Hawaii Vlog – Top Reasons I Moved from a Hawaii Real Estate Agent

Hawaii Vlog – Top Reasons I Moved from a Hawaii Real Estate Agent

– Aloha. My name is Eric West
with hawaiirealestate.org If you’re new to my channel,
it’s all about teaching you everything you need to know about Hawaii and its real estate, but you just can’t find it in the listing. I’ve dedicated myself to teaching you everything you really need
to know before you come here whether it’s on vacation,
or to purchase real estate. One of the most common
questions that I get asked as real estate agent in Hawaii is “What’s daily life really like in Hawaii?” And I’d like to just talk
about that a little bit because most people just
come here for let’s say a week or two and come on vacation. They kinda figure that
everybody that lives here must just be on vacation, right? Certainly that would
be true for those folks that live here who are retired
or independently wealthy. They’ve purchased their
dream home or condo, and now they’re just relaxing day in and day out in paradise. That’s actually true for a lot of people. It’s definitely a retirement destination, and I’m going to say one
of the best in the world, especially considering the
fact that it’s on US soil. But there are, of course,
those people that live here that are still working,
that are not retired. That basically are
supporting the local economy with their labor and / or working a job, maybe even on the mainland
through their computers. Telecommuting to work. In this video I want to just talk about the similarities and some of
the dissimilarities between life here in Hawaii day-to-day
versus the mainland. And I can speak to that
because I’ve lived both. The similarities are going to be if you need to make a living, you’re still going to go to work every day for eight to twelve hours. That’s not going to change just because you’re in Hawaii. The good news is that if
you don’t live on Oahu, you shouldn’t have to
experience really bad traffic. Most of the neighboring islands
might have some traffic, but nothing like what you experience in LA, New York, Chicago, It’s relatively fast moving traffic. If you can commute from home, then you obviously don’t
have to worry about that. The biggest advantage to
me for living in Hawaii For me, personally is the
ocean and the weather. So you literally have a never ending endless summer happening in Hawaii. Every single day is
pretty much what you see right here right now. The
sun is out, the sky is blue. Especially if you live on the
leeward side of an Island. Now if you live on the windward side, which is were the weather is coming from, where the clouds, the wind from the ocean, then that can be more of a wet
and wild daily weather event. Just because that’s the
nature of the windward side. But if you’re on the leeward side, which is where most of
the touristy spots are, Then you can basically
expect to have year round 78 to 82 degree weather, partly cloudy. And not a whole lot of weather events. So what that enables a person to do if you’re an outdoor person is that you now have the ability
to go outside and do stuff. Whether it’s running, hiking,
surfing, just hanging outside. Not having to put on
five layers of clothes to survive outside. You’ve got your slippers,
you’ve got your board shorts, or your shorts. And there you go. You can now go and enjoy
the outdoors year-round. And that to me is probably
the number one benefit for living in Hawaii. The second part of that is the ocean. You now have this playground
called the Pacific blue ocean. When I first moved here,
someone told me “Hey Eric, You know if you’re gonna
make it long term in Hawaii, you should really make the ocean
a part of your daily life.” And I didn’t quite understand
that. I just thought well, of course. You live here,
you’re gonna go snorkel or surf. Or whatever. But just like anything, it’s real easy to forget
about this amazing place that we have to enjoy every single day. So I would say that the ocean
whether it’s scuba diving, surfing, paddle boarding,
kiting, kayaking, paddling, or whatever it is, find
something that you’re passionate about that involves the ocean and you will really take advantage of what Hawaii has to offer. And that to me is the biggest difference living here versus
somewhere that’s landlocked. Certainly on the mainland. But the ocean here also is
a year round pleasurable temperature. So it’s going to
always be almost bathwater. That doesn’t happen in most coastal places in the United States. You don’t really have warm
ocean water to enjoy year round. Those are some of the differences. I hope that helps. I I’d love to hear your comments, questions, anything you’d like to put
in the comments section. Certainly, if this video
has been helpful in any way. Please hit the like button,
share, and subscribe. I look forward to the next video. Aloha. Okay so here’s a quick example. I used to go to Lifetime
Fitness every day. Do some yoga, lift some
weights. Now, I go to the ocean. Do some yoga, or stretching on the beach. Then I go out for a surf session, which is a really amazing
way to get a cardio workout. And it’s super fun. That’s just one example of the
difference of the lifestyle between mainland and Hawaii. This is what the surf is
looking like this morning, which is pretty good. I’ll get my… You can see there are some other folks over here that are
stretching on the beach. Getting ready for their
workout on the water. But to me, this is just an
incredible way to start your day. To get out there in the salt water, to get out there in the
surf and in the sand. It’s not just screwing off not working. It’s literally a fantastic
way to stay in shape. I could prone surf, but honestly I stand up because it’s a
constantly active exercise to get the weight in between sets and you’re still up on your board. Now watch this, see if I can survive this. You see the core strength it took to balance that wave was amazing. Alright. We’re paddling out into the waves. One of the benefits of
being on the leeward side of the island is you get to wake up to that just about every day. It would be the rule, not the exception to see this kind of blue
sky and sunshine every day. Aloha. A couple of other key points I would love to mention here about Hawaii and that not talked about a lot. But it is is safety and longevity. It is american soil, but with that said even parts of America are very dangerous today. Our crime rate pales in
comparison to most US cities. The safety factor is huge. And of course it is a US state,
so you have the protection of the US military in case anything crazy went down on a world scale. And finally, longevity.
The stats are there. It is proven that you live longer if you live in the state of Hawaii. It’s just a fact. The air, the water. The
lifestyle. The vitamin D. You’ll live longer.

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  2. I think you have the best Hawaii info on youtube. I lived in Honolulu for a while and been Maui quite a bit and your videos are so accurate. Thanks for making them.

  3. Thank you for your videos, very helpful, going there first time in February!

  4. Awesome videos! I plan on going there this year and wanted to take a surfing lesson. Any recommendations?

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