Finding Real Estate Motivated Seller Leads Using Postcards and Letters

Finding Real Estate Motivated Seller Leads Using Postcards and Letters

Brent should I just start talking like
people yeah I can do that, can you do any voice over brent No, that suck’s I did everything myself and here that is not how’d he do the
business and that right there is a house that I
have already flipped as well. And I already know that I can flip this house to a buyer on my buyers list cause I got strong buyers list in this area Hey what’s up guy’s, John Cochran here and today
is system Saturday the day that I bring you a system that I use my business that
you can rip off duplicate using your own local market now today system saturday
session we’re going to talk about is finding motivated seller leads using
postcard and letters okay so there’s a couple
different ways that you can do direct-mail you can use postcards or
letters or you can do both of them okay so direct mail guy’s is a great way to find motivated so sellers leads right now
thinking at like this think about your you’re on mailbox maybe
ten years ago he got flooded with just a bunch of span
you know but have you know all these different articles magazines and all the stuff
that you just weren’t interested in a lot of the stuff that you got you just instantly
throw away now fast forward to now the present time and
I guarantee you that you have noticed over that time that your mailboxes got extremely a
wider when it comes to the spam male okay and
now is why that that reason is why direct mail
right now is a killer Avenue to go and find motivated sellers
were so we use them we use direct mail a lot in our
investing business on in order to find motivated sellers
okay so whenever you’re sending out direct mail
okay you’re gonna get some type of response rate whenever people are you send out a thousand letters okay
is thousand postcards what every send out and then how how many people are
actually going to respond you is going to be what’s going to be the response rate now
normal and direct mail anytime that you’re
sending out postcards are uh letters or anything like that normal
killing it is actually one to three percent meaning
that you sent out a thousand letters you’re gonna get about 10 calls okay so
thousand letters are going to get ten call that is killing it in the direct mail
world and all different niches that killing it we have developed we have it literally
systematize and really figured out our direct mail funnel
and we are now getting 26 percent on our direct mail
so that means that whenever a thousand people we sent out a
thousand letters okay we are going to get 260 of them to call us okay so when we do this every single office is
just one avenue of 10 that we have to find motivated sellers
so we have completely master this entire thing so that’s what than normal responses and then that’s what we’re
getting an hour in our direct mail funnel okay now there’s two ways just like I
said there’s two ways to do direct mail you got postcards and then you can send
letters okay let’s break this down a little bit
postcards on the here’s the upside a postcard
postcards are cheap okay you can send them out for less than 40
cents per card so we love using it because they’re extremely cheap okay on
you gotta make them stick out your postcard have to be may stick out and we do
that by using different colors in our in our postcards okay so we
just don’t send you know white postcards or anything like that
sometimes will send and odd size sometimes will we use different colors whatever we
gotta make them stick out somehow okay the thing that I love about
postcards is that nobody has to open up anything so
your message if you get your message right okay will see it right on your postcard
and nobody even has to open anything nobody has to even open anything up
because you they just grab they look to to their male hole there’s postcard in your
gonna make it stick out and they are going to see your message everybody that you sent us to is going
to see your message use it you want to use these postcards at the
beginning of your direct mail funnel describe your list the reason I say that
is this this is the one on the cheapest route to
direct-mail so it only makes sense that if you go
out and buy a list it only make sense to send out the cheap marketing first to
find out all the return uh mailing and they’re all the return the
postcards that you’re gonna get okay so that all the return postcard
then you can go on skip trace those and then you can do more on your more
expensive type marketing on like your letters okay on one other
thing is that guys your message on these postcards it has
to be spot-on but bottom line it has to be spot on
you gotta get that message right you gotta have that emotional spot on motivated sellers in order to
you get him to call you to major response
rate go up like we have ok, and then you have letters letters
that you can send out so we cover the postcard the you can also send out letters my
letters I mean you know you can send out yellow letters
uh you can set up corporate letters from your company you can send out
personal letters as well we need to do all on those three okay now with letters the cost is going to be higher than
postcards okay so the cost is going to be a little bit higher somewhere around about a dollar twenty
and up about dollar 29 and up it’s going to be about that price okay you want to make sure that you hand
write on all your envelopes for a better open right so whenever you you had your envelopes
whatever sometimes we we’d like to use that the invitation a party size
invitation um envelopes and to what we’ll do is
we’ll hand right on those envelopes and not yeah I mean
it’s it’s gonna be a little legwork we have a stay at home mom a ride on all
these so they hand right the address is on all these enveloped to
get a higher open right okay and again just like on postcard your message inside your
letters it has to be spot-on so whenever they open up that that
letter you you literally don’t have very long in order to capture their attention to get them to pick up
the phone so they can end up calling you and then you can go on by their property
yet that is the biggest thing is getting that message at in on
direct-mail just absolutely spot-on now in our funnel on our direct mail funnel
guys what we’ll do is we will use both postcard and letters whenever we are finding
motivated seller so we use both in the same funnel so we don’t just you know going by
list anything like that or just have a list and going just send nothing but
postmarked on or we don’t just send nothing but uh letters to them we actually mix it
in there and it’s very very strategic and that’s why that we get a very very high response rate
on all on direct-mail now over the next a week or so I’m going
to give you a chance in order to get my same exact funneled
not just for um direct mail but finding all these
different motivated sellers that we’ve used to put over twenty seven properties
on contract in the past thirty a day so um super
super powerful so guys make sure that you do direct mail
it is a perfect time to do it right now um use postcards and letters and you will
absolutely kill it and again we have ten on these strategies that we use and they absolutely just get those sellers
calling us so that we can go through and buy all
these properties that huge discount like this video subscribers this on YouTube
and I’ll see on the next videos.

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