Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE – #13: Somewhere in This Universe (EN,HK,TW,KR,TH,FR,IT,VN sub)

Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE – #13: Somewhere in This Universe  (EN,HK,TW,KR,TH,FR,IT,VN sub)

It’s probably a surge-like
hyperspatial discharge of unknown antiparticles generated by cosmic-scale supergravity
and ultrahigh pressure. So computers and telecom systems
take in that discharge, and that’s why they’ve stopped working? Most likely. However, there’s no previous record of a large-scale phenomenon like this. In other words, it’s a calamity
never before experienced by humanity? Yes. It will take at least a few days to
analyze and restore the systems. Or, at the very most,
a few months. It’s said that the phenomenon
originated on this faraway planet… Planet 1G1202C… At the speed of light, we’re about 30 years away
from that planet. So, does this mean that – I’m sorry, Hiroto.
– it happened – I had nothing prepared.
– 30 years ago? That’s fine. You were busy. This comms failure must be a pain. Is there anything I can do? Please eat and study. It would be nice if
you could log in to GBN soon. We’re receiving the airwaves. Really? Oh, hello? This is Kuga!
That’s great, the call went through! Yes. I’ve translated that doctor’s work 3 times! I’ll make it by the day after tomorrow! Is this… really a game? Don’t tell me… this is happening for real. Real… (Unknown Caller) – Hello.
– Hiroto? Hiroto Kuga? May I help you? I’d like to talk to you in real life. About Eldora. You’re May? Oh, wait… – I…
– It’s been a while, Hiroto. M-May… That’s you, isn’t it? You really do have a Gunpla body. Is this your first time seeing
an EL-Diver in real life? Yes. – Those clothes…
– My guardian made them for me. – Is there a problem?
– Oh, no… It’s huge… That ship is too huge! Yes… Oh, would you be Hiroto? Yes, I’m Hiroto Kuga. I’m Kazami. Kazami Torimachi! Kazami… So that’s your real name? Isn’t it the same with you? “Read the wind and see the future!” And thus, “Kazami”! I quite like it. You seem exactly the same as in GBN. You’re quite small. What? I don’t want to be told I’m small
by somebody even smaller… Wow! Is this your first time, too? This is the real May? You’re really the size of a Gunpla… And wearing cute clothes… Sorry to keep you waiting. I guess this is the first time
we’ve met in real life. My name is Patrick Alexandre Leonard Arge. Who? Par? What? You’re Par? Yes, I’m Parviz. Mr. Hiroto and Mr. Kazami, right? It’s easy to tell. Thank you. – Um…
– Please don’t worry about me. I can do most things by myself. Sorry to make you come
all the way here, Par. Ms. May? Wow! It’s my first time seeing
an EL-Diver in real life! You look beautiful! Your clothes are amazing too. Really? Is Par a kid from a rich family? All right, everyone’s here. Taxi! Taxi! Look out! Geez… What are you doing? Don’t we have to do that
in order to ride in a taxi? No one will notice you
if you’re this small! He’s right.
It’ll be bad if you get stepped on. – If you please.
– Okay. Hup. Thank you. I was the one who saved you… Everyone, let’s ride in my car. “My…” “car?” Whoa! This is incredible! So Par really is from a rich family? Please take us to the General Hospital. Understood. Hospital? Oh, my… Are you Masaki’s friends? Masaki? Answer “Yes.” Oh… Yes, we are. Although it’s our first time
meeting in real life. Oh, so you’re his friends from GBN? – Yes!
– I see. Thank you for coming over.
I’m Mizuki Shido, Masaki’s sister. Please, this way. Is that girl a Gunpla, too? How cute. Thank you very much. Masaki. Your friends are here. Half a year ago, he fell into a coma
while logged in to GBN. – What?
– What? The doctors say there’s
nothing wrong physically, but… This person is… – What?
– Oh, no… What’s he like as a person? The real Mr. Masaki, I mean… Let’s see… He loves Gunpla, does anything he pleases, and never neglects those in need. He can be a little blunt, but he has a good nature.
I’m proud of my little brother, I guess. Oh, right. He told me that he’d be
doing something great in GBN. Are you guys in here too? – Please excuse me.
– He said that with these members, they’d be able to really protect someone
by capturing “something.” That person was in the photograph… Why was he there? Muran… So you’re saying that’s Eldora? Ms. May, that person… He’s Masaki Shido, the Seltsam’s pilot. – What?
– What? Diver name, Sid. He was an S-ranked Diver who
piloted the Tertium Gundam, a customized Gundam Mk-III. He didn’t belong to a specific force, but from the data, he appeared to be
a very skilled builder and Diver. A melee mission where he fought
1,000 Death Army machines, a weapon-restricted match
against 500 Leos… he took on harsh challenges, cleared them one after another,
and became a top-ranker. However, a few months ago,
he suddenly disappeared… Without any record of him
logging out, that is. He hasn’t logged out? As an EL-Diver,
I was asked to search for him. What? To see whether there was any data
on that Diver and his Gunpla drfiting around
in the vast dimensions of GBN. As I continued the search, I found Masaki Shido in that story mission. His consciousness is still there… in Eldora. Only his consciousness? How is that even possible? The satellite weapon that wiped out
the floating city Seguri… If the phenomenon happening now
was caused by that attack on the planet Eldora… Wait, wasn’t that just a game event? They say the communications failure was caused by something on
a distant planet, 30 years ago… Some also report the phenomenon
traveled faster than light speed. As for the dimension known as Eldora,
and the story mission we entered, we received an official reply
from the administration the other day. “Those are not implemented in GBN.” What? – Not implemented?
– What does that… That means it was all real. – What?
– Yes. Even if it wasn’t confirmed yet,
I should have told you. Before that happened… Real… So Eldora was real? Are you serious? So all those NPDs
and the story mission were real? We were only logged in to GBN,
so how could that… There’s no way to prove it.
All we have is the situation we saw. That’s why you had us meet… with Masaki Shido. – What?
– What? If we go to Eldora, there’s a chance
we might end up like him. I thought I should tell you
about the risks. What will you do? You’re asking what we’ll do?
This is crazy! I don’t even know if
I’ll be able to come back! This isn’t a game anymore… You’re right.
But this risk has existed all along. If we knew about this,
we wouldn’t have gone! All I ever wanted to do… was to play hero with a Gunpla in GBN! If it’s for real,
and lives are at stake… I can’t carry a burden like that! Mr. Kazami… Ugh… Then this is the end. Eldora was real… So I really was piloting you… Hey! Will you let me ride on
the sacred beast again? – It’s a promise!
– A promise! Asha… Towana… Hulun… I… won’t be able to fly again? It all happened for real… How can I believe that? “What will you do?”
What kind of question is that…? So you weren’t an NPD? There’s nothing I can do. I’m not a Gundam protagonist. It’s great that we found Masaki, but… how do we reawaken him? Any other documentation? I’ll try to analyze it on my end. Kazami should have uploaded a video. It’s not popular,
so you’ll have to search for it. The editing is a little biased,
so I don’t know if it’ll help. I’d like some time to prepare thoroughly. There’s also the natives too. We have to save them… – Seems like you’ve found it, May.
– What? Your mission. I’m not certain. But I’ve realized
that’s what I have to do right now. To your safety… and your life. When will they remove
the connection restriction? Man, I wanna get into GBN soon! – I can’t wait anymore!
– Right? Here, thanks for waiting! Please take orders over here, Ken! Coming over! Oh, welcome! – Ken!
– Yes! I’m coming over now! – May I help you?
– What? Oh… I guess the login restriction
is still in effect. There’s so much work for me,
since everyone’s gathered here. I see. I… I’m sorry about before. What? I mean, everyone has things
they want to keep to themselves… so I’m sorry about that. I’m sorry, too. You were worried about me, but I… Hinata! It’s almost time to change shifts! What? But just now… Hinata, one Iced Barzam Tea! – Coming!
– What? Ken? – One Marasai Tea, right?
– Thank you. Well… You know, I like this place! Mr. Ken and the others are nice. It’s fun to work here! – I see.
– Yes! The pay here is good too. Also… Everyone looks like they’re having fun. Just like you back then, Hiroto. If you would once again… Hiroto, you said
that was nothing but a record… But that’s not true. I don’t think so! I’m sure… they’re all precious to you, Hiroto. The times you’ve spent, the emotions you’ve felt, they’re all important things that
made you who you are today. Even after this, I hope you’ll remain a person
who can do your best for others. Hiroto, you’re always able to
move forward for the sake of others. That’s who you are. Thank you, Hinata. Sure. Hey, Hiroto. This sky… The sky in GBN… How far do you think it extends? I want to go there someday, together with you and your Gunpla. So we’ll make an area transfer
to a space base? That’s not what I mean! We’ll go from here. Across this sky, beyond the atmosphere, past the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and even Saturn’s rings… across the solar system, and to the ends of GBN. You’re sure we can do that? Of course! If we can gather the power of wishing and the feelings
of love from everyone in GBN, then any miracle can occur. Just like me. What did you say? No, nothing! So let’s go, Hiroto. To a faraway place, beyond the galaxy, and across the universe. As far as we can… (Communications Failure Resolved) Have a safe trip, Hiroto. Why’d you come? I hadn’t heard from you. Why are you going, May? Even at the risk of your life. For someone like me,
who was born from GBN… Your so-called reality and Eldora
are each just one more world. However… as long as there are people
who cherish those worlds, I want to be of help to them. I feel that’s my duty. Our promise… I don’t want to stop flying… What? I’m the last one? Well, I’m the leader after all. I can’t leave her crying… – What?
– Nothing! So, what do we do? We can’t go to Eldora by ourselves. You’re right. What should we do? Freddie has to contact us first. He might be too tied up to call us. Let’s think of a way… Everyone! All Build Divers! It’s me! It’s Freddie! – Can you hear me?
– This is… – Everyone!
– Freddie? Please, save us… If we reply… We might not be able to return… This isn’t a game… Are you really OK with that? I won’t let it happen again. I’ve lost something precious to me. That’s why… I won’t let it happen again. Because the pain in my heart is real. Please save us! Mr. Hiroto, Mr. Kazami… Ms. May, Mr. Par! Build Divers! (Somewhere in this Universe)

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