Griffith’s Realestate Kingdom

Griffith’s Realestate Kingdom

I don’t care if I caused the 2008 housing crisis. I did nothing wrong! Mr. Griffith, Mr.Guts would like to see you. Lovely, send him in. *BANG* *BANG* *BANG* GRIFFIIIITH!!!!! Guts, baby! How’s the wife and kid? RETARDED AND ABORTED!!! That’s a great joke Guts. Ha ha ha ha…er… Ooooh…. *Inhales* Anyways, after countless sacrifices, I finally got my kingdom…. my real-estate kingdom, that is! Hawk Homes is the biggest real estate kingdom in all of California! You sacrificed our mercenary group… …made me lose my left arm and right eye… …and violated Casca… TO SELL HOUSES!?!? Babe, people did much worse than me OKAY, okay, sorry! I’m sorry for getting everyone killed and causing so much grief for you and Casca! I let my ambitions run the lives of everyone I hold dear! if I could do it all over again… I would… …so… …are we cool? *CLANG* Does… your sword normally make a clanging noise? The only way I’ll forgive you is if you let me shove my sword up your ass Not in that context! Urgh, FIIINE! If you wait for me to finish my work… we’ll settle this with a duel to the death, happy? GOOD! But if you try to skip out I’m killing all of your employees AND you! Joke’s on him. I just fired everyone this morning! Why do I get a strong sense of déjà vu? Buddy…? Hey, buddy! Wha- wha- what time is it? It’s…er…closing time. Where’s Griffith? Oh, he went home. He’ll be back in the office in… …oh… …I’d say… …8 years. GRIFFIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITH!!!!!!!! ♪Then I say “hey”, hey! What a wonderful kind of day!♪ ♪And we can learn to work and play and get along with each other!♪

100 thoughts on “Griffith’s Realestate Kingdom

  1. The last Berserk chapter will be two pages of mspaint stick figures with a block of text that says "Guts and Griffith killed each other. The End. Also buy [email protected] merch." Followed by a third page of Miura laughing at you.

  2. The new episode of berserk looks better than usual

  3. Booo!! This is bad!!!

  4. I can’t believe the animation here looks better in the new anime, bullshit.


    I lost it.

  6. How’s the wife and kids RETARDED AND ABORTED

  7. Better than 2016/2017 anime

  8. 0:20 how’s the wife and kid
    Retarded and aborted

  9. Guts is having NONE of this BS

  10. i mean, griffith has his grasses on, so he did nothing wong

  11. どんなお話だったの?

  12. I like the 8 Years bit, hiatuses really are a bitch

  13. That’s Ainz Ooal Gown in the end right?

  14. You forgot one thing, to put grasses on and let griffith die!!
    Btw good vid.

  15. i didnt get the game of thrones joke, since i havent watched it, is there a similar betrayal in the show?

  16. "Hows wife and kid?"
    "Retarted and aported"

  17. Very accurate imo xD

  18. This gave me cancer.

  19. Esto si es mejor que el CGI de las ultimas dos temporadas del Anime xD

  20. "Retarded and aborted!"

  21. Griffith is the biggest fucking asshole in all of manga and anime history so far, in second place is the science dad in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood… you know who 🐶

  22. that moment when it’s actually free real estate because the kingdom of falconia makes citizens out of refugees

  23. millennium falcon in a nutshell.

  24. still better than 2017 animated series.

  25. The 3D Berserk we all deserve

  26. Earned another subscriber

  27. How the fuck does a meme have better animation than the show(2016 and later I mean).

  28. Rickert would have just walked past the help desk and slapped Griffith's shit without saying a word



  30. 0:19
    Griffith : Guts baby how's the wife and kids
    Guts : retarded and aborted!!!
    Me : haha that's a good joke
    Also me : 'heartbreak'

  31. why dont they use this guts model for the new bersek anime

  32. Griffth. By becoming a Real estate agent, you made everything you did in the Berserk story pointless.

  33. I have never seen any of the Berserk anime, or read the manga, mostly because I'm not a fan of rape and stuff like that, but this is funny

  34. That Guts voice is great. The "Retarded and aborted" line had me in stitches and I legitimately had to stop and re-listen because I was like "There's no way they got the actual VA to say that somewhere."

  35. It's free real estate

  36. I couldn't have recorded that ending with a straight voice

  37. “He will back in the office …. in 8 years”
    Wasn’t this the time Guts was on the boat?

  38. Sao is better lel get cucked Berserk-tards lmao donovan is the real black swordfish top kek

  39. Guts: reads "Game of Thrones" …why do I have a sense of deja Vu?

    Me: …R-Ragna, is that you buddy?

  40. We cool ?……lol

  41. Facts lol

  42. Guts later died 2 years later.
    His ghost has been heard yelling "GRIFFIIIIIIIITH!" and many have heard his sword making that weird clanging noise.
    Griffith never returned to that office….and to this day….he remained Femto Griffith…while continuing to violate Casca until she became his demon bride.
    Guts also found this out and he was super pissed.

  43. Second part Please.
    This was the best birthday gift!!!!!!

  44. This is my favorite one. He's got the "Deal with it" glasses on and everything. Oh my god, fuck this guy. XD

  45. Did anyone get it when Griffith say I did nothing wrong.

  46. animate berserk 2016-17 man

  47. I love the theme of the video, haha.

  48. "If i could do it over again I would"

  49. Griffith still did nothing wrong fella

  50. MORE of this I beg of you ( more Griffith and guts or just berserk in general) it was toooo funny

  51. the fuck is this?

  52. 0:27 urge to kill Griffith rising

  53. This is one of the most funniest thing i ever seen

  54. Guts looks at GoT…
    Guts" fucking amateurs"

  55. Is it Meta for guts read GOT? Prolly but now I wanna see Guts fight The Others and whupass some wights


  57. 8 years
    He should be so lucky

  58. Animation still better than Berserk 2016.

  59. Tf is up with Guts' model

  60. Griffith: Guts, how's the wife and kid.
    Guts: Retarded and Aborded.

  61. clang clang

  62. god damn griffith lol

  63. This is the most intense video of Idol Master I have ever watched

  64. Still better then the 2016 anime

  65. This shit is awesome

  66. Esta mejor animado q el anime del 2016 ,por cierto bueno vídeo

  67. The only way I forgive you is if you let me jump my sword on ur ass…. not that context 😂😂😂

  68. I consider this as canon since Miura will never end the series 😂

  69. -Guts! How's wife and kid?
    -Retarded and aborded

  70. 0:46 LMFAO 😂😂😂 best scene

  71. Still looks better than Berserk 2016

  72. "I did nothing wrong!" 😂😂

  73. Esta es la puta animación mas chingona que del 2016 de berserk 😀 aprenda CG

  74. Guts Baby

  75. Still better than berserk 2016/2017

  76. Guess the next chapters in 7 more years

  77. cant wait for the sequel in 2025 !

  78. Орррр

  79. Wild angry guts : griffithhh
    calm Griffin : guts, baby…how's wife and kid…
    I just loved it…haha

  80. Guts voice is actually great!

  81. This is the true ending ?

  82. "Not in that context" im dead 😂😂😂😂 i love this video

  83. Fkin griffithhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  84. whats the sexy music ?

  85. hahahahaha i love it!

  86. Gust:La unica manera de perdonarte es que me dejes introducir mi espada en tu trasero…
    Griffith: 7w7…
    Gust: no en ese contexto

  87. Still better animation than Berserk 2016/17

  88. berserk ending leaked

  89. KIIIIIIIILLLLLL HIIIIIIIIIIM I may still have some anger issues when it comes to GRIFFITH

  90. How is the wife and the children ? lol

  91. better than GOT ending



    Griffith: "bab people done a lot worse than me"

    Guts slowly takes out swod

    Griffith: "ok just let me finish my work and will fight to the death of

    Guts: "good don't think about running off or I'm killing you and you're employees"

    Griffith: "jokes on him I fired them all this morning"

  94. no lo conozco y ya lo odio

  95. 1:21–1:28 Why is this the highlight of the video?

  96. A king listening to the Arthur theme song.

  97. Gutts don't reed he is a dummy thick

  98. GRIFFITH!!!!!

  99. Picks up a copy of game of thrones
    "Why do I get a strong sense of deja vu?"


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