Finding a Great Real Estate Lawyer in Vancouver

Finding a Great Real Estate Lawyer in Vancouver

Hey everyone. it’s Craig Veroni with
RE/MAX Masters Realty and this is where you Live. Love. Own Vancouver today we’re talking about conveyance in real estate. So you have a firm deal on the purchase
or sale of your home. Now what? Well you need to find a great lawyer or notary to
help you convey that property and today we’re gonna be speaking with Kushal
Bains and Bell Alliance and he’s gonna tell you exactly why you need to find
the right fit for yourself for the conveyance of your property. Let’s go
hear what Kushal has to say. Hi I’m Kushal Bains I’m one of the senior real estate lawyers at Bell Alliance. Just to help you with my name, it’s Kush like cushion,
hall as in hallway. If you mispronounce it I don’t mind at all. Give me a call and we can chat. Our office specializes in residential real estate and will probably do about 200
conveyances a month. I personally do about 50-70. Give me a call, I’d love to help. conveyancing is a fancy word but, what really we’re trying to do is we have
property owned by person A and we’re trying to convey that property to person B. I think the most important thing for a buyer or a seller to do is make sure they have a
professional team put together before the deal gets to lawyer or the notary it’s
your REALTOR who drafts the contract it’s your REALTOR that negotiates price.
It’s really important that you don’t pick up friend or a family member, you
pick a professional. The same sort of idea with a mortgage broker or specialist we
don’t negotiate your rate we’re not the ones who can guarantee the deal will fund on the day in terms of what conditions were set. So, I think the most important
thing is to make sure that you surround yourself with a professional team so the
mortgage broker specialist and the REALTOR are the one’s who do all the heavy lifting front end then then we come in and what our job is to make sure that
whatever deal you struck or that deal actually happens and all your rights
are protected and you get the home that you want and negotiated for. Explain the biggest difference between a lawyer and a notary. sure absolutely the first thing there is
a misconception out there that notaries are always cheaper than lawyers.
It’s not in fact true. It is a very competitive market so frankly we’re all
within a hundred dollars or so of each other and I have seen some notary bills
that are higher. Having said that I don’t think cheapness or price point
should be your driving force the key thing is expertise. The big advantage
lawyers have is frankly we’re better able to deal with problems if they occur. If there is a legal issue and again it doesn’t always happen but does sometimes happen
if you’re dealing with a notary you will eventually have to switch to a lawyer which is that last minute switch can be quite stressful but, if you’re dealing with us
there’s an issue we can help. The biggest issue from my perspective is have you put together a professional team? Because, again as I mentioned earlier your REALTOR and
your mortgage broker really matter. Both on the front end because they’re the one’s
who draft the contract or arrange the mortgage. But, also on the back end if there’s an issue the first people I want to call are the mortgage broker or the REALTOR and I
need their help and support because the idea is that we want to get to deal done
and we want everything to go smoothly. So, I think the most important thing, the biggest mistake I see people do they
pick their friend or they don’t put the investment of time in picking the right REALTOR and the right mortgage broker specialist. The biggest thing is have a professional
not someone who does this part time but, someone who does this for a living and
has been doing it for a while. I guess I would like to say fit really matters here so pick someone that fits you and your particular personality. If you like
emailing a lot, does someone respond to your email? If you like to chat, like for example I enjoy talking to people so I don’t mind at all talking to you on the phone or I’m quite quick and responsive by way of email so lots of us can do this job but
this is a big deal for you is pick the firm that fits you and you’re immediate family
and personality. Real estate really is all about relationships and I have cultivated excellent relationships with those professionals whom you’ll need to make
sure that your next home purchase or sale is a smooth and efficient one. Like
Kushal said, it all starts with a great team. I really hope you’ve enjoyed this
video and if you know someone whom you think would benefit from the information
in here, please be sure to LIKE, comment, or, share this video with them and until
next time have a great day remember, this is where you Live. Love Own Vancouver!

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