EZ Coordinator CRM Overview | Real Estate CRM

EZ Coordinator CRM Overview | Real Estate CRM

The EZ CRM is designed to give you a simple,
but detailed prospect tracking system. Your dashboard allows you to view the most
relevant information about your prospects, such as the registration date, the last contact
date, as well as the price range that they’re interested in. You can sort the view by a variety of different
filters. An activity tracker will show you the most
recent updates that you’ve made to your prospects. If you want to add a new prospect, just click
the ‘new prospect’ button. To edit an existing prospect, just click on
their name. You can track showings and offers to keep
track of all the properties that you’ve shown a prospect, as well as any offers you might
have made on that property. And to create a new transaction from this
information, you can click the ‘EZ convert’ button. This will create a transaction on the transaction
management side of EZ Coordinator. Upload all your documents to keep track of
any relevant information, You can add tasks for follow up and set relevant
due dates, as well as enter a variety of different information
about your prospect. You can add notes to keep track of some general
information. Add additional contacts for any additional
parties who are relevant to this prospect. As well as, create custom fields for tracking
in the ‘additional info’ section. To make sure you stay on top of follow up,
your ‘schedule task summary’ will show you all the outstanding tasks for all of your
prospects, along with their due dates. Or, you can take a look at the calendar to
get a snapshot of you of what you need to do. And you can sync your prospects to MailChimp,
a free and powerful email marketing program, for all of your newsletter and email marketing
needs. The EZ CRM is simple to use, yet allows for
lots of customization to cater to the way that you do business. We hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Today #EzCoordinator released the NEW version of the its #CRM! Now designed to work on all web-enabled devices!

    Jeremy Shoenig, co-founder of EZ Coordinator said, "The
    new CRM had to be an easy-to-use contact management product for the realtor who is interested to get to work immediately. No distractions, no unnecessary bells and whistles." He said that the majority of agents they spoke to just wanted an easy, affordable system to follow up and stay on top of leads.

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