FEELING ACCOMPLISHED! Final Steps To Get Your Real Estate License Part 2

FEELING ACCOMPLISHED! Final Steps To Get Your Real Estate License Part 2

Hey guys! Welcome back! I just wanted to say first of all thank you
so much for watching my first YouTube video ever posted. I was super excited and really nervous about
it but I did get really really positive feedback from it. So I do appreciate everyone who watched, gave
the video a thumbs up and I do commend those people who did eventually reach out to me
and ask for more further advice. So now I want to get into part 2 of the video. So basically the first video talked about
more about the online courses and what the online course entailed. Now for part 2 I wanted to talk about what
you do after you turn in all your certificates. So now that you sort of played this little
waiting game. It will take about 3-4 weeks before you receive
anything in the mail from the BRE. But once you do you’ll get this letter that
says congratulations for passing your online courses, you’re ready to take the state exam. Once you do get this letter you’ll be given
a little link in the letter and its their BRE website. It’s www.dre.ca.gov. That’s the website that you’ll go to, to actually
sign up and take the state exam. Through that process you can go ahead there
are different times to take the exam. Most of them I think were in the morning so
when I took mine it was 8:30am. So now I want to give some tips on how to
study for your state exam. The first way that you can study for it is
by taking this crash course. That’s the more familiar way to do it and
study for the exam. That’s what a lot of people will mention to
you. You physically go to a class, sit down and
they threw all this info at you at once. I was there a Saturday and Sunday from 9-5pm. So it was a pretty intense course and it was
like a cram session for the state exam. So if you feel like you’re more of a person
who needs to sit in class and learn from someone like that then I would highly recommend doing
the crash course. Personally for me it wasn’t really helpful. Second way was actually very helpful for me. It was going to this website www.realestatestudyaids.com
this website was golden! It helped me so much on my state exam. You pay about $45 so it’s really cheap compared
to the crash course where you pay about $200. What this website entails is just questions,
multiple choices questions where you review over and over and memorize the questions and
answers. Most of them were common sense but you just
constantly review and I know there are different packages and the cheapest was $45 which was
the one I paid for. There were other ones that cost a little more
but you just need the most basic and simple package. Now that you have completely studied for your
exam its super exciting because now you can go and physically take the test. You’ll feel prepared and ready which is exciting
and nervous at the same time. I know I was definitely nervous because I
really wanted to get my license and wanted to pass so the pressure was on. Once you get there it is pretty intense and
intimidating. You go to SDAR, San Diego Association of Realtors. That is the building you go to and they have
a room where all the people who are trying to get their sales person license will sit
down in front of a computer. You just click the multiple choice questions
and there are people walking around, scoping out the area to make sure no one is cheating. It’s intense but be calm, you can do it. I passed so you can pass. So now I want to give you a little insite
on what the actual exam entailed. I don’t remember every question on there but
what I can tell you is that it was 150 questions and you had 3 hours to take it. That was more than enough time. I am a slow test taker. To get through 150 questions I was able to
do that and also go back and re-check my answers so I was confident with my answers and that
I was able to actually go up there an submit my test. You actually get your test results then and
there. Which is nerve racking but you don’t have
to wait for the results, you get it there. So after you passed and got your sales persons
license that’s so exciting and its such a fulfilling reward that you studied for it
and it’s the greatest feeling ever. I felt such a relief and got something done. Then I was able to go from there. Since I was already working in the real estate
field, I was able to do a lot more things because I actually got my license. Just to be aware because I did mention this
even though you passed your exam you need to get something in the mail where you fill
out all of your personal information so you can get your BRE# and that’s the last step. Don’t forget that. Just because you passed, there is that one
step after that. I know, I thought I was done but don’t forget
that one step where you do have to fill out some info and then you send it in and you
have to pay for your license. That costs around $245. It does get a little pricey but its so worth
it in the end. And if you do really like the real estate
industry and you want that to be your type of career then it will all be worth it So
I hope this part two video was very helpful. I do appreciate you all for watching. It means so much to me that I can help in
anyway shape or form. Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up
if you liked watching it and I will definitely be posting a lot more videos. Not only real estate related but other ideas
that I have coming your way.Don’t forget to follow me on Snapchat NickiMinabe, Facebook,
Instagram NicoleMinabe all of them. I do really appreciate you for watching and
it makes me really happy. See you in the next video it will be coming
your way soon next week.

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  1. can you do a video on how you studied,higglighting,notes,ect for your license?!😊

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