Facing The Truth Will Make You Wealthy

Facing The Truth Will Make You Wealthy

Here in this house, we’re going to be
playing with full-out honesty. Because when we’re honest, the truth sets us…? Okay
and many of you the only reason why you’re in bondage. I mean, for those of
you that wants security, go to prison. The truth has the ability to set you free
and give you an absolute limitless life. You can live life on your terms, your way,
the way that you want to live it. But the only way you’re going to get there is if
you’re willing to face truth. And frankly, that’s something that’s uncomfortable
for most of us. And yet, we don’t even know it. We don’t even know that we don’t
know so we’re going to be shining some light on that. We’re going to talk about
what it is that really creates a permanent lasting change. When I say, none
of you wants real estate, be honest with yourself. If you had a pile of real
estate, a pile of money, what would you do with that money? What is it that you want
more than that? Call them out? Want to travel? I want happy. I want to spend time
with my family. I want control. I want a legacy. And I’m gonna tell you right now
you don’t want any of those things. You don’t want travel. You don’t travel to
say I travel just like you don’t want real estate to say, “I have everything I
want to have a real estate.” Real sense of vehicle and travel is also vehicle. It’s
a vehicle to what? What is it that you really want? No, you don’t want prosperity,
you don’t want wealth. Guys, you got to get deeper. Guys you got
to get deeper. You got to get clear if you can figure this out this for some of
you will be one of the big gold nuggets of the entire event. Why would you want
to give to charity? Great. You change lives and you help
others. Go deeper. Do you know what I’m starting to hear now? I’m starting to
hear feelings. Peace, joy, happiness. You know the craziest? How many of you want
to be happy? Let’s talk about that happy for just a
minute. You know the crazy thing is? I make all this money, I start traveling
the world. I get generous I get to give. I get to
live in the houses that I want. I get to live life on my terms. But how many of
you know that there are people out there that have all of that and they are
miserable? Do those people exist? So by the way, money doesn’t buy happiness.
Because money is a vehicle, just like a car is a vehicle, just like a house the
vehicle, just like travels the vehicle, just like Real Estate’s a vehicle. You
don’t want the vehicle. You want the feeling that you believe the vehicle can
produce. How many do you get that? Say “I”. If you get that then I’m just gonna give
you a massive shortcut right now. What if I told you that the biggest impact on me
making my money is connected to how I feel? What would that mean? That means
that I’m feeling really good how often? That means that instead of my decisions
being wrapped around how do I make more money, my decisions are actually around
how do I feel good, happy, peaceful, security, awesome. Excitement, adrenaline. Now let me ask you if that’s the real
by-product that you’re that you really really want is a feeling. And let me ask
you, do you need millions of dollars to produce that feeling? Which means what? That means that everything you want is
available when? Now. How powerful is that? How many of you know that emotionally you
get out of control? How many of you think that your way of being emotionally gets
in your way of producing financially? I’m telling you right now every hand better
be up on that. Your emotional state… By the way, if someone that makes more money
has more energy than if you wanted to make more money the goal would be to
have more what? Okay, so let me ask you, where does energy come from? Where does
energy come from? Some of you’re like, “Oh, that comes from sleep.” Dude, how many of
you can like go off with 2 hours of sleep and command great amounts of
energy? Great. So, it must not come from sleep alone. How many were like, “Oh, must
come from food. Man, if I don’t eat, if Kris means I can’t have lunch, dude I
can’t have energy.” I’m gonna test that one these next 3 days.
Load up your backpack don’t let the Marriot see it. No food in this room. We
got all these weird ideas about where energy comes from. But the truth is that
energy comes from where?

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