Finding The Best Real Estate School for You!

Finding The Best Real Estate School for You!

hey guys I’m Ashley Pickens The
real estate marketing maven and in this video we are talking about real estate
school so if you’re trying to decide whether or not to go to a classroom or
take it online this video is for you so thanks for watching and don’t forget to
subscribe ok guys so for me the two biggest standout pros for online school
definitely have to be the convenience and the fact that it’s self-paced so
most people who get into real estate already have a full-time job you know
they’re doing this is kind of like a side hustle or they might eventually
want to go to real estate full-time but in the beginning they have a full-time
job so you know they’re working from 9:00 to 5:00 or they have some they’re
busy most of the day a lot of times people have kids so you have to worry
about dropping them off picking them up if they have extracurricular activities
and sometimes being in a classroom it’s just not convenient your schedules just
conflict have you ever had a class where you really wanted to take it but it
would just not work with your schedule so with online classes no matter if you
work like first shift second shift third shift you can get in the class before
your kids get up if you wake up a couple hours early
you could get in a class before they wake up if you’re like a late night kind
of person you could jump in after hours there’s just no limit the hours are so
flexible for online school hey so the positive things about the classroom
setting I say the two biggest things are that it’s interactive and there are
fewer distractions so in the classroom we all know you have that teacher who
can break it down for you if you’re having trouble understanding you can
stop right in the middle of class and say hey I don’t understand can you
explain that again unlike in the online online setting you have to wait it might
be a delay in response to get an answer to your question also in a classroom
you’re surrounded by people who are in the same industry as you everybody in
the class is trying to get their real estate license so you’ll probably be
doing business with these people in the future so it’s nice to see them and know
them so when you do work with them in the future you already have that
relationship built also in the classroom since it’s in the classroom and you have
a teacher they stay it stays on track right unlike in the online setting you
could take three weeks to cover one new but when you’re in the classroom with a
teacher she’s gonna stay on pace stay on topic each class it’s the new lesson the
next lesson and you can’t like procrastinate with all that flexibility
you have being in an online classroom say so guys really quickly I just want
to show you how you find a real estate school so when I was 21 and didn’t know
anybody in the industry didn’t know anything about finding a real estate
school I literally googled real estate schools and then all of these schools
popped up that were near me so I literally just went on here look at the
reviews clicked on it went to their websites saw when the classes were how
much it costs and picked the one that I thought worked for me that’s how I did
it now did I know all cities basically have a real estate association so if you
live in Dallas Houston LA you can real I live in Memphis so we have the Memphis
area Association of Realtors okay that’s the name of ours they have a website you
can go to so whatever city you live in I’m sure there is an association of
realtors in that city so put that in Google and find their website and on
their website you will be able to find real estate schools if you don’t
remember anything else I say please remember whatever school you choose
online or in class make sure it is approved by the state I would hate for
you to spend your coins on a school and they are not approved by the states okay
because they will not work you won’t get your license so on our Memphis area
Association of Realtors they have all the approved credited schools that you
can go to and get your real estate license so do that that’s how you find a
good real estate school now when I do my online classes I always go to the C
eShop there are so many online resources but this is just the one that I really
love the best and I take all my continuing education at the C eShop and
I actually got my broker’s license requirements through the C eShop when I
got my real estate license my affiliate broker’s license I got it in the
classroom when I went to get my broker’s license
I took it online here at the C shop so they’re always what I love about
them is they always have like some kind of discount or promo right now they’re
doing 35% off their real estate courses so I’m just want to show you really
quick what it would look like so you know what a what an online class is like
so they give you a login you log in I’ve been on the sea eShop for years so all
my courses are here what I do love about the sea eShop is that they will
automatically send your certificate to the state so I don’t have to worry about
putting out my certificate emailing it to the state to make sure they know I’ve
met my requirements they send it for me so here is a class code up at this class
that you have to take and I’m just going to show you briefly what it looks like
inside of the course if you were to be an online class so you come in here they
have like the units they break it down for you all the units it looks like
there are five units in this class at the end of each unit there’s an exam and
then at the end there is a final exam okay and you have to pass that in order
to get your certificate here you can also print all the slides off if that’s
better for you you can print them off and follow along as you’re in the class
and kind of highlight what’s important to you so a couple things to note on the
course orientation page it kind of gives you a breakdown of how to navigate the
computer requirements exam details course completion and progress here’s
something to note so for technical technical support is available by phone
or live chat seven days a week and you can also email but for questions related
to course content you email the website a course instructor will respond within
48 hours so unlike a classroom there might be a slight delay if you have
trouble understanding something in your online class you gotta wait 48 hours
instead of just being able to walk up to a teacher and ask a question okay also
down here most of the credit hours are usually three hours more most of the
classes are three hours so at times you write here to make sure you complete
your three hours real quick I’ll show you what it’s like inside of a unit so
basically you go through you have to read
self-paced murid understand click through the slides make sure you
understand them a lot of times if it’s something like a law or a rule they’ll
have another little link that lets you click and go into depth about what you
just read about just for a better explanation so you go through you would
read these make sure you understand it and then sometimes I’m the CEO up they
have little quizzes after a few slides so you just read the question then the
code answer can only be made at what level answer the question they do that
to make sure you understand what you’ve read what you’re reading ok if you don’t
answer the question or if you get the question wrong it will make you go back
you cannot go forward until you get the question right ok I’m so that kind of
just shows you what the slides look like what an online class would be like it’s
self-paced you go with your own pace I could do this whole course in one day or
it could take me three weeks to do this whole course so I just want to show you
I do love the sea eShop there are other online classes you just pick the one
that’s best for you

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  1. In this video Im discussing the differences between attending real estate school online or in a classroom. Im also showing you how to find a real estate school in your area and what an online class looks like. I love using for all of my online real estate classes. Thanks for watching! #realestateschool #realestateagent

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  2. Such good info for those in and interested in real estate!

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