[Full Movie] 欲望出租房 Rental Housing, Eng Sub | Drama 剧情电影 1080P

[Full Movie] 欲望出租房 Rental Housing, Eng Sub | Drama 剧情电影 1080P

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Thanks and enjoy. Welcome to subscribe our channels. The is the free and happy life that I wanted before You can do everything if you’re rich Don’t be overbearing at home I’m better than you, earn more than you I want to sleep with this woman Are you the mysterious women of Mr. Gao? You drink excessively, you’re out all night Sooner or later you’ll get in trouble Don’t have affairs with other men or I won’t forgive you Was that my fault even if I did that? A women should be good at grasping opportunities When will you pay me 30,000 remuneration? I’m your fucking boss Rental Housing Bro, do you have a house to rent? No Thanks Auntie, do you have a house to rent? Yeah Could you take us to have a look? Put down your belongs, it’s upstairs Look, here it is It is so empty Want it or not? Yes, yes, I rent this Give me the rent downstairs if you want it Ok Stop, you young people look out for your behaviors Don’t let me grumble at you Who poured the water? You’ll get out of here if I know who did this Damn it, let me tell you about the rent 200 one month, quarters to pay Pay me 10 days in advance each time 10 bucks per month per person for public sanitation and other safety, water and electricity charges 690 in total, give it to me Excuse me, I just have 500 May I give you the rest a few days later? Are you wasting my time? Auntie, do us a favor plz, we come from countryside We have nowhere to settle down It’s ok for two months Thank you Give you the key I’m tired of looking for a house What’s wrong? Be happy, we finally have a shelter Trust me, I must work hard to buy you a big house in this city I do not expect you but you should give me your salary It’s our agreement OK, I promise Don’t regret Aunt, you’re here Come, have a seat Do you have works? We just settle down today and we’re going to find works tomorrow Neither of you has a work? Don’t bring strangers back at night The others need safety I know, I know And you countrymen don’t make any noise at night It’ll disturb the others Don’t worry, we’ll keep silent Are you a couple? Of course You can’t have illegal cohabitation The police are strict What’s more Don’t quarrel here Most of you countrymen like quarrel If you want a quarrel, go out How do you know I like quarrel? Stop teaching us the lesson Look Aunt, don’t be mad Listen, you should teach them She doesn’t look like a good woman She won’t stop if you don’t interrupt Hey, dear, you’re great, only you can stop her Who is the boss between us? Of course you’re my boss You’re naughty Aunt, buy some apples Boy, don’t you know I’m too old to eat apple How about some fresh grapes? They’re good but too sour Hey, Xiao E Xiao E Look at her Does she live in your house? Yes, but has no job, lives off her husband She dresses up very beautiful Who didn’t flush the toilet? Who is that, come out? Get out if I know who you are Fucking noisy Deal, look, I take you something delicious Too many people there, it took me a long time to queue up Get up and have a taste, it’s getting cold Hey, what’s wrong? The old landlady came again forenoon She’s so bored It looks like I’m her daughter-in-law to work and support her Darling, let’s change the house, I can’t stand any more I just paid her, plz stay Well, tell you a good news, guess what it is? I just want to leave this place earlier At least we need to stay to the deadline I’d better go home as I can’t bear it any more How about you go out to work? I went out to find jobs but I have no education I need to stay here and listen to her complaint Bah, old witch, you’d better die How can you say that? It’s impolite Well, I was transferred to supervisory post My boss saw my skill was good and promoted me My job will be easier and I can earn more Oh, how much can you earn per month If I have overtime job every week I can earn extra 1000 bucks It’s a hard time So be it since I can earn more How can you accompany me if you go to work every weekend? You suffered more than me, you eat You’ll suffer less burden if I have a job I prepared you hot water, go and have a shower Hello, welcome We have an activity on this dress It tagged 1200, but now it costs 599, very nice You’re beautiful if you put on this dress Have a try? How is that? It’s good, how about the price? It is discounted, the minimum discount I can’t lower the price Well, here you are You poor woman, why did you try my dress? Watch out your words, you let me do that I asked you to try, you tried, now I ask you to buy, why do you refuse? Am I as silly as you? Humph, poor Hey, wait a second How did you treat your guest? I’ve told you many times the guest is the God You never listen Lady, my staff offended you in words just now I apologize for her Never mind, it’s not a big deal Tell her don’t judge a person by her clothing Yes, yes, yes, you’re right You’re elegant, how about we have a talk? It’s unnecessary Hey, just cost your a few minutes My office in the next room Why did you bring me here? I just watched your behaviors I thought you were good in eloquence Look at my big shopping mall I need many people to help with clothes sale Are you lack of staff now? Hey, there’s no one I liked They’re fool but you’re different Look at you, beautiful and elegant I need people like you How much commission can I get? Let me have a think Sure, you can consider about it You can come to work the day after tomorrow if you agree I’m here that day I got to go Um, ok, ok Why did you insult me in public? Hey, you thought too much and I just thought you should be nicer to your customers Your customers or your prey? Hey, you know me, she is my goddess A goddess in my dream Fine, fine, goddess, your goddess You call woman goddess before you sleep her You’ll dump her if you sleep her Goddess has no meaning to you Hey, am I that bad? It seems I have no advantages except I’m lecherous Hey, listen up, the worst man has true love I’ve been listening this for countless times Let’s talk about some true interests Do you want me to arrange that woman to work here? It’s you who know me the most It is good if your aunt can understand me as one half of you But each time you helped for money How about we have a trade? I want this woman You can handle that There’s no one better than you to seduce a woman Look at you Ah, you’re home Let’s eat Ok I’ve found a job What’s it? Good pay to sell clothes I worried about you Yuan Xiaoyong’s wife wants a helper in her florist It’s ok, I can totally handle it Hello, I want to see your boss, Mr. Gao Have a seat, Mr. Gao will come soon Wait for a second, plz Tea, plz I’m looking for you, why are you hiding here? I’m waiting for Mr. Gao He is having a training, I’m in charge here Remember, everything needs my permission here Mr. Gao called me here, I wait for him Are you coming for a job or a wait? look at your dress, you’ve found a job? It’s good We women shouldn’t live off men Look at the woman next door, just like to have her honeymoon at first But now she can’t even pay her rent You rebuke the renters just like your kids But they’re all ungrateful people Don’t piss off on us when you have nothing to do I thought of you, but you… My life drama is going to start from this damn place If you want it, I can give you 20% off It is 100 cheaper than last time Ok, give me one piece Which color do you prefer? Black Ok, let’s settle accounts this way Here is your receipt Welcome next time You’re good, Yu Xiaoe Thanks You’ve been here for a few days but you’ve sold many clothes Mr. Gao, get off What are you doing? Stand up, what are you doing? I and my kids are depending on you Nonsense What’s wrong? Stand up, you can’t do this You’re harassing me impolitely She is Lin’s wife who fell down from upstairs Miss, stand up, it is useless if you keep lying here He is right, you just need money Come to my office Hurry up, stand up Why are you here today? 400,000 is not enough Don’t forget I paid 300,000 medical expenses It’s not for us How much else do you want? 300,000, then it is 700,000 in total Am I doing charity? My husband has a permanent disability, it is reasonable for me to ask for a compensation You dare to say, the court awarded a compensation of 400,000 You don’t respect the law, you nonsense You planned to do this with a conspiracy Or why did you grab my leg in front of the leaders to embarrass me? You just need money Answer me, do you agree to do anything if I give you money? My money is spent with reasons Especially a woman like you who wants money but not face Promise me some conditions First, never come to my construction site again Don’t worry, I can leave this city if you give me 300,000 300,000? Should I give you what you ask? 130,000 is the most Want it or leave my office? Ok, 130,000, that’s ok One more condition, I write on the paper, consider about it Look it after your leave Xiao E, you’re totally different from the past Hey, I looked down on you at first when you came here Yeah, we were whispering when you first came to work You would leave soon You had a good achievement at the first month It really surprised us You guys are laughing at me, aren’t you? Let’s drink I think they should drink as a forfeit They looked down on you When you first time had a contest with Wang Shanna at the mall I knew you were not a kind person Wang Shanna, what did I say that day? I said you had a noble face, you must be succeed You need an extra drink Let’s drink together Enjoy yourselves, I have a man at home to be cared Xiao E, What does your husband do? Part-time job Why did you get married? Only at the right age It seems you don’t love him Well, last time your husband came to find you while you were at meeting Did he work at a construction site? Oh, I don’t know Xiao E, it is better for him to work as a goods security in our company Hey, Let’s talk about it later Come on Women are hard, need to serve the men after work Well, pathetical women Do you have a kid? No, I don’t want any Yu Xiao E, water flows downwards, people climb upwards A countryman can not appreciate your elegant temperament You garrulous woman, you want to break them up? She’s right, I don’t think he is right for you There are too many rich men Don’t waste your life with only one Come on, drink Water, water… Who told you to bring me water? Who told you to open the door? It’s closed Who are you and why are you here? Get out, out… Look at you, drink everyday Get drunk everyday, do you like a good woman? I’m not a good woman then who am I? Can’t women dink and go to party? You useless man, loser You can be overbearing at home if you can have a big mall And to be a manager I’m better than you, earn more than you Xiao E, Let’s go back Bah, to be a countrywoman? You go if you want, I don’t go back I must try my best to bring you out of this poor life Xiao E Hello, Mr. Gao Hello, I’m happy to see you at work What’s your order? Well, I had a meeting at the headquarters today to discuss to expand our business We planned to rent the third floor That’s good and we have good business now We would be stronger if we rent the third floor Yes, but I need to work back at the headquarters So I need someone to take over my position Who will? You see, of course someone who is close to me Xiao E, your perfume is not pure, fakery? I can’t afford the quality goods and you don’t raise me Well, I have some money in my bankcard, password is on the back Go and buy some makeups You can buy yourself a good cellphone since you don’t have one Take it… Mr. Gao, it is my reward his month? You’re beautiful and you are our corporate image I reward you I recommended you the manager at the Board of Directors Meeting No one disagreed Mr. Gao, I’m a green hand and I’m afraid… Hush, I have decided yet Go to your office tomorrow Xiao E, I heard you got a promotion Treat us tonight Ok, on my treat tonight I heard Yu Xiaoe would become the manager How about me? Hey, I just offered her an internship I can fire her at anytime The same old tricks Ok, I don’t care about my position She is going to be yours When will you pay me? Even Zhang Wanni has changed her car I can’t trust your words but your actions Don’t envy her, she is not a good woman You’re down-to-earth Who believe this? I already had two abortions for you Everyone knows here Hey, don’t mention the old sad story We had a deal that we wouldn’t hurt each other Don’t crap When will you pay me the 30,000? I have 10,000 here, just take it Pay me the rest soon This is the free, happy and natural life that I wanted Money can do everything for you Xiao E, how do you think about Mr. Gao? Good, handsome and gentle Do you like him? It’s ok, he is charming as he is rich I’ve heard you had a close relationship He is your uncle Who rumored this, fuck There is no good person at the mall Why are you still working there? Hey, I’m not educated Finally I got a job here But we are innocent Bullshit Honestly, the most important standard to judge a man is money The flashiest clothes can’t dress up a poor man Let’s dance You scared me, knock the door plz One alcoholic, one stays out all night, you’ll get in trouble Am I an alcoholic with just several cups? I’ve reminded you Watch out for your wife, she is not a simple woman She dressed up so fashion Do you know her job? Nightclub or bathhouse? Do you know? Aunt, get out, I need to go sleep You renter, watch your behavior I decide if you can live here You will move out if I am unhappy Why are they quarreling all day long? It can solve their problems Bad manner, look at this building They never stop quarreling If they can’t stand, just get divorce Xiao E, I’m trying to give you a better life Aunt, what’s wrong? Are you moving out? Ah, no Your wife said that Your rental is to 29, I’ve calculated your charge Hey, it seems I need to pay next month If you live more than a day, you need to pay another season Aunt, how can you do this? I don’t want to rent my room to you countrymen Did you quarrel last night? No, the next room You are not good people You are honest but look out your wife The woman next door ran away with some guy a few days before Ok, aunt, you want water and electricity fee I’ll take it for you Hello, Mr. Gao Hello, Xiao E, be seated Xiao E, you’d better pay attention to your dress Ok, thanks You should contact more with senior management Don’t go home after work in a rush Sir, I’m not used to that You’ll get used to it slowly You are beautiful and clever and you are good at social intercourse You don’t know I just win my success in exchange for my healthy You can’t but to do that My life is getting better as you can help me with the toast I’m not good at drinking Hey, you need more exercises Come with me tonight at a feast Do some make up Mr. Gao, when can I attend the headquarters meeting? Well, it depends on your achievement Let Xiao Wang deal with the handover matters Well, I know Ok, I’ll leave first See you later Why did you have entertainment so late? Work affairs Don’t lie, it is at midnight I can’t stand this life any more Do you want a divorce? No Let’s live apart What’s the difference between that and a divorce? I don’t want to quarrel with you, I just need a quiet life You’re tough now Rough man, you’re not the only one I am trying to make you happy Don’t give me hope, you’re always trying You’re totally a loser just give me promise People are different from each other, fingers are not with the same length As a woman, am I wrong as I want a happier life? Don’t think too much about marriage I just do my life routine Sister, look at what I bring to you Um, it is delicious I’ve heard you lived in this office Yeah Oh, you quarreled with him You are clever If you have no place to stay, come to me A woman should be nicer to herself to love herself Never depend on a man The most time we rely on ourselves Life has too many doors You can open another one if you opened a wrong one The worst is that you don’t have a key when you want to Well, Mr. Gao has another one Look, is this a beautiful place? It is the best block in this city, all lights are on at night It is close to your workplace It is good for me if I can live in Here is the living room Don’t be silly, come over Well, beautiful place? Yes, it is, but I’m afraid I can’t afford it It is big but the decoration is warm You’re not alone when you live here Just me live here? How about you come with me? I don’t like to stay at one place too long I’ll come back someday Well, I heard you like Mr. Gao no, it’s a rumor Mr. Gao is the best man in the world So many women want to date him You have good taste as you like him A woman should seize the right time I got a new job Why don’t you be happy for me? Should I? it is also a hard work Your disdain comes to your good job Do you have one? Loser Can I be happy if I live with you? To stay in this dark and crowded room and bear that wordy old lady Is your life happy? You never trust me You hoped I could have an old lady’s life But you were wrong, I can prove to you no, I have proved I can have a better life You look down at me and treat me as a useless maid to serve you at home Never come back if you leave today Xiao E, you needn’t to do these Leave it to the others I just take a look here Hey, I think you have something in your heart A woman can’t hide anything I understand that You are the first girl who fascinates me But I never force anyone Especially a woman I appreciated Well, I need you to stay with me There is a party tonight Elites of commerce and culture are going to attend How about you come with me? Yu Xiaoe, why are you in a hurry? What’s wrong? Didn’t Mr. Gao tell you? There is a party and we need to attend together I forgot as he didn’t tell me the location Let me take you and enjoy there Don’t think too much, just have a drink and you can meet many gentle and elegant men Come with me after work Hello, welcome to Jincai Shijia Hello, I want to try your Chi-pao and Evening Dress Ok, Personal Tailor is our main business How about your Personal Tailor? Well, we make your dress with your body shape and have the professional tailoring It is the most specific hotel in this city I’ve never been here It is totally different from the outside world Hey, I just bring you into the paradise I never forget who treats me well Look at your clothes, I bring you something new Hurry to change it You’re nice to me We’re good friends Excuse me, we’re late Come, sit next to me Is she the mysterious lady of Mr. Gao? You are really beautiful and elegant Thanks She is the boss here and sister of Mr. Gao’s brother-in-law and the biggest shareholder of our Ronggao Group She is so good Xiao E, you’re good at communication I was worry about you You needn’t, just some family talk Excuse me, everyone Mr. Gao, have a drink first Ok, I deserve that Excuse me Help yourselves There is a bathroom inside I want to vomit Baby, are you ok, you just have a full cup I’m ok with it You go inside and I can take care of her She is not well today Ok, I know What’s wrong? I’m fine Xiao E, don’t you even like me a little? Do you want to hear a truth or a lie? Of course the truth What if it hurts your self-esteem? I don’t care I just applauded to your bravo speech Well, I admire you and I do like you, but… Mr. Gao, what are you gonna do? Mr. Gao. don’t be like this You can’t drink like this any more It harms your liver Are you ok? Don’t be like this ever Mr. Gao, how could you be here? Hey, Xiao Shen, why are you here? Came with my friend Oh, I got to go now Be yourself He is the one Mr. Cao wanted Do you know him? Yes, it is him Are you sure about that? I’m sure, let me make a call Mr. Cao, I’ve searched his way home Mr. Cao. it is the only way he goes home -Sir, it is his car
-Follow him Mr. Gao. get off Who are you? Wanna rob me? Gao Cenhui, do you recognize me? I had gone to Xin Jiang with him My leg was hit by a steel board My bone hasn’t been cured yet by now Did you get a compensation? More than 70,000 What pissed me off was he ran away with my money I’m your boss You don’t know me? You don’t know? Stand up Mr. Cao, I owe you 70,000 Only 70,000? How about I pay you 700,000 700,000 Ten times of the interest I want 7,000,000 Your interest is too high It is too high I don’t have that much money I leave you 5 days Only 5 days What’s wrong with you these days? You have been sleeping for days Did you resign? No What should I do? What I want the most now is a divorce But, Ah, it is painful, why does my life so twisted? Wang Shanna, what’s up? Ouch, my lady, what’s wrong with you? You haven’t come to work and we are so busy Just Xiao Zhang and me, hurry up come back Hey, she is coming Xiao E, where have you been? You didn’t answer me I’m sick We have been discussing about your sickness Xiao E, I’m older than you, can you answer me Did you have affairs with Gao Cenhui? They have talked about you I am just curious, Gao Cengui is not a good man Wang Shanna was hurt by him She had two abortions for him Why are you reading these books? They’re not porn About falling in love and marriage I have been reading these books since our marriage had a problem I want to learn something What do you get? Nothing yet It is said men are thinking with their penises, I think so You just keep reading these useless books When can you improve yourself? I can’t improve myself any more I’m not you, pretend to be good-educated Don’t touch me tonight Who’s calling? A client Hello, why do you call me so late? I miss you very very much I’m just downstairs Come out, don’t torture me Wait for a second, I’m coming Open the door, pay me the rent Aunt, I should pay you tomorrow You need to pay as I come here, it’s a deal Don’t crap, pay me Come tomorrow No, you’ll move out if you don’t pay Your wife shouted to move out Aunt, I’ve lived here for so long, when did I owe your money? I won’t go without paying Ok, prepare for me tomorrow Why are you so panic? Police is looking for us, we’re wanted Ah, why? Because of Mr. Gao It is a crime, police must catch you Well, what should I do, Mr. Cao is going abroad I’m scared and I want to give up It is not a big deal as your extortion was failed Stay in prison just for days Ok, Ok Where have you been last night? Did you have affairs with some guy? Bullshit You are clear in your heart Never cheat on me or I won’t forgive you Do you have any evidence? Landlady told me You had come back with a man That’s too much, you just judged me with a rumor A rumor? should I doubt you with only a rumor? Where have you been? All of your clothes are brand goods Explain, how can you afford these? Don’t doubt me, I did nothing Doubt you? Can you make it clear? Stop, just divorce, I can’t stand you any more Divorce? You cheated me and should I let you go easily? Please let me go I just want a quiet life Should you blame me as I cheat on you? Take your belongs and fuck off Baby, since we are here Don’t be sad, ok? Tomorrow I take you go on vacation after my meeting If you are lack of money, just let me know Ok? Ok, be happy Oops, I thought there was no body I didn’t go back after my quarrel You can’t stop quarreling, just divorce Everyone knows about you and your boss How can you get back to your husband? A man can never forgive a dishonest woman Well, I offer you a program on the promote sales Can you cancel it as I’m not at my condition? My parents will move in next month Your wife asked when will you end this? You gossiping women can’t stop even for a while She never cares about you but too many people know about you this time You two even did it in a public toilet You’re so brave Her husband will know sooner or later You’ll get in trouble if she doesn’t get divorce While what’s your opinion? I don’t have any Maybe Zhang Wanni can help you Then everything will be fine Yes, it’s a good idea I’m going to arrange Thanks Open the door, anybody? Aunt, they haven’t come back for days Hey, it’s you Can’t I come back? Don’t blame me I think your husband is a good man There are more than 40 families I’ve seen different kind of people Hey, What’s the use of a good man? He benefits his family A better man can give his wife a sweeter life It’s all over Maybe I was wrong What did I want? What did I do? I’m a bad woman I did cruel things when I got a chance My mom doesn’t like me My brother and sister don’t like me Just because I am selfish Who didn’t live for herself? Sorry, sorry Let me introduce, Wan Ni He is our new technical supervisor, Mr. Shen Hello Mr. Gao, I toast to you I don’t drink tonight Wan Ni, it’s your time I drive you home, ok? Enjoy yourselves Your home is nearby Turn right 100m ahead you book a room at the hotel Book a room? Take care of her Ok, I can do that What a woman! What can you get from the table? You don’t even know who sells you out I’m a gentleman or you’re fucked tonight Animal, how dare you cheat me to bring me here? None of my business You were dumped and I saved you Bah, you took advantage of me and you said to save me Wait to be put into prison You wrong me, just listen to me You don’t know if you were fucked I was drunk, give me your phone Gao Cenhui asked me to bring you here You can ask him Gao Cenhui? Give me your phone This is 500 he gave me to book a room for you I was afraid I couldn’t explain if I took a drunk woman to a hotel Then I brought you here Gao Cenhui did this, don’t lie to me You poor man, how could he know you? We were drunk last night He asked me to book a room for you Bullshit, I’ll ask him by myself or you’ll be a dead man Hello, Mr. Gao Last night… That was how you took care of me to hand me to an asshole Police, I got raped How can you do that? Shut up, there isn’t a good man in the world Wait, I can’t let you go Waiter What can I do for you? Bring me two whores Ok Mr. Gao Yo, Mr. Gao, long time no see Gao Cenhui, how do you really treat me? She is becoming naughty Leave her alone, let’s play Let’s get drunk Have a drink first Here you are Did Mr. Gao come here today? I just hand over, you can take a look Stop, Gao Cenhui What are you doing? Stop, I have something to say Speak Why did you let Zhang Wanni seduce my husband? He won’t do that Don’t call him husband What do you mean? Don’t come to me if you keep doing this I’ve lost my husband, I can’t lose you I love you and I need you I can have a divorce and marry you It’s unnecessary But… Don’t say that Let’s talk about it later It is ok that I like you I’m pregnant, I have your baby What? Pregnant? Don’t crap Don’t tangle me with that If you still do this I won’t let it go Did you instigate Gao to hurt my husband? You dare to beat me Stop Loose me Stop that, calm down Crazy woman What a pathetic woman if you fell in love with such a man What are you doing here, be a thief? Watch your words What if your heart is dirty I don’t want to quarrel with you Run, no way Bitch, It’s enough You ashamed woman I know your affairs with Gao Cenhui It’s ok cause everyone knows about us We were consensual Different from you A poor countrywoman dares to take my status and position No way Well, almost forget to tell you Gao Cenhui has fired you and he didn’t love you How can he do that? Because of me I reported your affairs to the superior And then they fired you after hearing about that You yellow dog, but it is better for me as I don’t want to stay here any more A fraud, shameless person Stay here and keep doing your job How can you find me here? You seduced me to be addicted to your money world and then let me fall in love with you Now you’re bored and hate me Why are your pushing me? That’s enough Am I redundant to you? What do you really want? We can’t understand each other any more Don’t crap You can find another man for yourself Asshole How can I marry a dishonest woman? What a naive woman! Manager, should I delete Yu Xiaoe’s program? Ok, I got you Shan Na, I’m sorry that I led to this result Let me stand on the stage plz Maybe it is the last show in my life Believe me I can make it You were fired and you’re not qualified now Mr. Gao told us you’re not allowed to come here I know that but I beg you the last time Gao Cenhui, you animal How many women will you ravage? Xiao E, I’m sorry A breeze, a dream Love is as mysterious as life What exactly enchant your heart? Your figure is vanishing in the dark night Let’s see what shows up after the peach flower blooming Gao Cenhui, you asshole Miss Zhao, I’m done I’m pregnant The construction site has made rapid progress recently You’ve done a lot Today on my treat Be happy Who is Gao Cenhui? I am We are police Police? Police? You were suspected to be involved in a rape case A rape case? Me? A rape case I know who set me up I know Go with us I know this day is coming sooner or later Xiao Shen, your wife jumped into the river Hey, she must play in a swimming pool It’s true, hurry up How could it be? You idiot, hurry up, let’s go Hurry up, over there Xiao E, what are you doing? Xiao E Leave me alone, stop there Stop Don’t do that It’s my fault, I’m sorry I know you treat me the best But I… Put your scissors down Put them down Don’t explain, I understand

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  11. 现实生活中多了去这种女人👩,等到了不想玩时,找个老实人嫁了!是不是老实人都活该?还不如做妓的好。自力更生。

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  13. I would've grabbed her 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 right away

  14. 身体是自己的 自己做主

  15. 片名是什么

  16. 臭三八⋯⋯等你浪夠了、世就爛透了!虛榮的女人最該死、片需爛但也看完了、


  18. She is not a rural girl. She is a beautiful actress and top model. The husband is not suitable for her.
    She is like a luxury car, not for common people. Thanks for eng.sub. from Italy.

  19. 好感動

  20. Like now

  21. 那个男的一看就懂不是好东西了…是不是鸡白流水了…

  22. 老实人,成功在接盘

  23. مشتهيه بليز

  24. 反映的確是當今社會的真實,為生活,為向上流動,不惜一切代價,直到事情發生才醒覺起來,但已經太遲!無可奈何,人總是從錯誤中學習!

  25. X

  26. 爛片

  27. 中国女人的愚昧无知

  28. this boss is stupid, rich but dont know how to enjoy woman properly.

  29. 👍👍👍

  30. 因果报应 自作自受 到底谁无耻下流 都一路货色. 只是 欲望不同 ..想死 就去死 还让前任去怜悯 卑鄙….总结一句 赚钱行 玩啥别玩感情….害人害己

  31. 恶性循环 你的今天就是是前任丈夫的明天..互相折磨吧

  32. This morality less / mentality less' society was designed by the China's top "General Designer" Deng killer.

  33. 不用洗澡就做了

  34. 跳河 会污染水的。 想死回回家去死。

  35. Nice movie.. but, Never trust a woman, is this true love??

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