Headlamps in the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class: MULTIBEAM LED

Headlamps in the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class: MULTIBEAM LED

MULTIBEAM LED. Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse Scheinwerfertechnik Das erste HD-Digitalbeleuchtungssystem Präzisions-LED-Gittermodul mit 84 LED-Chips in 3 Reihen Optisches Drei-Stufen-Präzisionssystem Vollständige Flexibilität und Variierbarkeit aller Lichtverteilungen Das erste elektronisch adaptive Abblendlicht Adaptiver Fernlichtassistent Plus erlaubt blendfreies Fernlicht Präzise Deaktivierung einzelner LED-Chips Verkehrszeichenerkennung Reduziertes Blenden durch Verkehrszeichenerkennung Schlechtwetterlicht Reduzierte Blendeffekte bei nassen Straßen Blenden durch entgegenkommende Fahrzeuge wird verhindert Kurvenlicht Weltweit erstes elektronisches Kurvenlicht in Abblendlicht Früherkennung von Hindernissen bei Einfahren in eine Kurve Prädiktives Kurvenlicht auf Basis von Kameradaten MULTIBEAM LED. Die neue Dimension der Scheinwerfertechnik

100 thoughts on “Headlamps in the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class: MULTIBEAM LED

  1. imagine you break this light

  2. I had Mercedes w212 for two years and now upgrade to w213. I'm afraid to say that multibeam head lamps are not much improved . I had more stronger LED lights/headlamp and better view specially under rain at nights on older w212. I'm honestly not happy with light system on new Merc .

  3. Omg, i love headlamps in the new E-Class!

  4. Its a Crime all cars doesent have these x)

  5. This sign recognition thing is not workign at all. It's still like staring into the sun at night :'D

  6. Good Lord!

  7. is this the standard feature or you have to buy the advanced light package to get it?

  8. These lights, low and high are the most amazing part of our car. The highs literally "fold" out over the road. A necessity on winding country roads.

  9. BMW still better

  10. Awesome but will stop working the day warranty expires

  11. Those Darn Germans. Curious if it has US approval. I know Audi had a hard time getting their lights approved.

  12. I have these in my e400 c but it doesn’t seem to be enabled here in the US. It’s only in high beam when no one is around, but drops to low beam when a car comes instead of selectively deactivated only some LEDs like in the video.

  13. Are these available in usa?

  14. İt's so scary by the way. İts moving is just like human eye

  15. What Kelvin color they have? 6000k?

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  17. 🤚 🤚 BravO 🤚 🤚

  18. By the mother of all cars 👍🏻

  19. Very bad video

  20. They managed to replace $10 bulb with $2000 light and people appreciate it , now who’s stupid just think.

  21. Шшшшикарноо

  22. Background Music please ?

  23. BMW is the king🇩🇪

  24. Dude, this is not headlamp! This is exact human eye. Dear Benz how did you design like this? #pieceofART

  25. Looks like republic of gamers logo.

  26. This is its

  27. Oh My God Really Top of the Top and We respect you so much because you are the best in the world but we need and wish Really best big Muscles on the sides of body and on the bonnet next generation soon

  28. Animations are ok but what about real video

  29. Такая красивая глаза я ишё не видел

  30. Amazing.

  31. I thought Audi with Matrix LED were the first one like 10 years ago!

  32. sonra far neden 4.5 milyar 😀

  33. Now your light bulb job will be $3000 per side.

  34. Только Русский, после фразы – Них#я не видно, добавил газу!

  35. They just kill our childrens, let's buy from them.

  36. better solve problems with gearboxes

  37. Is this available in india also? Or its just led lights in india??

  38. Everyone wants this technology but when you get it and it fails and one headlamps costs you $8,697 via special order from Germany everyone will be saying "wtf were merc engineers thinking so stupid and over engineered!"

  39. WOW

  40. Im not against tech but….."Oh the lights arent working anymore? That will be 1500 dollars……each…."

  41. CAR PORN.. +18

  42. Mercedes Benz weiss, wie Sie mit Technologie Orgasmus bringen koennen. Erstaunlich.

  43. it also sees through your soul….

  44. "WOW" I want a Mercedes just so I have those headlights, truly brilliant. Well in actual fact I have a Mercedes, BUT AINT GOT THOSE HEADLIGHTS!!!

  45. У меня аж встало

  46. Since I cant afford an E class, I'll just wait till the technology finds its way to the whole fleet

  47. Though the idea is impressive, but the LOOK of the headlight made me feel its an alien eye. So expect in 2020 the abduction lights.😂

  48. That's why #MercOrNothing

  49. more expensive future headlamp put iris retina

  50. Until I see a demo, I'm not biting. Imagine if you are going round a right corner, light is not on the left, plus an oncoming car, adaptive, and a road sign to avoid glare, adaptive, it will be difficult to see


  52. How it works on a dirty car?

  53. Do you still sell parts for the W124?

  54. S3x

  55. MAGIC !

  56. 这就是 奔驰完胜 碾压 宝马 和 奥迪的原因 …..

  57. Plastic?

  58. The best ever.

  59. But I enjoy my Mercedes headlights making other road users aware of my presence and forcing them to move out of the fast lane 😎😎

  60. Danke fur merzedes benz

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  62. even the previous generation that is installed in our e-coupe is a game changer, especially at night – perfect visibility all the time

  63. Audi has been using this technique for more than 5 years now.

  64. dis is SICK 😎💲

  65. Fantastic!

  66. Superb innovation. I loved it.

  67. Bmw has laser headlights technology go home mercesdes you are drunk!

  68. wow!

  69. after a month will begin to mist

  70. Ich bin sehr gespannt, dass im Straßenverkehr zu erleben. Erst letzte Woche ist mir ein Auto mit Matrix LED Licht entgegen genommen und das sah schon beeindruckend aus!

  71. How about if ghost cross the road at night?

  72. Really ment best or nothing

  73. С одной стороны убирается гемор с дальним светом,чисто изи езда,с другой стороны стоить эти фары будут немеренно,лампу уже не купишь,весь блок менять ,вообще человек становится самой глупой штукой в машине

  74. 💎Mercedes Benz 💎 👍

  75. That anti glare feature when approaching other cars is genius wow

  76. Nobody compare it with american car technology…oh wait…forget it…

  77. I love Mercedes.. I wish I will buy Mercedes one day

  78. Klw aq jumpa bangsat ni highbeam kat aq…memang berkecai lampu tu..Makin mengarut plak merc..x kan jadi cmtu

  79. Doesn't matter how much godammed technology is offered a dumbass driver is just that. Car Technology is only as good as the driver.

  80. Лучше сделайте двигатель на воде, было бы больше пользы

  81. As the same audi

  82. it's a eye of human ! ( design)

  83. Het is te verblindend voor de rest van het verkeer stop met led en xenos

  84. Whaaatttt….outstanding.

  85. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  86. Cute.

  87. Best headlamps

  88. I Love you Mercedes

  89. ✨⁦👁️⁩💙🖖🌠

  90. прикинь наскока больше споблем будет.

  91. Не видел таких мерсов на трасах. Сказочники Гансы Христиане)

  92. and each of them will cost about $3000

  93. Diese scheiss laser lichtet blenden

  94. Okay … Now i know where my money went….

  95. Same technology is used in Volvo Polestar2. Amazing feature. That 84 led chip is so well working!

  96. Very responsible and considerate invention.

  97. Does the W212 E Class have this?

  98. Amazingg!!

  99. I am amazed after watching this, Mercedes great job love you.😘❤

  100. One headlamp probably cost more than my Renault Sandero.

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