Georgetown DC Real Estate – Everything You Need To Know

Georgetown DC Real Estate – Everything You Need To Know

Hey this is Jeff Leighton, your Washington
DC real estate expert and in this week’s video, we are going to
be talking about Georgetown, one of the most historic, beautiful,
and well known neighborhoods in all of Washington DC. So stay tuned! This neighborhood truly has it all, including
beautiful architecture that’s been around for generations, walking distance to the best shopping in DC along
M Street as well as a scenic waterfront with restaurants, shops, and more. And of course, it’s also home to the renowned
Georgetown University. With all the prestige of living in Georgetown
you will pay a premium price to live in this neighborhood. People come from all across the country as
well as the world to visit Georgetown because of its history as being one of the most prominent neighborhoods in
all of DC. Georgetown is located along the Potomac River right across from Arlington Virginia and its
one of the few neighborhoods whose boundaries have actually been written out according to federal law. Georgetown
is bounded by the Potomac River, Rock Creek Park Way, the northern edges of Montross and Dumbarton
Oaks parks, 35th street, Resevoir Road, and the Western border of Georgetown University. Some of the
bordering neighborhoods include Burleith, Foggy Bottom, The West End, and The Palisades Georgetown first rose to prominence in the
late Eighteenth Century when it was used as a trading destination because of its easily accessible location along the
Potomac River. In 1789 Georgetown University was founded and the neighborhood’s continued for the next hundred
years. During the start of the 20th Century more and more politicians moved into Georgetown but it really wasn’t
until the 1950s while JFK lived there the area became a trendy, affluent destination where the movers and shakers lived. It has
continued to grow in popularity and remains one of the most affluent neighborhoods in DC Georgetown is known as one of the most prestigious
and prominent neighborhoods in all of DC where many politicians and the wealthy reside. There
are numerous upscale restaurants, coffee shops, and even famous pastry stores like Georgetown Cupcake. Shopping
is also convenient here as there is an upscale shopping district just blocks away from the cobblestone and
quiet, tree-lined streets. In addition to the restaurants and shopping, Georgetown is also a nightlife destination
with many bars along M street as well as the waterfront which is beautiful at night. There are many historic row homes
and mansions throughout Georgetown that make it one of the most charming areas in all of DC. Georgetown is a walkable community and famously
does not have a Metro station. It is actually a beautiful place to walk and there are even self guided walking
tours of where JFK and other famous politicians used to live. Driving and parking can be a little difficult
at times as M street can get packed with tourists, shoppers, and others. There are, however, several bus routes that
can connect you to other parts of the city. Walking, biking, or taking the bus are the recommended forms of transportation Georgetown’s real estate consists mostly
of impressive restored row homes. Other housing options include stately mansions, condos, co-ops, and some apartments.
Residents pay top dollar to live in Georgetown because of the unbeatable location as well as the charm
of the historic homes. Georgetown has everything you could ever want
in a neighborhood including its historic architecture, a scenic waterfront, shopping, fine dining, all within
walking distance. It is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in DC for good reason and one of the top destinations
for tourists who from different states as well as different countries who have heard so many great things about this historic Washington DC neighborhood

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