Fake real estate agent scams family out of entire savings

Fake real estate agent scams family out of entire savings

IT TOOK A YOUNG, SINGLE MOTHER (YEARS ( TO SAVE UP FOR A DEPOSIT TO RENT THEIR OWN HOME. AS NEWS 13 )S BRITTANY BADE REPORTS… HER “DREAM COME TRUE” QUICKLY TURNED INTO A NIGHTMARE. 15:05″this was supposed to be my home. supposed to be my kids home. THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A FRESH START… 15:09supposed to be a safe place”:11 FOR FAITH KERNS AND HER TWO YOUNG BOYS. 13:44″finding this place, 3 bedrooms 2 bath for 900 I figured dream come true”:49 BUT HER WOULD )VE BEEN )LAND-LORD )… TURNED OUT TO BE A SCAM ARTIST. 14:07″it was heartbreaking when my son was running through the house going oh mom i want this room and having to go back and tell him we )re not going to be moving here”:17 A MAN WHO GOES BY )SEAN SIMS ) (CLAIMING TO WORK FOR PROMINENT RIO RANCHO REALTY GROUP… BLUE DOOR… 16:19″if you want to see it tonight before it )s rented and sent me the address”:23 TOLD KERNS TO MEET HIM AT THIS HOUSE AFTER SHE SAW A LISTING ON CRAIGSLIST. )SIMMS ) GAVE KERNS THE KEYS TO THE HOUSE AND THIS LEASE… IN RETURN SHE HAVE HIM HER (ENTIRE SAVINGS (… $2,000. 11:23 i have no more money because I gave him all of my savings”:28 BUT THIS HOUSE… IS IN FORECLOSURE… AND NOT AVAILABLE TO RENT. :40 sean does not work for us”:42 MELANIE MCLAUGHLIN… OWNER OF BLUE DOOR… DOESN )T EVEN KNOW A SEAN SIMMS… BUT SAYS SEVERAL OTHER CLIENTS HAVE CALLED… SAYING HE TRIED TO SCAM THEM TOO. 20:52-NATS car by NOW… )SIMMS ) PHONE IS DISCONNECTED. AND KERNS… IS ALMOST WITHOUT A HOME. 11:20 I have less than a week to find a roof for me and my kids:23 AND WITHOUT THEIR NEW BEGINNING. 15:14″now it )s just nothing”:17 BRITTANY BADE… KRQE NEWS 13. RIO RANCHO POLICE ARE INVESTIGATING THESE INCIDENTS. SIMS IS DESCRIBED AS A THIN WHITE MALE WITH A LONG PONY TAIL AND A GOATEE. HE )S BEEN SEEN DRIVING A GRAY AUDI.

13 thoughts on “Fake real estate agent scams family out of entire savings

  1. How did he get the keys

  2. I know words don't do justice or help a wounded heart, but I will keep you and your boys in my prayers every night.

  3. E E I'll be praying for them also!

  4. Maybe the family should die why do they deserve a home they should be happy they got scammed

  5. Lol she should have moved in that day and the bank would have to pay her to leave

  6. What a snake?

  7. Show his freakin face!!!

  8. Felony theft.

  9. All real estate is worthless in America. .. Feminazi fascist destroyed America! Obviously with 2 young kids this feminazi has been robbing some poor bastard of a ton of child support. MGTOW today! Know the truth!

  10. What she gets for being vietnamese.

  11. f r e e r e a l e s t a t e

  12. I feel for this family!! It breaks my heart to see such a gut wrenching like this!! I hope that they did find a place to live without any problems like what happened here.

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