Greatest Real Estate Tool Ever

Greatest Real Estate Tool Ever

Welcome back friend. My name is Kris
Krohn. I’ve done thousands of deals and today, I want to share with you how
today’s technology is making it easier than before for anyone in the world to
actually become a very successful real estate investor. In fact, you have tools
that I didn’t when I got started. And so today, I’m excited to show you how the
simple piece of technology can help you make thousands of dollars. You know, it’s interesting the world is
changing so fast. And so when I say “back in the day” that wasn’t very long ago. But
back in the day when it was uphill both ways in the snow,
guess what real estate was? If you wanted a good deal, you would have to go to the
sheriff’s office downtown. I searched through the county records. I’m talking
like a hick because I’m thinking that everyone had a straw hat back when they
were doing that. But it was only years ago not too long ago. And what you’re
doing is you had to hunt down information to verify something was a
good deal and it’s plot map and was it going to be a good deal and what could you
find out was it going to be at the auction. And you know, where’s the list where I
get all the addresses. In our information age,
that’s called data. And recently, one company has pulled all of the real
estate data in existence in America. And what they’ve done is they’ve put it into
one database. And this is wild. They’ve been able to pull millions of
documents and records. Everything from the MLS that our realtor sees, you can
now see. And you don’t need to get a license and you don’t want one. For a
bunch of different reasons that you can learn about on another video. You can
actually pull in pre-foreclosure who’s not making their payments. People who
have liens on the property and are maybe in a distressed financial situation.
People that are in foreclosure homes that have gone back to the banks. Homes
that have been listed on the market but they didn’t sell so they got taken down.
All of that information is now available in a single hub. And I’m telling you
right now, this is the coolest real estate tool that has ever been created.
Now, before I tell you what it is because it is in the description below, I want to
just tell you 3 things that are amazing. And then by the way, I negotiated
what this come because it was such a big deal here online with YouTube and real
estate. They said Kris, we’ll give all your people a free trial. And I’m like,
“Dude, you guys are cool. That’s awesome.” So, check it out. If you want to make
thousands of dollars in real estate then literally from the internet, from your
phone, from a computer here’s what you would do. Number 1, you need to know how
to search for what we call a good deal. Now, this tool allows you to actually
find good deals in multiple ways. A good deal could literally just be how do you
find a property with equity. As in like, “Yeah, I did this search. I searched 60,000
records my area. And everything selling for 150,
150, 150, 150. But this house is selling for 130, this house is selling for 120.”
What’s going on? It makes it so easy to find a really good deal. You could also
find a good deal from something that is in pre foreclosure. Which means yep, they
haven’t been making their payments and as a result, someone needs to come in and
bail them out assume their mortgage, take it over. Whatever there’s a great way to
find wins that way. But there’s also people that have liens. It’s like well, I
didn’t pay this one thing so now there’s a lien on my property. All of these
things are problems and they’re waiting for an investor to do what? Solve them? So,
what I’m telling you is all of this information in your area it’s a hope and
wrapped up together. And I could write down 15 other ways that you could
find a really good deal right now within minutes. Like there’s no hyperbole there.
That’s real. The second thing that this system then allows you to do is most
important. Normally got to go to a realtor and say, “Will you pull comps on
this property, tell me what it’s worth?” I’ve got a guess I haven’t bought it yet
what might it be worth, what might it sell for. And so you want to know when I
say comps here, the question is how to value a home. You want to know what it’s
worth. If you’re saying, wow, this home you know, I can get it for 130,000 and I ran my own comps without being a licensed realtor. And I
found out that the home is likely worth $160,000.
Then guess what? You can use the system to verify that yes if I buy a house, I’m
walking into some instant equity. And that is powerful my friend .And then the
third thing that this system will allow you to do is then you’re like, “Okay, if I find the deal and I know it’s worth a lot, there’s only one problem. I don’t
have the money to buy it. Or I don’t have the credit to buy it. So I’m screwed.
There’s nothing I can do. Game over. Kris is wrong.” Instead, I will show you how to
use the system to find all of the investors in your area. How to find all
the cash buyers in your area. The people that are out there actually making real
estate happen when you have a good deal, there’s always money for the good deal.
Even if you said, “Give five 10 grand and I’ll give it to you.”
And you know what they will? Their rights you check and they’ll be done or you’ll
get to check at closing. So, everything that I’m sharing with you, this is real.
And this system does a whole lot more than this but it does all of this. And
I’ve been using this system now for this last year. I’ve been beta testing it. And
I just had to come out with a YouTube video and say, “Oh, my gosh. I want to
scream at the top of my lungs.” Some company came together and aggregated all
this data so that you could literally sit anywhere in the world from your
phone or internet or laptop. Find a good deal, make sure that it was a good deal
and find someone to buy it and all the sudden you’re the person in the middle
making this money. It’s never been so easy and it’s never been so real. And so,
I’m really grateful for this company and who they are and what they do. I highly
recommend them you can find their information in the description below. And
their services are like super stupid cheap. But I did ask them, “Hey, if we do
this. Will you please create a discounted price and I want a free trial for all of
my people.” So, that’s exactly what I’ve negotiated for you. It’s a 5-day free
trial and then it’s a few bucks after that. And I’m telling you with your
earning potential, if real estates in your future and you’re ready to make it
happen, this is the tool that you absolutely want to have. That’s why I
have it. So friends, take my advice. Get with them, learn what you can do to
actually make that happen in your world. And I’m excited for you. I’m thrilled
because is you subscribe and watch more videos with me, that’s a tool that you’ll
be able to utilize again and again and again to start making some wicked,
awesome, wild money. Take care of my friends.

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