Hitfilm Express 2017 Beginner’s Tutorial – Video, Text, Music, Effects, Exporting!

Hitfilm Express 2017 Beginner’s Tutorial – Video, Text, Music, Effects, Exporting!

hello everybody and welcome to another hitfilm express 2017 tutorial today we’re just going to be going through the basics of the program [Music] today’s tutorial is going to be rated one star out of 5 on the difficulty scale so we’re just going to start off in this splash screen here the splash screen is a handful of tutorials tweets and other things that you pump to use the program you’ll notice at the top that there are 4 tabs home project edit and export we are currently on the Home tab open recent projects and create new ones on the Left we’re going to create a new one so just hit the new button now we’ll be moving over into the project tab which is where you define your project settings here you can select a template resolution frame rate or select your own you can even choose up to 4k resolution once you’re done hit start editing to begin editing now going into the edit tab this is where you do all of your editing and where you’ll be spending almost all of your time and hit go there are a lot of panels here so we’re just going to be going through with them now one by one here’s the media panel you sort out your media here importing and organizing and then you put it into your timeline with the trimmer’ panel here then there’s the editing timeline which is where you assemble and rearrange your clips and media to form your film you have the viewer up here which is where you view the content in your editing timeline and your audio levels here you also have controls to adjust cut properties and effect properties an audio mixer an effects panel to apply effects a text panel for editing text and a track panel for motion tracking by the way all this is customizable by clicking on the grid button here the default workspace is editing so let’s start off in the media panel to import your clips very simple just hit the import button here I’ve got some video files images and a soundtrack next the trim op when you select a clip in the media panel you see it previewed in the trimmer you can play it back as well as set in and out points using this button and that button or you can hit I and O on your keyboard an end point sets where the clip starts and the add point sets where it ends this is just kind of a preliminary trimming before it goes into editing timeline you can hit this button right here to drop that trim version into your timeline so let’s have a look at this editing timeline first of all we can zoom in on it using the slider in the bottom left its track based so we can see one video track video one and one audio track audio one by the way the video track contains only visuals in the audio so if we add an image here we can see that it has a video section but no audio if we drag in an audio track there’s no visuals you can drag multiple files onto the same track one after another but if you want to have two playing at the same time you have to drag them onto another track for example I can drag this image above the other video and we’ll create a new video track for me clips on higher tracks will show above those below to create a new audio track simply right-click on the existing track and create a new audio track now let’s get into the editing tools the default selection tool here can do a lot of things you can select Clips move them around and shorten or lengthen them [Music] there’s also the drag tool which you can use to drag left and right in the timeline and the slice tool the slice tool splits your clips that you can edit them separately there are other tools too but we won’t go into them today let’s open the controls tab here you can adjust the properties of a clip and its effects in your videos layer properties you can adjust the blending mode and the transform you can adjust position scale rotation anchor point which is the place objects rotate and scale from and opacity which is pretty self-explanatory for audio clips you can adjust the level or loudness on the layer properties make sure if you want to adjust the loudness of a video with audio in it in well that you select the actual audio track while in the visual video track let’s open up the effects panel here are a ton of effects for you to use in your projects I’m going to get a simple brightness and contrast effect and just drag it onto my video in the controls tab I can adjust disaffected just the brightness and the contrast transitions are also an effect to show you a grabber transition here and drag it onto the end of my video [Music] now we’re going to talk about composite shots composite shots are places in which you can do more advanced visual effects there are two ways to initially create a composite shot you can create a blank one or create one out of an existing clip most of the time you’ll create one out of an existing clip to do this select your clip and hit make composite shot rename it and hit OK now you’ll notice that we’re in our own separate timeline so let’s take a look at this composite shot here the timeline is different in composite shots every clip has its own track you can’t put the next to each other on the same track this means that it’s easier to composite multiple assets one over another let’s take a look at how we can create text kiss can only be created in a composite shot to do this just hit new layer text you can set a custom text box size we can change this later anyway just hit OK now go to the text tool on the top left of the viewer look inside your text box and type you can expand the text box by dragging on the bottom right corner once you’re done select your text and go over to the text panel you can select the custom font size and color I’m going to leave mine white okay so that’s text let’s just quickly go back to the editor we can see that now we have text embedded into that clip nice it’s time to talk about something else key framing key framing is hit films method of animation and can only be done properly in composite shots one popular use of key framing is to animate the position of objects in the screen but we’re going to be doing something even cool go back to the composite shot you created and press new layer plane select black and rename it hit OK now search for the life flows effect and drag it on select a cool life layer my favorite is probably digital blocks [Music] now go into the layer properties for this plain layer and select a dealer screen which will make it bright in your layers below it position the life layer on the text by selecting the actual effect and then moving the light fare around now it’s time to do some key framing let’s open up the layer here by clicking on the arrow then open up your light flow controls let’s mess with the intensity go to the beginning of the timeline and hit the circle next to intensity you’ll notice that three things just happened firstly a diamond appeared the server went blue and there’s a blue circle within that blue circle the blue color of the circle indicates that keyframing is now enabled the diamond is the actual keyframe the blue circle within this circle indicates that on this frame there is a keyframe set the value to be zero so the light flag doesn’t show then go a couple of seconds in just change the value and a keyframe will automatically be created each keyframe saves that value at that position in time so now it will gradually change the intensity from nothing there’s something between these key frames you can keyframe almost anything in a composite shot so go wild [Music] I’ve now applied a lightning and electricity effect and keyframed a couple of values you’ll notice that as time goes by it becomes more and more laggy to fix this we’ll do one of two things we can lower the resolution by clicking on the full in the top right hand corner we can lower it to something like quarter to get lower resolution but hopefully more frames alternatively you can do a ram preview this is only for composite shots I’m going to set my resolution back to full just to do this Ram preview hit the circular play button right here and will start rendering out your video just let it run and when it’s done you’ll be able to see which bits are Ram previewed by looking at the blue sections of this little timeline here in these blue bits you can play it back at full resolution at proper frames without having even exported it but if you leave the composite shot or change in effect then you have to re-render it again and now you’ve got everything done what all your editing or your sounds or your music or your composites now it’s time to export you can hit one of these two buttons right here you can export the content in other words everything you have in your timeline or and in and out points which can be set using I and O in your keyboard I’m just going to export the contents of this composite shot a dialog box shows up telling us that we can go to the export queue or keep compositing let’s go to the export cube see what it’s all about now we’re in the export queue in the fourth tab called export you can see that we have one task on the left this one here is from before so I’ll delete it you can add multiple tasks to the export queue and you can export them one after another this shows what it is exporting as well as a preset on the right hand side of the screen you can see the presets these are predefined export settings for example YouTube 1080p is a preset to exports 1080p video in quality suitable for YouTube to upload you can create a custom preset by clicking here and change the output destination by clicking here to export just make sure you’ve got that task and choose a preset then just hit start exporting and will export everything in your queue and you’re done I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial if you do leave a like share this with your friends and stay subscribe for more content just like this I’ll see you in the next one – I bye [Music] [Music] and

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