Fastest Way to Make Money as a Real Estate Agent Investor | Real Estate Investing for Beginners

Fastest Way to Make Money as a Real Estate Agent Investor | Real Estate Investing for Beginners

Starting a Business- Overcoming Starting a
Business from Scratch Hi, it’s Neva from and
today I’m answering on my Facebook page, a couple people requested that I talk about
challenges that I had to overcome when I first got started in real estate investing. I really
didn’t know where to start to answer that question because I feel like there’s still
so many challenges that I go through now. When I thought about just starting, the hardest
thing for me was actually taking action instead of just being online and reading blogs or
reading books to just actually really get serious and take action and pay a mentor and
start sending out postcards and answering phone calls and going out and meeting property
owners and negotiating deals. My heart still races sometimes when I’m really trying to
solve the difficult situations to get to a closing or something happens right before
closing. For me, that was the hardest part, because for so many years, I kept saying that
I wanted to invest in real estate but there was always something going on. I was in college,
I was in grad school, I was busy getting married, and then I had a baby. There’s always something
and I’m like, “I can’t do it now.” What I learned is that wherever you are, you
just have to start because there’s always something going on in your life. Every other
investor that I talk to is like the same story. There’s always something going on and you
just have to make the decision to start. I want to share this quote. I shared it on
my Facebook page. The quote was, “The most difficult thing is the decision to act. The
rest is merely tenacity.” It’s by Amelia Earhart. I just wanted to leave you with that and that
I still get scared, like right now, I don’t really like being on video but it’s something
I’m doing anyway even though I’m sacred to do it. The more you take action like that,
it becomes a little easier to try something new. Instead of waiting for the fear to go
away, you learn how to do things with the fear. This is an example, this of me doing
a video. I’m just here talking to you, trying to share my story, because it’s more important
for me to share the story than my fear, and I want to conquer the fear, and that’s the
only way I’m ever going to do it, is if I take action.
Thanks again for stopping by my channel, and God bless. Bye!

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  1. thanks Neva!

  2. Can you give us a tour of your home office and explain how to get a tax write of your office as well?

  3. Thanks, I look forward to your next video 🙂

  4. Neva, how did you find a mentor? This is really big for me to find one?

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