Get your Missouri real estate license in Kansas City

Get your Missouri real estate license in Kansas City

Mat Lewczenko with Keller
Williams platinum partners here in Kansas City and I wanted to give you the information
you would need to get your real estate license in Kansas City and the state of Missouri of
many people don’t know how easy the process can be to get your real estate
license in Kansas City and I just wanted to
share with you some information to directly down that path now to get you
real estate license in Kansas City is just a four-step process that the
state of Missouri requires to get your licensed everyone has to
take what’s called the Missouri pre exam course in the pre license course that’s
a forty eight-hour course that you can take either in class or
online if you’re looking for in class for online options visit the website that you’re gonna see
you at the bottom this video or click the links out within this blog post I after you
take that Missouri pre exam course you’re going to be prepared to take the actual
license test that test is gonna be national and
state-specific real estate questions After you past that
course is going to be another twenty four-hour course called the Missouri 24-hour Practice Course but that is the practice of real estate like
the business of real estate not practice for anything up more official, once you’ve completed
that course then that you’re gonna be ready to bring
all your paperwork and I’ll as well as your fingerprints so
those the fourth piece to the puzzle is you
have to get your fingerprints taken by and approved third party vendor that the state of Missouri is approved
the small little and where the online
courses you take your your tests or your your classes from or they’re gonna point you towards way to
get your license of fingerprints taken for your background yes if even if you have I fingerprints or
backgrounds done for if let’s say your teacher or a police
officer or or let simmer civilian contractor for
the Department of Defense you still have to take your fingerprints
for the state of Missouri. I so there’s that anyway I’m watching received an incomplete at
all for those stuff stocks when you gonna bring the people working in to whatever company you choose to do
business with and that decisions gonna be probably
wanted your biggest decisions that you make in real estate of for more information
on I which companies to pair up with links
will be down below as well so again I the the the process to get
your license in the state is only for a process you can take your pre exam
course the actual test itself your practice course and your
fingerprints once you’ve completed those four things you ready to turn in your packet to the
state awesome have a great day

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