Fredrik Eklund’s ‘Not-Selling’ Real Estate Strategy | Million Dollar Listing New York (S7 E5)

Fredrik Eklund’s ‘Not-Selling’ Real Estate Strategy | Million Dollar Listing New York (S7 E5)

– Fredrik.
What are we doing here? You’re a professional, right? – You know how many people
want this deal? It’s the hottest project
in NoHo. – That’s very interesting to
me–repeat that. Wait, how many people
have called you and said this is the hottest–
– There’s brokers calling us– – But why are they calling you? They want the listing.
– No, they want to get in. – So get to the punch line
already. Why do I have to sit here? – It’s obviously something
serious. He has nothing to show us.
– Oh, my God. – No. No. No. No.
But you can’t– We haven’t even launched yet. Why would you try to negotiate? Turning everyone away
actually made them want it more, and more, and more. And that’s when
I started accepting offers. I know why you’re calling.
Before we get started, does your client want it
or not? – They do. – Oh. [speaking foreign language] I should have tried
not selling years ago. I want to congratulate
you both for listening to my strategy. The building,
just like you heard, is the hottest new building
in New York City. Oh, oh, oh. 2E, full ask, 1.855. 3E, 3,325,000. 3, 1.925. 4A, 4.125. 3.335, 6C. 7C, Oh, my God.
This was one of my favorites. Over 3,400 a foot. 4C,
3 million 50, full ask. Of course,
everything is full ask. 5C, 3.150. 4D, 3.425. 3D, 3.325. Oh, there was another one.
See, the pages are so many. 9B, 6.760. Wait here,
this is the best one. Penthouse A,
10,185,000, full ask. Plus the parking of
$500,000. Last one, 5D, 3.560. So 61,500,000,
25% sold. Before we even opened. Wow, you’re actually
speechless. So nice to enjoy the silence.
– Okay, all right. That is impressive.
– Yeah. For the non-sell sell. That means a lot to me. Thank you. – There’s a lot more to go.
Relax. Relax. – The momentum is there.
The hype is there. We need to ride it. We’re happy.
– Yes. – Maybe even a little smile? – When they’re signed yes.
– When they’re signed. – When they’re signed.
I’ll be happy.

35 thoughts on “Fredrik Eklund’s ‘Not-Selling’ Real Estate Strategy | Million Dollar Listing New York (S7 E5)

  1. Fredrik's foundation is NOT matching. He looks like an umpa lumpa. -,-

  2. FAKE . I could write a more realistic interaction.

  3. I'd like to SLAP the person who did his makeup.

  4. What a fucking beast

  5. LOL YESSSSS. he actually really shut them up they were speechless.

  6. Fred’s clients need to be appreciative for once.

  7. damn, that's much money, u can't let investors giving all that, initially, u have to negotiate, that's wrong. period.

  8. Shut your mouth he sold them

  9. ok now he's just gloating

  10. Frederick knows what he's doing guys!

  11. It worked!!! Good job Fredrik!! πŸ™‚

  12. I LOOOVED this part of the episode

  13. Is real estate in NYC filled with characters?

  14. shut the skint judens up!

  15. Who tells someone to relax after having such momentum?

  16. What disgusting people

  17. I actually love him πŸ˜‚πŸ’™

  18. Fredrick just totally gutted them and all dude could say was: relax…they're not ALL sold yet. giggles

  19. Lol!! They were so happy and relieved and did everything they could not to show! Fredrick and these guys are the best!! πŸ˜€πŸ‘

  20. He did a DJ Khaled. lol

  21. These guys are such dicks!!!! Fredrick is consistently AMAZING and ABOVE BAR!!! He rarely gets the respect and appreciation he deserves from his developers, and other competitors. Fredrick is brilliant, hard working, and has a huge heart. He inspires me and millions of people. Keep shut'n em down Fredrick!!!!!!!!

  22. This is funny as heck.

  23. Fredrik Eklund's looks like Fornite default skin

  24. Did you the faces on those jackasses?

  25. Love it.

  26. """ + the parking at 500k $ """ wtf

  27. Catty lil thing

  28. Good Lord people its television oh this is real oh its really happening please its staged get out there and live stop watching this junk

  29. This is one of Fredrick's all time great selling strategies. He tried not to sell it and build the hype using the old fashioned gossip girl strategy and dialing numbers only to tell them at the end that they called the wrong number lol. At the party everybody kept going at him putting offers and he is refusing it so he had to leave lol.

  30. Super Gay Powers Are Required For Selling Homes Apparently

  31. Like a boss

  32. 25% sold preopen is pretty bad. In Atlanta you need like 50-60% sold before they even build the project.

  33. I love him; he knows his stuff and then some.

  34. They’re just mad because Freddy made them eat their words! Hope they tasted good gentlemen! πŸ˜‹πŸ™

  35. He was funny guy with excellent expression

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