Hacks to Become a Cold Calling Expert! | Wholesaling Real Estate

Hacks to Become a Cold Calling Expert! | Wholesaling Real Estate

if you’re new to wholesaling or maybe
you’re feeling a little bit nervous about making those cold calls to the
motivated seller leads then keep watching as I share with you a few very
vital hacks to make you sound like an expert to any homeowner lead. hey guys
I’m Dara, real estate investor and entrepreneur out of Atlanta Georgia
and I’m gonna share with you a couple of hacks that will make you sound like a
pro on the phone. I did post two videos recently about some cold calls that I’ve
done and I got a comment asking for the script that I use. now backing up a
little bit, I have several scripts that I use for the different types of homeowner
leaves that I target whether that’s a probate, preforeclosure, absentee owner,
and the list goes on and I got my script from a mentor that I paid. so for that
reason, I am more than happy to share a script with anyone, but it’ll have to
come with a cost. so never fear this free video is here. and in this video I’m
gonna share some hacks because a wise man once said if you teach a man how to
fish, he eats forever, but if you give a man a fish, he eats for one day.
so the first hack to getting a “script” for cold calls is to call a wholesaler. “Oh my god, what? I didn’t think of that Dara. So clever.” I’ve done it in the past and it was extremely unintentional, but what happened was I
typed in we buy houses in my area I clicked on some ads and some SEOs just
to see what their landing page and things like that were like. I filled in
my information on a house that I was actually trying to wholesale, because at
this point, I was just trying to find cash buyers. so again, I did come across
some wholesalers and when they got on the phone with me they’re boom boom boom
boom boom–running through their script and then a light bulb went off in my
head and I was like hmm hmm. I like what he
said to me. that’s a good one so I actually, after the phone call,
jotted down all the questions that he asked me and my responses just
because I also took note of how he overcame some of my objections, right? so
that’s genius call other wholesalers and see what they asking you. and that’s
gonna be your script more or less and then so that’s one way I did it online. a free online search you’re gonna have thousands of different different
wholesalers and investors and you can call as many as you’d like to find
out what it is that they’re saying and I think that you’ll soon find a trend so
from there you just compile the questions that they asked you the ones
that you like and that’s your script hello! and you can take it a step further
and type in things like we buy houses preforeclosure, we buy houses probate, we buy…and things like that so you have specific investors and those specific
niches niches and when you get on the phone with them I’m sure they’ll have
their specific script for that type of lead. so there’s that.
I’m not saying waste people’s time if you don’t have a house of sale, but waste
people’s time I mean whatever. but it’s all about for your own benefit, your own
education, and your own resourcefulness. that’s the whole theme of this video
being resourceful. like I said you can do a Google search and type in various
phrases and keywords to find out how people are vetting their own leads
you can also, hack number two, same situation but it’s not behind a computer.
when you’re driving around and you see the we buy house of signs, call those
people and see what it is that they’re saying to you. there’s your script. so, not
trying to keep this any longer guys that’s the hack of a century; the hack on
how to create your own cold call seller lead script and you can thank me
later. well there it is. I hope you guys enjoyed, I hope you got something from
this video, I hope now this opened your mind to realize that there’s other ways
to go about getting information that you need. also, bonus hack: whenever you get a
call from– a solicitation call from I don’t know insurance, anybody who’s
trying to sell you, something always stay on the line with them. a lot of people
are very quick to hang up like ah, you’re wasting my time. but no, if
you’re in this business which is a more or less sales business, it would behoove
you to stay on the phone with other sales reps. figure out what they’re
saying although it may not pertain to real estate, but start jabbing some
objections their way Start ducking what they have to offer you, you know? and then figure out how they overcome your objections, and take notes. everything is a learning experience when you’re starting out, okay? even when
you’re not starting out you can be in it for ten years and you’re still learning
from someone in some other industry. so take that bonus hack and the other two
hacks that I shared and run. and I hope that you guys enjoyed this video, again, I
hope that you learned something. if so, comment below, like this video, share it,
and subscribe to my channel. I’d love to hear some other hacks that you come up
with after you have been like, “oh why didn’t I think of that ?” alright guys see
you in the next one

22 thoughts on “Hacks to Become a Cold Calling Expert! | Wholesaling Real Estate

  1. How much you payed for your mentor.I got signed up for a mentor group yesterday. $200 per month. I think it's a good deal. What about you? Keep up the awesome work.

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    As for wasting time, hey, if it makes you better, it is never a waste of their time, whether they like it or not…lol

    You go girl. I love how expressive you are in your videos. Keeps my attention, never a dry video. I hate when you get these hour long, dry stuffy shirt videos that put you asleep after about 30 seconds and you can’t learn anything because of it.

    Great and informative video, again. Glad I accidentally or through the grace of GOD, ran into your videos.

  6. I live in Atlanta. I'm still new to wholesaling and would like ask if you could mentor me? I'd do all of the things you would need done such as take pictures of the property meet with sellers. Make calls with for you. I'm really trying to get away from the 9-5.

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