Get Your Real Estate License… Now What? | New Real Estate Agents Tips

Get Your Real Estate License… Now What? | New Real Estate Agents Tips

So you’ve got your real estate license Now what? You’re probably dreaming about building a big business And not just being another real estate agent If that’s you You were just like me. Here are the top tips that you need to consider as you embark on this new adventure. Take it from me. I’ve learned some hard lessons along the way and I can save you time, energy, effort and Some money and why not? Let’s get you to the top of the mountain faster. For the best advice The good, bad and the ugly of being a real estate agent and what that entails Make sure that you subscribe to our Channel “Ding” that Bell. That way you’re notified each and every Thursday as we post new videos. So you’re now a business owner now, what do you do? By the end of this video? You’ll hear exactly the steps that I took to build a business that generates over 100 homes annually And in only about 4 hours of my time per week What I can tell you is that you can do it in less time and with less failures along the way. By following my advice Tip number 1. Start with the end in mind. What I want you to do is I want you to get out a piece of paper I want you to plan out your next five years. I want you to have a clear and Defined path of where you are today And where you want to go five years from now. A mentor of mine Gary Keller (the founder of Keller Williams Realty) Said, I think it was probably about a year or so ago “You can be anywhere that you want to be in five years or less.” Five years. It’s gonna take having a plan and Executing on that plan in order to get there though So what I want you to do the first step is I want you to map out your first five years. Start with the end in mind. So where do you want to be five years from today? I think back to starting my real estate business in 2011 when I started Green Group Real Estate. I started with the end in mind and what I wanted to do was I wanted to be out of the business within five years. So, what does that mean? And that doesn’t mean like me scratching the whole business because we built a very strong business We’ve built a great business But I did not want to sell real estate any more than five years. I wanted to truly build a business become a business owner and have an asset that would last me year, after year, after year without Having to work in it for 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 hours per week like I did in the beginning You want to start with the end in mind build out that five-year plan and And that way you know exactly. Where are you where you are today, And where you need to go. Tip number 2 Build a brand. Again, thinking back to starting my real estate business. I started with the name Green Group Real Estate I was pretty blessed to have the name Andy Green and live in Portland, Oregon Where being green is kind of a big deal. So Green Group Real Estate worked really well for me There are a ton of names for real estate business. So you don’t need to use your name You don’t need to use your last name Like I did it just happened to work that it was very generic and it worked very well for me. So Green Group Real Estate in the beginning. It was actually Andy Green: Green Group Real Estate and I think the name was up above so My name was involved because of what I wanted to do is I wanted people to know that Who I am and that I’m starting a business and that I’m active and I’m involved in the community That way I started to build a name for for myself. Andy green. It wasn’t just the business It was Andy Green Within two years. We removed Andy Green from our logo from all of our marketing So it was truly Green Group Real Estate and that’s a way that we branded it We’ve marketed and we built the business based on on that name Green group real estate If you’re building a business with the end in mind Something that you can eventually move out of and have a stream of income still coming into you. Then you want to brand. You want to have a logo You want to have a little bug for your logo? So that’s not your full logo It’s just ours is just a little gene. You want to make sure that your email signatures And if you happen to have stationary which we don’t have too much of these days But we do use it a little bit you want to make sure that’s consistent your social media sites Your Instagram, your Facebook, YouTube Those are all consistent so you’ve created a brand you have brand consistency and people start to see that if you’re if you’re building your business, right and they take notice so build your brand Start with the end in mind and Create a brand that will last let’s take a second Comment down below tell me where you see yourself in five years I’d love to hear where where you see yourself in five years from now. Most people they don’t take the time to Truly think about it. So so stop pause this video right now Think about where do I see myself in five years comment down below I want to hear about it next think Leeds first without Leeds. You don’t have a business Let me say it again without Leeds you do not have a business So many people fight this they fight lead generation it’s it’s such an important piece of our business that so many people fight and they just Feel like anxiety and they’re uncomfortable with it actually pay attention and look for my next video where I’m gonna dive a little bit deeper into lead generation and and what that means to me and the difference between Prospecting and marketing. So think Leeds first, how can you generate leads that are going to lead to? Appointments and those appointments are gonna lead to contracts and those contracts are gonna turn into closings So think Leeds first this is going to be very individual and specific for who you are what your strengths are What your weaknesses are you need to come up with a truly generation strategy that you can execute consistently? let me say that and executes Consistently that’s the key so you can’t just execute on a lead generation strategy For a day a couple days a week. You have to be consistent with your lead generation strategy, so What I would do to keep it simple. Have you ever heard the acronym kiss? Keep it simple, silly? You want to make sure that you keep it simple come up with one two Or at the most three different lead generation strategies that you can implement Consistently day in and day out build that pipeline That leads to appointments that leads to contracts that leads to closings that leads to money in your bank account So make sure that you think leads first We’ll definitely be posting more videos on lead generation as you know people that I coach and and I and I teach and I train they will hear this from me consistently and Ad nauseam that we will talk about lead generation Where our where your leads coming from where your leads coming from? And how can you generate more leads because that’s the only way to increase The level of your business is to increase the level of your leads. So think leads first Crush your database. I want you to crush your database Your database is the single most important asset that a real estate agent has when we’re when we’re looking at Zillow and Redfin and some of these other open-door and some of these other companies coming into markets one thing that I can promise you that they’re not going to be able to do is Compete with you in the eyes of your database Unfortunately, too many real estate agents. They don’t put the time energy effort and consistency Into touching their database so you need to crush your database think each and every day How can I add value to the people that know me like me and trust me so that I’m number one in? Market share because if you’re number one, you’ve got the business if you’re number two there’s a 50/50 shot that you’re gonna get that business and If you’re number three Gone, like you know you’re not going to get that business come up with a plan that you believe will keep you in front of your database and And make sure that you have that that top of mind awareness in the eyes of the people that know you like you and trust You trust me when you crush your database you will have a great great business unfortunately, one of the things that I see from agents is they they say say things like this like oh Gosh, I don’t want to bother them. Oh, they don’t want to hear from me. Oh, they heard from me a couple months ago Oh, I saw him at the grocery. No Come up with a consistent plan. They want to hear from you They know you they like you and they trust you So get over yourself get over that that little devil that’s sitting on your shoulder We call it a drunk monkey get over that drunk monkey that is telling you that they don’t want to hear from you I’m not telling you to call them every single day or even every month it kind of depends on who they are And and how often you think you should touch base with them. I would say at a minimum every quarter every three months you’re reaching out to every single person your database and that doesn’t mean that you’re gonna have let’s say you have 200 people 250 people in your database You might not actually have 250 conversations You might leave a lot of voicemails But that way you are making that attempt to add value to their lives To stay in touch with them so that they know that you’re in the real estate business and you are here to help them accomplish their real estate goals last but not least and probably my favorite is Give back I feel so honored and blessed to have built a business in the community that I did live in small area population about 24,000 it’s called Wilsonville, Oregon. So it’s it’s not this huge metropolitan area and I built a really strong business starting there I started in one neighborhood. I did a really good job in that neighborhood of creating relationships and going deep on those relationships and adding value to people and their lives and and being involved and then I spread out to the city and From the city I I’ve just kept growing from there. So give back. What does that really mean? And what does that look like? I’m very active involved in local community through our church Through sports. I’ve got I happen to have three kids Puts me in a great position to get to know people in my local community. I coach baseball. I coach football I’ve coached a little bit of basketball I usually take that season off and just enjoy watching my watching my kids play I coach soccer Youth very young youth soccer for about four years. I know nothing about soccer Literally nothing about soccer but coaching. I can’t remember Hall there were four or five six and seven year olds. It’s pretty easy It’s kind of kind of basics and it’s teamwork and it’s fundamental So so that was actually a lot of fun even though I know nothing about it. Um So give back give back your time give back To to various causes in your local community we sponsor about every single sporting event or auction or Whatever is happening just this week I think I’ve been contacted by the high school football team the dance team the youth football team and Probably one other I think it was a golf event through our church so if We can and have a budget so you want to make sure that you have a budget and you think about this stuff ahead of? Time but set that money aside. I can promise you that being active and being involved in giving back first of all, there will be no better feeling and Second of all people appreciate it. It helps you to stand out from all of the other business owners in the local community We’ve actually taken a step further and we’ve created we’re actually in the process of creating a nonprofit called green group gibs That way we take a percentage It’s actually a dollar amount from every single closing that we have and we put it into this fund just last year We sponsored a well in Honduras. We raise $5,500 for that. Well, we started a local community event called Wilsonville Brewfest You can go there to Wilsonville Brewfest calm or just go onto Facebook and to type in Wilsonville Brewfest You can kind of learn a little bit about what we did we were able to give back $12,500 to Wilsonville community sharing a local nonprofit that that helps people in need in our local community and it’s things like that That truly make this business worth doing this business will give so much to you Make sure that you take the time energy effort and money and give back to it now You know the most important pieces that you need to put in place to not only be just an average real estate agent But to build a business become a business owner also if you want a simple plinth planning tool that I personally use to build out that 5-year plan that I talked about the beginning of this video make sure that you click on the link below. We’ll include a link on Just sign up and we’ll send that that simple tool out to you If you like this video, please let me know like the video down below Subscribe to our channel ding that bell that way You’re notified each and every Thursday as we post these new videos and take a minute. Share this with a friend Hopefully we provide some value to you today and you got something out of it and why not? Just pass it along cheers friends

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  1. Hi Friends! Thank you for watching! Whats your 5 year plan?? Let me know below! I love hearing dreams, so inspiring!

  2. I appreciate you making videos. I started at the beginning of August here in Florida and I am still unsure of what is really going on lol. It's pretty overwhelming but I refuse to give up on this. I'm still figuring out ways to get leads and market myself properly.

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