Going on a FRBO Appointment | Real Estate Investing

Going on a FRBO Appointment | Real Estate Investing

I have an appointment to go meet a
homeowner. Want to come with? Hey guys, it’s Dara, real estate investor, entrepreneur,
and consultant out of Atlanta, Georgia. Welcome to my channel if you’re new,
welcome back if you’re true. I am on my way to go meet a homeowner at his rental
property. He’s a landlord looking to rent his property so this is not a seller
appointment where I’m gonna make a cash offer. He’s already set his rental price,
I’m just going to see if this property is a fit for us and I’m hoping that it
is; the pictures look pretty decent, but the property is currently lived in by a
tenant who will be moving out by the end of this month.
So you’re welcome to come along with me on this appointment. Make sure you stay all the way to the end and I will see you on the other side. So this is the washer and dryer. And do you know if this washer and dryer is theirs or does it come with the house? “Um, I think it’s mine.” *laughter* “The way the lease is written is everything else was mentioned other than those two things. “But so I don’t know, it could be theirs. But if it is theirs, then I’ll just buy new ones.” Okay. “Not really overly worried about it.” Okay. “This was just replaced about two months ago.” Okay. “I don’t know how old the refrigerator is. But it looks newer than my refrigerator.” *laughter* “You can open it.”
Oh okay, I wasn’t sure. “The lady here who’s renting right now has two daughters. This is, I would say, the worst it’s ever looked. “But that’s because she’s going to be moving out in a month.” Yeah.
“Normally she is like crazy clean.”
Yeah? How often do you come in and inspect the place or come check up on it?
“Generally, I try not to come at all.” *laughter*
Yeah! “That’d be my preferred situation, but when we bought the house, she told me that a couple of the outlets “weren’t working. So I replaced the outlets. So I came that time.”
Mm-hmm. “I came during– to view the house originally. And I came to– right before closing, the day of closing. I came to the house that day. “So I think I’ve been here three times. And then I’ve showed the house now like twice.” Okay. “So. The problem with showing the house is that no one ever seems to read your ad before showing it. You guys noticed that?” All the time.
“Yeah.” All the time, and it’s crazy. *laughter* “People will come, and be like, ‘So it’s like five bedrooms?’ No, it’s three. It says that in the ad.” You know, this is your first one, so a tip that I would
even give you, especially if you’re going to manage it yourself is basically
what I have–or ’cause we’re a company I guess. But we have a separate phone number, we have a
sign in the yard or on Zillow however and when they call that number, it’s an
automated message that tells them everything that was just on the listing, because if you don’t read, you can hear it.
“Yeah.” And then at the end of it, if they listened to the whole thing,
they say– it says ‘text me your name, email for further, you know, for the application’
or something like that. So then that number gets a whole bunch of text messages if
people follow directions. Yeah. So that’s just something so you
don’t have to always answer phone calls– I mean either way works, ’cause a lot of
people would like to hear a human first rather than a recording but you’ll see
what, you know, trial and error what works best for you. But um, because we are in
the business of doing this, we can’t answer every single phone call.
So we just have the automated message to say ‘Hey, this is a three-bedroom, two and
half bath for this much. You know, you’re responsible for trash, this, you know, just
everything they would need to know application fee, the requirements; it’s in
the recording so people know. “I feel like calling is um– ’cause we’re just doing emails and not really relying on people calling us back “after like they would contact us via email; we would contact them back. Just pretty much listing exactly what was on the listing over again in case they didn’t read it.” Yeah. Heading down to the basement. Carpet What’s up here? Weird stuff. “This is pretty much just storage. I think at one point, they tried to load a bathroom, and they decided to give up on it.” Yeah. Is this the door to the outside? “No, this is the door to the living room on the other side. They keep it locked from this side because the mom has two daughters. So–” Uh huh “has multiple locks.” Right. And that’s to the outside?
“That goes to the outside, yeah.”
Okay, got it. How long have the tenants been living here? “I believe a year, but I don’t know for sure. But I know their lease runs out March 31st.”
Okay. Alright so I’m back and, unfortunately, my phone cut out a huge chunk of that appointment so you didn’t really get to see too much. A lot of the rapport that we built was off
camera, but this was a good one. This was a good appointment; we built a lot of
rapport, and I was even able to help him out landlord to landlord so I gave him
some tips on just how to move forward in his landlording business. This
appointment took, I think, about 20-25 minutes in and out. If you liked the
video, give it a thumbs up, comment below share this video, and make sure you
subscribe to my channel. Alright well I’ll see you guys in the next one. Thanks
so much for watching.

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