Find Bargain BMV Property Deals That Estate Agents Don’t Want You To Know About

Find Bargain BMV Property Deals That Estate Agents Don’t Want You To Know About

Hello and welcome. I’m Rob from
I just want to say thank you for taking a moment of your time out today to come and
check on this quick training video which is where I’m going to show you exactly how to
use four very simple tricks and techniques to find and spot bargain property deals using
the search tool Zoopla. This is going to be great for you whether
you’re just starting out in property and just maybe considering how to get started or how
to build a property portfolio, or even if you’re a little bit more established in property
and you already have a couple of properties under your belt, but you’re just simply looking
at ways in which to try and find the next deal, or the next suitable property.
What we’re going to go through in this video is, very quickly, just some nice simple tricks
and techniques you can use to use Zoopla to its maximum effect really. There’s a lot of
investors and people out there that use Zoopla, and Rightmove as well, the two main property
portals, but don’t know the difference and techniques, if it were, and how to get the
most out of the portal. How to get the most out of the search tool.
What we want to try and do here is create a nice short list of potential deals so we
don’t have to rely on the estates agents to pass us opportunities or give us a call with
what they think might be the latest deal. What we want to do here is really take the
opportunities into our own hands and create a nice short list that we can then go out
and start doing some viewings on. In this video we’re going to run through those
trick and techniques that I mentioned, and really help to create a short list of potential
bargain property deals in your area. Let’s get started and crack straight on.
What you can see here is that we’re now on the website. I’ve already signed
in. I’ll explain a little bit of the reasons why we’ve done that and the reasons behind
that in a second. The first thing we want to do is show you a little bit as to why I’d
recommend using Zoopla for this particular search that we’re going to be doing instead
of Rightmove. If you’re been looking for property deals
recently, you probably realize that Zoopla and Rightmove are the two main search portals
out there for properties that the estates agents are listed on. Now, if you go to find
agents and click on UK estate agents, you should be able to type in the area of which
you’re looking at. Now, there’s a host of different locations
that I particularly cover in the Northwest, but you’ll obviously want to be putting your
local area in there. Let’s start off with putting in Chester, which is an area local
to myself, an area that we cover, and click on search.
Now, as you can see, it’s showing about thirty four estate agents in total the cover the
Chester area. I’m just going to do a similar search now using Rightmove. Type in Chester
again. The reason for this is because I just want to show you the difference in terms of
how many agents are listed potentially with either Zoopla or Rightmove.
Now, as you can see here, Rightmove has got thirty six agents listed. Zoopla, in total,
as we said has got about thirty four. There’s only about two agents or so difference between
the two portals for this particular area. The reason why that’s important is because
some of those agents will advertise on both. Some of them you’ll have, especially the larger
brands, that would advertise on Zoopla as well as Rightmove, but some of the smaller
agencies will only advertise on one or the other because it can be quite pricey and typically,
at the moment, as things stand, Rightmove is the most costly of the two in order to
show property listings. A lot of the agents, therefore, though may be smaller and can only
choose one or two, would either go with typically Zoopla, or just Rightmove.
That’s important to understand because if you’re looking to use this search that we’re
going to be showing you now, and these tips and techniques, you will miss maybe one or
two potential properties in your local region if they’re not shown on the Zoopla search
engine. If they’re maybe just advertised by an estate agent who’s only, for example, on
Rightmove. If you wanted to go through every single property
listing, every single deal, then you can use this similar search across both. If you’re
going to be using Rightmove, the best way in order to get access to the extra level
of information is using something called Property B.
That’s really something that’s called a plug-in. It goes onto the Rightmove listings that you’ll
see and just typically gives you a little bit extra data and extra information. It’s
very simple to find if you just type in Property B, and download, it should come up with a
listing there for you to be able to download that.
If you did want to use Rightmove, if Rightmove’s your preferred portal, if it were, and then
use the Property B toolbar or login. That will help you get the extra bit of information.
The downside to Property B though, unfortunately, is that it can be a little bit temperamental.
It doesn’t always work a hundred percent of the time so what I’d like to do here is show
you how to use Zoopla because it’s going to give you the best chance to get all of that
data with some great filters. If you head back over to Zoopla now, go to
the main homepage, and then we do a search for the type of properties that we’re going
to be looking for. Let’s say again, for this example, we’re going to be looking at Chester
area. We’ll put in some criteria as well. We’re going to have a maximum price range
of let’s say a hundred and twenty five thousand, well let’s go a hundred and thirty thousand.
Just look for houses. Have a minimum bedrooms of, let’s say two. Click on search.
This is why you’re obviously going to set your particular search criteria based on the
types of properties you’re looking for. If you’re particularly looking for properties
that will work as maybe more straightforward rentals, and buy to lets, then two or three
bedroom houses probably going to be a good option.
If you’re looking for properties that are going to be more suitable to multi-lets, room
lets, HMO’s, that type of thing, then you’re going to be looking at maybe four or five
bedroom plus. Then obviously the price range and criteria is going to make a difference
for you on that. The next step is to try and narrow down the
filters, really, in terms of the specifics of what we’re looking for. If there’s any
other detail that you’re looking for with your property criteria, and the type of investment
properties you’re going to be looking for, then you can filter all that down in this
section here. If you look on the left hand side, you’ll
have a couple of different filter options that you can try and narrow them down from
there. Now, with this particular search, we’re coming up with about seventy four results,
which isn’t lots. There’s going to be obviously a lot more two
bedroom properties in Chester than that if we increase the price range, but it should
be sufficient for us to show you a bit of an example here on the different kind of tools
and techniques we’re going to use to try and find those best deals really.
Now, when it comes to actually spotting deals that are on the market with this data age,
the main thing to kind of know is that we’re specifically looking for what’s called motivated
sellers. We want to try and find properties, potential deals, that are going to be up for
sale by sellers that have a need to sell the property instead of just wanting to sell the
property. The difference between that might only sound
quite simple, inconsequential, but let me just try to explain a little bit as to why
that’s quite paramount, or quite important. There are these seventy four properties at
listing. All of those are on the market via estate agent, so all of those vendors have
decided at some point in time they want to sell the property.
They’re all certainly going to have a want, or an ambition, or a desire to sell the property.
But what we’re specifically looking for as property investors, and buyers that are looking
for good deals, is really that motivation behind why the vendor and the homeowner is
thinking of selling. You’re really looking to try and spot motivations that show a genuine
need to sell that property. That’s usually defined by a space in time.
Maybe the homeowner has to sell the property by a certain date, or maybe has to sell within
a couple weeks, or a month, or whatever it might be, usually because of financial reasons.
It could be because of maybe personal reasons like maybe the property has been left in probate,
or there’s maybe been a divorce, or maybe the homeowner’s looking to immigrate.
There’s a whole host of reasons as to why somebody might be needing to sell a property,
but it’s that sort of specific to sell a property is what we’re trying to spot with this search.
What that’s ultimately going to do is, it’s going to help you create a very tight, short
list of potential deals that are worth going out to view. It’s going to save you a heck
of a lot of time. It’ll really put a lot of the properties that
are going to be potential opportunities for you directly in front of you, so you’re not
having to then rely on estate agents to maybe spot properties and send you deals and send
you the latest listings, if it were. You can then go to them with properties that you’ve
highlighted, that you want to view. They’re going to be much easier later on down
the line when it comes to negotiation process, in terms of getting potential deals that are
going to be suitable and that work for you and your strategy and your criteria. It’s
this motivation, and this need to sell requirement that we’re particularly looking out for.
Now, in total we’ve kind of analyzed around ten plus different methods of how to find
a motivated seller. There’s a whole host of different ways you could kind of do it. We’re
just going to run through about three or four today using this Zoopla search, and show you
some of these key factors and methods of spotting these potential deals and opportunities.
The first thing that we want to be looking out for are properties that have been on the
market a long period of time. Typically in a market where it’s maybe a little bit more
buoyant, there’s more sales happening, there’s a little bit more activity, or house prices
are increasing, then you’re going to have fewer properties that have been on the market
for a couple of months, or a longer period of time just because, obviously by the nature
of the market, there’s more sales typically happening.
Even then you will have properties that stick around for some reason or other. Maybe that’s
because they’re priced incorrectly or maybe because the marketing that they’re doing isn’t
sufficient enough to generate the interest. Could be a whole host of reasons for it, but
that reason, or that motivation for selling obviously gets greater as time progresses.
If you’ve got a property that’s been on the market for many months and still hasn’t sold,
or hasn’t had much interest, then that’s going to be a good motivation, or a good sign that
the vendor might be motivated. To try and spot that what we’re going to use
here is some of the different search tools and filters that Zoopla provide, but are kind
of underutilized, or overlooked by a lot of investors and a lot of people looking for
properties using the search portals. In this section here, you’ve got a list view,
grid view, and map view. Now, personally, I usually use list view and map view as the
main two ways to try and spot these potential deals. Using list view, what I would go to
here is sort by, then we’re going to be looking for, as we said, we’re looking at properties
that have been on the market for a particularly long period of time.
We’re going to start off here with the most recent listings. We’re going to go to results
per page, might as well go to a hundred per page. Save for scrolling down lots of different
pages. Then the search should repopulate and it’ll show you all of the properties that
are recently new to market at the top, then all the properties that have been on the market
for a longer period of time right down at the bottom of the search.
Zoopla also has this date section here, that says when the property listing was added.
There’s some things here that Zoopla show that Rightmove don’t. That’s why we use Property
B that we mentioned earlier when we’re using the Rightmove search portal, to get this extra
information. Rightmove on its own doesn’t tend to show that detail in the listings,
but using Property B alongside it can give you that extra information.
If we scroll down to the bottom of this list, what you’ll see here are properties that have
been on the market for a very long period of time. You can see these were added March,
2012. Now the date of shooting this video, we’re currently in the middle of 2014. So
there’s a lot of listings here that have been on the market for a long period of time.
As we scroll up you’ll see the date starting to get a little bit nearer to today’s date,
but there’s certainly plenty of deals here and potentially plenty of property opportunities
that are well worth having a look at a little bit further because they’ve been on the market
for such a long period of time. The motivation for the seller might have changed and there
may be coming an option, or an opportunity to try and do something with that deal.
Then it’s also a case of having a look at the descriptions as well and seeing what you
can spot here. For example, the detail description is no chain, which means that they don’t need
to sell that property in order to move into their next property. Typically that property
then might be vacant. It might be costing the homeowner money in terms of mortgage payments,
or council tax, or utility bills, that type of thing to keep it going.
There’s all these kinds of things to consider. The longer a property is on the market, and
the longer it takes before it’s sold, the more cost it’s going to be costing that homeowner
to keep hold of it, the more potential the risk for a change in circumstances for that
homeowner to then have a need to sell a property within a short space of time as opposed to
that want to generally get the property sold. These are properties that are well worth keeping
an eye out. What I usually look to do is add these types of properties to save favorites.
You can go down this list and just pick out the ones that maybe have been on a little
bit longer, ones that try and fit maybe the criteria that you’re looking for a bit tighter,
and ones that certainly within the kind of the streets, or the locations, or the post
codes that you’re really looking for your property deals in. Then it’s just a case of
adding a couple to your favorite list. Then what we’re looking to achieve at the
end of this is to have a nice tight property and kind of a short list of potential deals
that we can then ring up the estates agent on, arrange viewing, and then look to progress
then through the process to get property deals and opportunities secured.
Very simple way of finding a couple of potential deals there. That’s the first one. We’re looking
at properties typically that have been on the market for a longer period of time.
The second one that we’re going to be using Zoopla for is to try and find properties that
have had very little interest. Again, maybe they’ve been overseen by people in the local
area, or maybe they’ve been on the market for a while now, or maybe they’ve just been
advertised at the same price for a while now. They’ve just generally not had much interest
or potential viewings on them. If we go to this listing first, again, stay
on list view. Go to this and we’ll go to most popular. What this will do is, again it will
re-populate the searches. At the top of the list you’re going to have all of the properties
that are kind of the most popular. That’s by how many times that description and that
listing has been viewed and looked at a little bit further.
As you can see here this particular listing has been viewed a number of times over the
last thirty days, six hundred and thirty two. That’s a lot. This is showing a lot of popularity.
As an investor, we might have a lot of competition if it goes to actually going to do a viewing
and placing offers on these particular types of deals because there’s been a lot of interest.
Probably a lot of viewings, and certainly if it’s priced right, there’s going to be
a lot of offers when it comes to moving forward with that deal.
Again, what we just want to do is scroll right down to the bottom. We’re going to be looking
at some of the deals that have potentially not had a lot of interest over the last thirty
days and see how they’re listing. These are the ones that we want to be adding to our
list. The reason for that, as we said earlier on,
we’re specifically looking out for properties, and opportunities, and situations where the
homeowner has a need to sell that property. It has to be sold within a certain space of
time, or they have a genuine need to get that property sold. There’s other things they might
be looking for as part of the deal as opposed to just getting the highest price that might
make it worthwhile for them. A quick sale. A cash purchaser. Things like
that that just kind of offer extra benefits. Things that, as an investor, we can bring
to the table that will allow us to get the best kind of possible deals at the best possible
prices. What we’re going to be doing here is adding a couple of properties to our short
list. We’re really looking at properties, as we
said, that have been on the market but haven’t had that much interest. This particular property,
only viewed thirty two times in the last thirty days. Perfect. We’ll add that one to our favorites.
This one again, forty seven times the last thirty days. We’ll add that one to our favorites.
The likelihood is that when it comes to doing viewings on the property, when it comes to
putting offers in on the property, the estate agent and the sellers are going to be much
more responsive to that interest because they probably haven’t had many viewings recently
and they certainly probably haven’t had many offers recently.
It comes to a point in time when they need to consider what opportunities and what offers
they’ve had put forward. This is where you can put yourself in that best opportunity
and potential really. It’s just simply a case of adding some of these deals. Again, looking
at the ones that maybe match the criteria you set out for a bit more directly. Maybe
in the right sort of streets. Maybe in the right sort of post codes that we’re specifically
looking for. Then adding those to our favorites. Things like no chain as well are always good
ones kind of look out for in the descriptions. Then what we’re going to be looking at here
is, after we’ve used these couple of different tools that we’re going through now, we should
have a short list that we can then eventually narrow it down. I’m not too worried about
adding too many properties to the short list at this stage. We can improve the quality
and we can chop that down in a little bit. We just want to get all the potentials on
that list for us first. That’s the second one. That’s the second way
of how to use Zoopla and some of the filters and the options that it provides over and
above let’s say Rightmove or some of the other search portals. That gives us a chance, as
investors, to get the information that we need to see, really, the motivation behind
the vendors selling. Our third one we’re going to be looking out
for is simple what’s going to be looking as potential signs of a motivated seller. One
of those is most reduced. Certainly if a seller’s maybe had a change
in circumstances or they’re getting a little bit pushed for time and they need to achieve
a sale maybe quicker than what they had when they first set out. Or there’s been another
reason why they’re maybe not generating interest and they want to try and get that sale over
the line so they drop the price. By listing properties by most reduced, this
gives us a chance to see which properties in our particular target area have had the
highest reductions recently, but also, which is quite important, when they were last reduced.
This particular property has dropped thirty three percent since it first came on the market.
This is in a time when property sales are generally quite buoyant. There’s usually quite
a lot of interest in properties, quite a lot of viewings, and certainly a lot of offers
and sales happening. So for a property to have that level of reduction it certainly
makes it interesting to have a look at further. Maybe there’s a reason why the sale has, or
the vendors have dropped that price recently. It’s also a relatively recent price reduction
as well. That’s an important thing to note because the more recent and the higher price
reductions are the ones that are going to be most interesting. Add that one to favorites
as well. These ones, price reductions happened a little while back so they may be worth keeping
an eye on, just to see if there’s any recent change, but the price reductions have been
quite high as well. It’s certainly worth adding to favorites.
There’s no rule of thumb here that says you have to look at properties that have x amount
of price reduction or are reduced on a certain date in time or anything like that. It’s just
simply a case of trying to spot the ones that stand out. The ones that may look like a potential
opportunity, and may have a motivated seller based upon the detail and the extra descriptions
that we can spot here. It all depends, certainly, on your area. London’s
going to be completely different to Liverpool and Cardiff’s going to be completely different
to say, Cambridge, if it were. There’s going to be lots of different varieties depending
on your local town. That’s why it’s important to do the search and just see which ones are
at the top and bottom of the list because they’re the ones that are going to stand out
and be most suitable for you. Again, another recent price reduction. Eight
percent. It’s not massive, but it’s decent enough to add it to the short list and look
at it as a potential opportunity. There’s three that we’ve looked at so far.
The first one, just to recap, was properties that have been on the market a long time.
That’s looking at the lower end of properties that are showing as most recent. Then we’re
looking at properties that have had little interest or viewings. That’s looking at the
most popular and, again, the lowest end of the list. Thirdly we’re going to be looking
at motivated sellers that have had a price reduction recently. That’s using the criteria
of most reduced and looking at the properties at the top.
The fourth option, or fourth tip, that we’re going to be used to spot these motivated sellers
is using this map view section here. What that will do is it will bring all of the properties
listed up into a map version of the area. If we scroll in, we’ll have a little bit more
control as to how we can spot these potential properties.
If you hover over a property, all the ones starred are the ones we’ve already saved to
our list. All of the ones obviously with the Zoopla icon over it are the ones we could
potentially have a look at. Then what we’re looking to try and spot here is any price
difference between properties that are in a very close area.
Maybe properties that are on the same street, or maybe properties that are similar post
codes, or certainly close by to each other. We don’t want to try and compare properties
here, compared to maybe properties over here or down here. We want properties that are
close by together. Then we’re simply going to click on each one
and try and spot something that’s going to stand out and show us as the different price.
This very first one that we typed on was three bedrooms on for a hundred and twenty thousand.
The one below it is only on for ninety thousand. That’s like thirty thousand price difference.
It’s only a two bedroom so there’s maybe a difference there in terms of the size of the
property but it’s still quite a difference in terms of the price. A potential.
That one’s a hundred thousand. Hundred thousand again. Ninety thousand.
You can see here. We’ve got one that’s on the market for a hundred and twenty thousand.
It’s a three bedroom. We’ve got another one here that’s on the market for only ninety
thousand that’s a three bedroom. As a buy to let investor, or a buy to let landlord,
you probably achieve a similar rental to both of these properties, but this one’s going
to be a lot lower in terms of potential purchase price.
There might be reasons as to why that price is different. It could be the condition of
the property. It could be because it’s in a particularly bad neighborhood, or street,
or whatever it might be, but it’s certainly interesting enough to have a little bit of
a further look at it, if you were. We’ll save that to the short list.
Then we’ll have a look at some of the other listings in the area. These two are on the
same road. Similar styles in terms of houses. This one’s on the market for a hundred and
seven and this one for a hundred thousand. Now, there’s a seven thousand price difference.
It’s not massive so it’s probably not one that would catch my eye at this stage, but
it’s something to consider that price ranges and differences.
We’re looking at ones that try and stand out. If you’ve got a very narrow short list and
you haven’t added many to your property list at the moment, then sure it’s worth maybe
adding some of these to it because there’s a price difference there that makes it worth
pursuing a little bit further if we’re short on potentials.
But if we’ve got a lot of opportunities to go at, then I’d look for the ones with the
largest price discrepancies. Again, this is a three bedroom on for eighty five thousand.
The other three bedrooms in the area are going for a hundred and twenty five, hundred and
twenty seven. That one’s eight four. That one’s a hundred and fifteen.
Again, this one that’s on for eighty four thousand is worth adding. It’s worth adding
to the list. Again, it might be because of the condition of the property. It could be
a whole host of things as to why that price difference is there, but there are opportunities
that happen like that. Whether properties are different priced even
though they’re very similar in terms of style, location, maybe even in the same street. But
the reason for that change in price is because maybe simply they have a motivated seller.
The person that’s selling one particular property needs to sell by a certain date. They’re happy
to sell for a certain price. They’re going to list it at a slightly different price to
generate that interest. It’s worth, certainly, having a look at. It
may also be because it’s been marketed incorrectly. The estate agent that’s marketed those properties
in those areas maybe hasn’t advertised it at the correct price. Maybe they’ve under
valued it. It could be a whole host of different reasons. What we’re looking at here is simply
adding more properties to our short list. Again, we do that across the whole area. We
go to each of these different listings across the map and just really check out the prices
and see which ones have that price discrepancy in them. That’s the fourth tip. That’s the
fourth technique, if it were, to look at potential deals that may be on the market, kind of hiding
in plain sight really, that are worth having a look at further on.
If we go to My Zoopla, and My Favorites, what it will show us here, now, is the list of
all of these potential deals that we just added. Now, if you’re short on time and you’ve
got a very large short list then you can certainly narrow that down. You can look at each of
these descriptions a little bit further. You can look at some of the properties in a little
bit more detail and see if they do really fit the criteria you set out for and if they
do really match what you’re looking to achieve. If you’ve got a little bit more time to play
with, you want to go out there viewing properties, you want to go out there seeing what potentials
there are in your local area, then certainly it’s worth booking and arranging these potential
viewings. But you can also prioritize them. For example, we’ve got a couple here on the
market with Kent County, a couple with [Reach Raines 00:26:10], so maybe if you’re short
on time and you just want to build up that relationship with one or two agents in the
local area then you’d focus on the agents that tend to have the most properties in that
particular region. Hopefully, as you can see here, just a very
quick video or insight into how you can potentially spot some cracking property deals in your
local area. As we said, they may be hiding in plain sight. You might have missed before
if you were just using the general search tool without knowing the detail of what you
can try and spot if you understand a little bit more about the reasons why a vendor might
be selling a property, the motivations behind selling the property.
Looking really for that need and for that time frame and the reasons why somebody might
want to sell quick, and might change the price, and might be motivated to accept offers because
they’ve not had much interest. That type of thing.
Now, as we said earlier on, there’s a whole host of different ways, there’s about ten
plus different opportunities that we’ve spotted to how to find motivated sellers using Rightmove
and Zoopla as the main property tools. There’s also ways that you can spot particular properties
that require refurbishments and that may be suitable for a buy refurbishment and sell,
or maybe a buy refurbish and refinance type property strategy.
All of these particular techniques and tips we go through within our online training course
if this is something you want to learn a little bit more about. Hopefully you found this video
helpful. You can certainly go out there straightaway and start using some of these tactics in your
property sourcing if you’re looking to buy property at the moment or you’re looking to
add to your property portfolio. But if you may be on the fence, if you’re
kind of considering getting involved in property but you don’t know which strategies to use,
you don’t know which are the best opportunities, you don’t know which areas you should maybe
focus on, we cover all of that within our online property training course.
To give you a little bit more detail on that you can access that via our website which
is, as you can see here. At the top, a navigation bar. You’ll
have a section that goes onto the course and that’s where you’ll be able to see a little
bit more information about what’s included and a little bit more information about how
to sign up for the course.

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  11. Great video thanks a mill. But one million dollar question… I agree we can find deals and negotiate it further when speaking to the agents but all these areas you discussed on  the videos, would you just go for BMV deal or you would want to ensure good yield/ROI and capital growth from it. As BMV deals are often in less desirable areas although they can be tenanted and one might be lucky to get a good yield but I doubt these areas offer capital growth.

  12. Another great video. Thanks Rob

  13. Hi Rob, how to enrol on line courses about to learn rest of 10 plus techniques? A friend who watched the video with me said ,he learned more in this half an hour video than when he paid over couple of thousands of pound for a 2-3 days package course by a company who is offering a deal packaging course.

  14. Thanks for this video, much appreciated

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