Pete. – [Pete] I do. This is called CrazyPeteUnedited.mov. – [Andrew] So you can scub
along the timeline here, and you can select the
In and the Out points using this button and this button. So we’re going to select
the In point there and then we’re gonna click over here and were gonna select an Out point there. Then what you can do is
drag this selected clip down to your timeline here. If your raw footage is a
slightly different size to the project settings that
we set up in the last step, you may just get this box. So just hit Yes to this,
just to match everything up. Your timeline basically shows
you your whole movie here, and when you’ve got
footage in your timeline, if you play it, then it will show you what your movie looks like in
this top right viewer here. – [Pete] You can also trim and edit once it is in the timeline. All you need to do is drag from the beginning and the end of the clip or use the Slice tool. Select the Slice button,
click the start and end of where you want to cut, and delete that bit from the timeline. You can also highlight and
move things around here and there if needed. You’ll notice that it snaps together. If you completely mess
up, there is a very clever history panel over here. So if you make a mistake,
you can always undo it. So feel free to get creative and remember that you can’t go wrong,
there’s always that undo button. With HitFilm, there’s also what’s called Unlimited Tracks. So this is where you can
basically layer up your clips, including videos, photos, sounds, on top of each other like this. We can resize and move
things around if we need to. As well as this, in the Effects tab, there’s a whole bunch
of transitions included that you can choose from
and drag into your timeline in between each clip. This will smoothly transition
from one to the other. The final thing we want to
show you is how to add text. All you have to do is click
New and Composite Shot. – [Andrew] A little bit of jargon. – [Pete] It is. Feel free to give that a name. Click OK. In this panel, you’ll see a
few different features now, including this text feature. So we can just click and
drag to make a text box and start typing. Then all you want to do is highlight that, click over to Text, and you
have array of awesome fonts. Including any fonts that
you have on your computer. So you might want to
make this text bigger, and put it in the middle. We’d always recommend that white text usually works really well
over most backgrounds, unless the background is extremely faint or white coloured, in which case you might want to use a darker charcoal colour. To get back to your editor,
just click on Editor. You can go all the way back to Media. Now this text will be in your media file. So then just go and drag
that into your editor, put it in a different track,
let’s say for example here. So as you can see the video
is starting to be built up. We can move this text around, we can even put it on a cool angle- – Nice.
– Oh yeah. Nice face. So you may be wondering
what that video is. – [Andrew] We’ll reveal that in a second, but when you are ready
to export your video, just tap on this icon here,
and what this will do, it will add your whole
timeline to a queue to export. So click that. You’ll then probably get this box that will tell you the Editor timeline has been added to the Export Queue. You can continue editing at this point, or if you’re finished,
just click Go to Export. So this is the Export page, and you will see your file here, ready to go. So this is your whole
timeline here in the queue, ready to be downloaded. You might want to change
the Output folder here, so if you click on that you can decide where you want that file to
be saved onto your computer. Here on the presets, you’ve got a list of different file formats that
you can export the video as. The top one that should
be selected by default, the YouTube 1080p HD MP4 format is a great basic video format
that will give you HD video so if you don’t really know
what you’re doing here, just go with this top one. Make sure that is selected,
and then all you have to do is click on this Start
Exporting button here. You will then see your progress bar go up as the video is downloaded
to your computer. There you have it! Using HitFilm, we just
created this really quick video for social media when I went away on holiday and we just
jump cut Pete doing some fun stuff in the office together to make quite an engaging social media video really really easily. And for free. (funky music) we used a range of different videos, we used some screen
shots, we used some shots we’d done on our webcam. We got some emoji images in there, and we put some text on. (funky music) So this video, even though it looks quite complicated, is
made really really quickly just by jump cutting a
lot of clips together using HitFilm. – Ah! (slide whistle down)
(bell dings) – Okay guys, we have literally scratched the tip of the iceberg here
with what HitFilm can do. But you’ve got enough information now to go and start creating awesome videos for free for your social media marketing. – Hope that was really helpful for you. If you want to read more
about how you can use HitFilm to edit your
videos, head on over to Social Media Examiner. The link is in the description if you want to read some more. – Unless, of course, you
are currently watching us on Social Media Examiner,
which, in that case, just stay where you are,
just keep on reading. Should be on this page somewhere. – Scroll down. – I’ve been Andrew! – And I’ve been Pete! – We’ll see you guys very soon. – See you soon.

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